The Master of Tea Ceremonies

Have you ever encountered a difficult person? One who just doesn’t see things any other way but theirs? Do you come head to head with someone who is just down-right stubborn? These types of people are what I like to call Master of Tea Ceremonies.  For the Master of the Tea Ceremony has practiced his ways for a lifetime and is unwilling to change his ways.

The Master of Tea Ceremonies will often times lose their patience or temper with any suggestions made. They only see their view as gospel and are unwilling to sway. This trait can serve an individual, but in this instance it only promotes harmful behavior. It is harmful to not just himself but those around him. The negative behavior and the harsh words or attacks can alter another beings life. With any encounter with another good or bad (positive or negative), we have the ability to change who they are. What impact do these types have on us?

While nearly impossible to change the Master of Tea Ceremonies, there is still a slight possibility of allowing them to change. How this is done, is by mere example. It may take 10,000 encounters with that person but eventually they may grasp to a positive word or thought. Then again, there are those who may never get it. Wash your hands of them and move on.

There are only a few options to counter the Master of Tea Ceremonies: enjoy the Tea that is served; offer suggestions to how they serve; or never drink from their establishment again. Being stubborn, one might take repetitive abuse from this Master until one day they throw in the towel or the Master changes his ways. The main lesson is that we learn from the Master and respect his ways.

The Masters Tools



It is amazing to watch the master of tea ceremonies,

Who has practiced all his life.

He mastered his techniques,

With precision and care.

Enjoys pouring tea,

For others to endure.

As the water boils and whistles a tune,

It signals the time when the master tends his tea.


He carefully pours boiling water,

Over tea and herbs.

Steeping to peak perfection,

Is his number one task.

Allowing enough time,

For the proper taste to delight.

It is time to serve his guests,

One saucer at a time.


A young man approaches the Master of Tea Ceremonies,

And offers a new way.

The master grunts and groans,

And requests he leave him alone.

He is not interested in making tea faster or better,

Merely perfecting his ways is all he may.

More tea does not interest him,

Neither bigger cups.

For he has perfected his ways,

All his life.


Do not take it personal,

Do not dismay.

For the master of the tea ceremony,

Is set in his ways.

You can try to change him and the way he serves,

Ultimately it is he who agrees to change.

You can show him the tea set,

But it is he who has to agree.

To change the ceremony,

To change his ways.

2012 – A Message of Hope