Creation Speaks

Speechless, is what comes to mind;

nothing to say or any thoughts.

This silence is both friend and fo;

simply choose.

Choose the friendlier of the two,

For that is where peace is found.

Choose the latter, and

Fear implanted in our heads.


Emptiness fills my soul;

I have nothing, therefore I am nothing.

Hah!  Nothing is everything.

To be nothing or have nothing is where freedom can be found.

For in this nothingness,

we see everything.


The Universe speaks, but we fail to listen.

The Universe has all the answers,

But we fail to ask.

Ask now what the hearts desire,

And it shall be so.

Seek to be filled to the rim,

And it shall spill unto all we meet.


Close our eyes,

Listen…for Creation Speaks.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

The struggle continues between Brother Sun and Sister Moon, as I witness the struggle of Ego and Spirit.

The sun and moon are apart of the great blue ocean, while Ego and Spirit are part of tainted seas.


It is not whether Ego or Spirit wins, but instead how they work harmoniously together.  We are lost without the moonlit skies and likewise we are lost without the Sun.


I cannot shun Ego, as it is apart of whom I am.  Instead I can embrace Ego, just as I embrace The Spirit that burns within me.  I will embrace both Ego and spirit, but will be mindful to choices made by the two.


Just as the Sun and Moon work as one to light the way, Ego and Spirit do the same.  The Sun and Moon work together as one to fill the Heaven above and Ego and Spirit work as one to fill the Heaven on Earth.


The Sun and Moon are all-encompassing, but yet they are separate.  Likewise, Ego and Spirit are all-encompassing, but separate.


I cannot deny one or the other, for both has purpose. I cannot deny one or the other, for both light the way.

I thank you Brother Sun and Sister Moon for showing me the way, but more importantly I thank you Brother Ego and Sister Spirit.

Are you Listening?

It is I who speaks, but you have failed to listen.

It is I who listens, but words have no meaning.

I am everywhere and everyone, but yet you spit and curse my name.


If you only knew who is there besides you, you would no longer cut me off.

If you only saw the perfection, you would no longer take life for granted.

If you only felt my spirit, you would learn to Love as I do.


See me, Feel me, Hear me, For I am all there ever is.

Love me, Forgive me, Help me, For I am the Lost as well as the Found.

Heal me, Hold me, Comfort me, For I am the sick as well as the Healed.


…Look out your window now and see…For I am all there is to see.

Another Day Has Ended

Another day has ended,

Many lessons learned.

Attack each new day,

As it was the only day left.

So much to do,

So much time.


I cannot wait for the next lesson,

There is  much to learn.

I will be your star pupil,

Willing and able.

So much to do,

So much time.


There are many lost,

Who need a helping hand.

My hand reaches for them,

There willingness to reach back.

So much to do,

So much time.


For if they choose not to,

Wash my hands.

I will pray for them,

No matter how lost they get.

So much to do,

So much time.


For those willing to be saved,

Shall be shown the way.

May they see what I see,

Your brightness of the day.

So much to do,

So much time.


I AM your humble servant,

And I will do as you wish.

Just as you called Samuel,

I AM here Lord.

So much to do,

So much to see.

Change It

In our youth we lived to the fullest without a care in the world or knowing the outcome, instantaneously creating our own reality with a single thought. When we fail to think things through, in accordance to societal law, we open ourselves up to punishment.  For example, a youth may choose to go for a joy ride, but didn’t think of the consequence when he stole someone else’s automobile or when a youth decides to test the boundary waters and swims too far. Either of these will face punishment of some sort, whether it is legal judgment or physical limitations. How would they youth know their limitations without pushing the limitations of reality?

This brings us to a valid question: Are we born to test the boundary waters? Why? We are here to co-create our own reality without full understanding of how to achieve it. By testing the boundaries of limitations, we in essence redefine our boundaries with potential re-creation of our own realities. There are obvious limitations within the confines of our legal system and should not be broken unless willing to accept the penalties for breaking such laws. Similarly, we can choose to take life to the extreme, remain within the confines of our judicial system, but still open ourselves up to physical limitations. Those willing to go to such extremes are true genius for expanding their boundaries in the first place. There are many examples of limitations. Back when I was a young BMX racer, the limit for flips was one flip mid-air, now those limitations have been expanded to three flips mid-air while on the bicycle. Check it out on YouTube for yourself. Another example is walking on hot coals, many people pay top dollar to transform their thinking and walk over hot coals. Mind over matter is what this demonstrates and is attainable by all.

