Just Getting Started

Words of simplicity,
Heart of gold

It all begins,
With a single breath.

I breathe now,
Accepting my fate.

The message will be clear,
Painful and rewarding.

Truth will speak,
It shall be heard.

The time is now,
And I Am here.

Absence of Self

Removing the flesh,
I go invisible.
Nothing left,
But spirit.
To many, I am invisible.
To one percent not.

I Am in this world,
But not of it.
Returning the way it was,
I am nothing.
In this void,
Finding Universal Truth.

No more hate,
No more fear.
Judgment has ceased,
Forgiveness for all.
Nothing left,
But everything I need.
Giving away my flesh,
The Spirit has returned.

I Am you,
You are me.
He is me,
She is we.
I Am Love
…and everything in between.