From Pilgrim to Warrior

In every one of us there are two sides: the Pilgrim, often lost but continues searching for peace; the Warrior, who is found working as usual but instilling Peace. Many will remain as pilgrims searching for eternal peace and a small few will become Warriors. Some will find truth, many will not. Those who find truth create a new path in life…the path of a Warrior.

After finding myself living in the authentic self, opinions no long matter. The only opinion needed are my own. Six years ago I transitioned from the morning of my life to  afternoon of my life. No longer subscribing to what others told me to do, I began living the way I wanted to. With apparent psycho-somatic responses, anytime I did not live authentically I created physical manifested pain. My mental anguish manifested into physical pain. Once my authentic self surfaced, the pain dissipated.

As I began to clear my thoughts of the 10,000 things, the things that distract us all in our everyday lives, pen met at the paper and the writing began. Not sure how it evolved, but my writings often spoke of two sides to every situation. Often resulting in the pilgrim versus the warrior comparison. What would the pilgrim do in any given situation? Since the pilgrim is lost and often afraid, living in fear anger, hate and anxiety, he often finds himself in difficult situations. What would the Warrior do in a given situation? The Warrior walks in confidence, knowing that Love, Light and Life will illuminate the path before him. While the pilgrim trusts external compasses, the Warrior trusts the internal.

After pen to paper, thoughts to reality, a Warrior was born. Devoted to helping other pilgrims find the path of Warrior, he works night and day in hopes of others taking their first Step into the Canvas.

Stepping into the Canvas as a Warrior, no longer worried what will be or what others will think. Living authentically, lending a hand wherever needed, the Warrior goes wherever needed and arrives right on time.

Varying Flavors





Pun Eur,

Oo long,


Or black.

So many choices,

So many to choose.

Enjoy one,

Or sample them all.

No right or wrong choices,

Nothing to lose.

Served hot

Or cold.


Or un.

So many choices,

So many to choose.