This is the Day

In the morning of my life this song would sing to my soul, “This is the Day the Lord has Made. Let us rejoice and be Glad in it.” I would get a flush feeling every time I sang it, from my head to my feet. Now in the afternoon of my life, I attribute that to the Holy Spirit singing through me. Have you ever had a time when you just felt “good” all over? I mean really good. From your head to your feet, with a warm tingling over your skin and a knowing that ‘Life is Good.’ What is this feeling? For me, whenever I am right on time I feel it as God’s way of saying ‘You are on the right Track’ my son.

On this special day I reflect on the morning of my life, embracing the afternoon of my life. Without the morning, there would be no afternoon. I am grateful for both parts of my day…thank you! As I enter the afternoon of my life, this song takes on an even greater meaning. For today, “This is the Day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be Glad.”

Thank you for reading and sharing your reflections   morning and afternoons of your life.

Much Love and may you know Peace Profound…Joseph

Brother Sun and Sister Moon

The struggle continues between Brother Sun and Sister Moon, and I am witness to the struggle of Ego and Spirit.


The sun and moon are apart of the great blue ocean and the Ego and Spirit are apart of the tainted seas.


It is not whether the Ego or the Spirit wins, but instead how they work harmoniously together.  We are lost without the moonlit skies and likewise we are lost without the Sun.


I cannot shun the Ego, as it is apart of whom I am.  Instead I can embrace the Ego, just as I embrace the spirit that burns within me.  I will embrace both the Ego as equal to the spirit, but I will be mindful to the choices made by the two.


Just as the Sun and Moon work as one to light the way, the Ego and Spirit do the same.  The Sun and Moon work together as one to fill the Heaven above and the Ego and Spirit work as one to fill the Heaven on Earth.


The Sun and Moon are all-encompassing, but yet they are separate.  Likewise, the Ego and Spirit are all-encompassing, but yet they are separate.

I cannot deny one or the other, for both has its purpose.  I cannot deny one or the other, for both lights the way.


I thank you Brother Sun and Sister Moon for showing me the way, but more importantly I thank you Brother Ego and Sister Spirit.

Value of the Sacred Self

While valuing each person as sacred, created in the image and likeness of God,

we give worth and meaning to each person’s life further lending Happiness along our travels.

Focus on happiness through our travels and not the destination.

Laws of Virtue

It is never about good or evil, for these are human perceptions.

Instead Good or evil are based on the Laws of Virtue.

Stand in whatever ground you wish

with the understanding that both have consequences.

~Joseph Lieungh

The Power of Raaarrgh

Keith Holden offers us a new approach to starting our day…



Thank you Keith!