Staying on Course

Ever feel like nobody sees your point of view? People just don’t understand you? This Is very common in our diverse society, but doesn’t mean we have to give up on what we feel is right. Stay the course.

An acquaintance once felt it necessary to revamp daily policy and procedures, which would require other people in his department to change the way they do things. Not seeing his vision for change, they barked and labeled him as a threat to their department.

He stayed on course and implemented many changes.  The outcome, administration viewed as a win-win for everyone. Patient satisfaction climbed to the highest it had ever been, revenue nearly tripled and our friend found himself working closely with administration  implementing other organizational changes to duplicate the same result in other departments. The sad outcome, was our friend lost his job. How I this possible? Administration looked so good promotion was inevitable, just not for our friend. While new administration had new agendas and the department that our friend was in still held animosity towards him, his peers immediately began looking for ways to let him go. During a recent downsizing, the department found their way. Our friend, being the highest paid in his area, quickly found himself on the chopping block.

Should he have  started the original task or remain status quo? With our pilgrim/warrior analogy, the pilgrim would have just remained status quo while the warrior always advances with  intent of  greater good. Our Warrior friend found himself amidst a difficult lesson, but remained true to himself even though it cost his job.

While many would find this disheartening, our Warrior friend found peace among all this as he knew he was right on course with his highest self. Staying true to himself among adversities, allowed true freedom to prevail. While jobs are slim for many, the jobs remain endless for the Warrior.

Stepping into the Canvas with a Warrior attitude, remaining virtuous in every step. Choose not to pay attention to bleak outcomes, but remain centered  in endless possibilities. When we align ourselves with this Warrior attitude, the universe returns the favor with endless possibilities.

Learning to Laugh

In world of deadlines, expectations, and increased responsibilities, we find it more difficult to find humor in our daily lives. This is the story for many, not for all, daily routines with added stress. This past week the teacher became the student.

Often times the universe will throw signs our way, in hopes of us taking the time to lighten up. Learning this first hand, I realize I too can fall victim to added stress of daily living. With added stress at work, my responsibilities increasing, and the needs of my children being first priority, the universe sends an opportunity to identify  things weighing me down.

“Why so serious?”~The Joker

Not until something so innocent happened, my reflections caused an internal restructuring to take place. My personal inventory became clear when a close friend reminded me for three days straight, “life is a playground and we are to play whenever possible.” I will admit that at first I ignored the signs, as most humans do, until  a recent post brought the attention to my actions.

With a recent post to another friend, who needed prayers sent for immediate healing in his life, the humor fund itself back into my life. Instead of posting “sending healing thoughts your way,” my auto fill replaced ‘thoughts’ with ‘tights.’ Nothing like sending some “healing tights your way.” The humor became evident with other responses, “I’ll take control top,” “everyone needs a good pair of tights, please send me a pair,” or my favorite “I am going to a class reunion this weekend and need a good pair of suck me ups immediately.” I hope that all found humor in it and humor found its way into their busy days, relaxing them but for a moment.

“Sometimes the best medicine is learning to laugh at oneself.”

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with work? Life? Do you ever feel hopeless and not sure of what to do? What I found worked was sending an accidental message that can take on a whole other meaning, bringing humor to your day and theirs. Dare to be spontaneous!

It is crucial in our busy days to find time to laugh. Life is truly too short to do anything other and in my everyday work I am reminded of this. Being a Radiation Therapist, I witness many opportunities of growth in this department. Everyday someone is dying, but it doesn’t have to be us. We can choose to live or we can choose to fall victim to our daily lives.

“Fall nine times, get up ten.”~ Japanese Proverb

Stepping into the Canvas today, find time to laugh. With father time keeping track of our numbered days we may not see tomorrow.  Would we rather finish our last day on a low note or would we rather finish it on a high? Try a little laughter today…it is just what the Doctor ordered…

From Pilgrim to Warrior

In every one of us there are two sides: the Pilgrim, often lost but continues searching for peace; the Warrior, who is found working as usual but instilling Peace. Many will remain as pilgrims searching for eternal peace and a small few will become Warriors. Some will find truth, many will not. Those who find truth create a new path in life…the path of a Warrior.