As we get older, we redefine our boundaries. Through marriage we assume boundaries in collaboration with our spouse and through parenthood we assume boundaries through the confines of parenthood. In marriage the boundaries are not to be thought of as a weight or a “ball and chain,” weighing us down or holding us back, instead as a new reality that needs to be redefined. It is possible to maintain the genius of co-creating our lives, but we have to remain mindful of tohers: child or spouse. Our actions as a spouse or parent can ultimately bring judgment on ourselves, but pain can be inflicted on our loved-ones. During parenthood our boundaries ultimately affect our children. Have you ever thought of creating a relationship with your child, that breathes collaboration? I know as a parent we are to guide them and when necessary lay down the law. This law can be abused and often exercised way too often. Our own agendas are often “interrupted” and we get agitated, resulting in raising our voice or scolding the child for causing a disruption in our agenda. This is our job, they are our job. Let me repeat that…They are our job. This means we are to guide them and maintain calmness in all areas of parenthood. If not they will only imitate what they are taught and will continue the cycle of “laying down the law.”  Our thoughts and dreams can ultimately change another’s dream.

We can motivate another into succeeding or failing in their goals. Let them define their reality and you define yours.

Once we come to the crossroads of understanding boundaries, we can systematically change them with intentions of maintaining balance among our families. We can choose to vicariously wonder in life, making choices that brings negativity towards the family or we can choose a more positive approach and maintain peace among family. The fastest way to our destination is not always the best. It has been documented that a ‘quicker’ way to bringing order is laying down the law. While the quickest, it may have a negative impact on the self and others. Negative impact only creates more negative impact in our lives. The true way of attaining our goal is through time and energy. Through a methodical approach we  obtain our goals without bringing negative impact on our families. Through energy or “elbow grease” we can taste the fruits of our labors. The key is to change our belief system within to obtain a new belief system in the outer world. When I was younger we used to play a poker game called “change it.” Seven cards are dealt and the wild cards determined in the beginning of the hand, but the reality changed anytime a pair appeared face up on the table by changing the wild card. The game changed continuously and anyone who folded early lost without ever knowing their fate from a losing hand to a winning hand. It is through awareness of our thoughts, our actions and our realities that we define our ability to co-create. Thich Nhat Hanh refers to this as mindfulness and teaches people how to be more mindful in their daily lives, by doing so they rejuvenate their ability to co-creation.

Sift through the dirt to find the treasure…and if it is going in a direction of negativity then call “Change It,” creating a new reality.


On the way to Mt. Shasta witnessing many lessons unfold: forgiveness, gratitude, inevitable change, ability to co-create. Embracing them all and giving thanks for presenting themselves we reached our destination and a greater lesson was to be told…that of acceptance.

While sitting at 6,900 feet I began to absorb a higher frequency, a frequency of pure Love. At this moment my teacher appeared and we shared a drink along with the lesson of acceptance. He accepted me for who I was and I accepted him with no boundaries. After this encounter leaving me to ponder…

Why is it so important to accept one another? Why do we look at people differently? While there are obvious differences amongst us, we must look beyond that of flesh and see similarities within. The obvious skin colors or differences in sex can be distracting at first, but upon further observation we are all the same underneath.

From two different worlds, my new friend and I sat together sharing refreshment. He shared wisdom and I gratitude. It was a give and take relationship, one I will always remember. We did not have similar skin color, we did not have the same hair, we did not even speak the same language, but we both had thirst. Sharing in our thirst we enjoyed each-others company.

Spin again, this acceptance: when we accept others, we accept ourselves or vice versa. To find acceptance in others is crucial to finding true acceptance in one’s self. Finding self-acceptance only leads to self-actualization and finally accepting everyone for whom they are with no contingencies.

Self-actualization is when an individual no longer worries about what they look like, sound like, act like all the while knowing they are perfect just as imperfect can create. They no longer project judgment onto others, no longer bragging about how they are Loved or how many good deeds they have done. No, they just know All is Good.

My friend taught me to further accept him, but more importantly reminded me of self-acceptance…

“If we have not peace within ourselves, it is in vain to seek it from outward sources.”

-La Rochefoucauld

Thank you for the lesson!

Stepping into the Canvas accepting all for whom they are. By accepting others for the differences I in turn accept my own differences. We are all imperfectly-perfect just the way we are…

Peace Profound…Joseph

A Love That Lasts Forever

A love that lasts forever;
A friendship naught can sever;
A courage never failing;
Though evil seems prevailing.

Joyous, radiant living; Made glorious by its giving;
A faith strong and enduring;
Unworthy thoughts obscuring.

Eyes for seeing beauty;
In work, in play, in duty;
Life ever onward flowing;
And more abundant growing;

Love, courage, faith, and sweetness;
To make up Life’s completeness.

by S.G.Fischer