After finding myself living in the authentic self, opinions no long matter. The only opinion needed are my own. Six years ago I transitioned from the morning of my life to  afternoon of my life. No longer subscribing to what others told me to do, I began living the way I wanted to. With apparent psycho-somatic responses, anytime I did not live authentically I created physical manifested pain. My mental anguish manifested into physical pain. Once my authentic self surfaced, the pain dissipated.

As I began to clear my thoughts of the 10,000 things, the things that distract us all in our everyday lives, pen met at the paper and the writing began. Not sure how it evolved, but my writings often spoke of two sides to every situation. Often resulting in the pilgrim versus the warrior comparison. What would the pilgrim do in any given situation? Since the pilgrim is lost and often afraid, living in fear anger, hate and anxiety, he often finds himself in difficult situations. What would the Warrior do in a given situation? The Warrior walks in confidence, knowing that Love, Light and Life will illuminate the path before him. While the pilgrim trusts external compasses, the Warrior trusts the internal.

After pen to paper, thoughts to reality, a Warrior was born. Devoted to helping other pilgrims find the path of Warrior, he works night and day in hopes of others taking their first Step into the Canvas.

Stepping into the Canvas as a Warrior, no longer worried what will be or what others will think. Living authentically, lending a hand wherever needed, the Warrior goes wherever needed and arrives right on time.

Varying Flavors





Pun Eur,

Oo long,


Or black.

So many choices,

So many to choose.

Enjoy one,

Or sample them all.

No right or wrong choices,

Nothing to lose.

Served hot

Or cold.


Or un.

So many choices,

So many to choose.

True Leadership

When we think of leadership, our attention goes to the obvious: a person who directs a group or organization towards a certain goal of that institution. What we fail to see are the ‘True Leaders’ who quietly go to work day in and day out. While the obvious leader is just that and often recognized for their accomplishments; the not so obvious is the person who stands in the background, allowing his team to thrive and grow…essentially cultivating future leaders.

The pilgrim once thought he had to lead troops into battle but now, on the path of Warrior, merely allows them to shine. As a young pilgrim he lied, manipulated, and often asked the unimaginable of his team. As Warrior he knows a true leader is one who trusts in his team, allowing them to use their own creative gifts and giving praise where deserved.

When I began writing of the Pilgrim and Warrior, I saw two sides to every human: one being a Pilgrim Lost and in search of truth; the other being the Warrior who has found truth, allowing others to go ahead of him remaining in peace. At the beginning of our Pilgrim versus Warrior theme I wrote about the Pilgrim being a He; the Warrior being a She. This was purely a self-reflection of who I was and where I wanted to be. The He representing the Masculine side and the She representing the Feminine side. We spend most of our lives as man or woman, but at a turning point in our lives we reflect where we are going in the future and, hopefully, reconnect with our opposing self. If being a man, we are to find our sacred feminine within. Being a woman, we are to find the masculine. When we learn that we are not whole without the other, we learn our truest identity…we are one. While the Pilgrim is able to lead others, it is the Warrior who stands firmly in what he believes but allows others to pass him by. Knowing what I know, I see true leaders all around me…

Our mothers quietly maintained a certain order of things, graciously cultivating environments of growth. Selflessly giving everyday and making sacrifices without ever getting anything in return. Some see the rewards immediate, some never receive, but continue to give of themselves wholeheartedly. Think back into history…even the great leaders of our past, had silent leaders backing them. The wives who stood behind them, while their partners shared their vision with the world.It is the silent Warrior who has true leadership. A true leader is one who knows The Way, but allows others to lead.

Stepping into the Canvas we allow ourselves to be who we came here to be. Afraid no longer, we step with care but with authority. Not looking for praise, but what is right. Mindfully…we are aware.

The Lost Decoder Ring

When the Warrior was a young pilgrim, he had a “secret decoder” ring. This ring allowed him to discover secret messages not be seen by naked eye, further allowing him to leave secret messages for others who use this “secret” technology of the decoder ring.

With other pilgrims joined the “secret” decoder ring club, they left messages for other pilgrims only they could decode. This activity raised vibrations of the pilgrims, allowing them for that moment to feel good about themselves and their purpose of leaving messages for other pilgrims. What were these secret messages? Mostly it was nonsense, but in these moments of decoding…they felt good.

The concept of discovering something élite in their secret group is no different from modern-day discovery. We all seek the discovery of truth and try various groups in search of  truth. While as pilgrims we discovered, to many viewed as nonsense, the secret to something far greater than we once imagined.

As adult pilgrims we continue our quest, until ultimately find our truth. “The seekers shall find their answers.” Whether it is in one group or another, we eventually come to the common thread binding us all together…that is Love. As young pilgrims, whether we realized it or not, we found that love in our made up secret messages. As adult pilgrims we seemed to have lost that commonality…thus the journey for peace continues.

The Warrior is familiar with this concept of truth and lives a virtuous path. No longer subscribing to one way as The Way, he adopts THE WAY. This truth spoken by many masters before: Lao Tzu wrote of it as The Way or familiarly known as The Tao; Christ spoke of it more boldly, stating He was The Way; Martin Luther King Jr. Spoke of Brotherly Love as The Way.

When the Warrior asked another  young Warrior what it meant to him, this lad spoke, “so many groups say their way is the only way, condemning others who do not subscribe to their groups. The Way does not condemn anyone, only encourages new growth within the self. Often The Way gets twisted into allowing killing in the name of our Father…do they not know we all have the same Father? An example of this is two children, born of the same parents but killing because they think their father is superior…when they were born into this world by the same flesh. Same mother, same father but harm another to gain favor of their own flesh and blood. On the spiritual level of the Heart, we are all God’s children.”

The Warrior smiles as he knows this to be truth and further asks, “why do we continue to divide?”

The lad responds, “simple Law of Nature. It is our nature to do divide. Every cell in our body divides, every plant divides and produces more offspring furthering the division through offspring, we humans do the same thing. What we fail to realize is that we are all one. Oneness begets behavior of togetherness and eliminates the further division. Having oneness does not mean we will not divide, as it is written in the laws that we will naturally divide. What it fails to explain is that we can continue to divide, but adopt the concept of coming together as one. Failing to see oneness, we fall to another Law…that of decay. Everything decays in life and we are not immune to this, but what we further forget is through our own death new life is born…completing the circle of life.”

So what are we to do? “We are to allow natural progression of life continue, but remain in harmony as nature will surely take its course. We enter into this world with nothing, leave this world with nothing. In between those two points we are to make everything of nothing. Live life to the fullest and encourage others to live in harmonious fashion, eliminating all hate or the burning need of finding truth. Instead of division, we all live in harmony abiding by The Way. The sad truth is that the leaders of our countries fall to disbelief that we are to divide and conquer.”

While the pilgrim lives in fear continuing the terrible divide and conquer mentality, the Warrior merely follows The Way. The Way is truth, it is the beginning and the end, it is the Law of Nature.

Stepping into the Canvas, the Warrior abandons the belief of killing in the name of our Father. Instead adopting truth…Love in the name of our Father. When we live in the name of Love, the necessity for a decoder ring ceases to exist.

Changing Attitudes

The fear rushes in

Change it.

The anger consumes us

Change it.

The hate is projected

Change it.

The inferiority returns

Change it.

The victim submits

Change it.

The resistance stops us

Change it.

The change occurs

Allow it.

The peace is restored

Embrace it.

The light shines on

Embrace it.

The happiness takes over

Embrace it.

The winner returns

Embrace it.

The Love becomes truth

Embrace it.

The eyes of compassion see

Embrace them.