She Calls My Name

Stepping into the Canvas the wind called my name…

“Ani Po”

This is the day

Your life will surely change.

What you do with every breath,

Every step,

Will determine tomorrow.

It may not come,

But continue forward.

Your hands are His.

Your feet walk as His.

Your mind shall think like His.

Your Heart transplanted with His.

With eyes of hope,

Thoughts in faith.

Your steps shall be with grace

Actions will be of peace.

Yesterday has passed

Leading to today.

Give thanks for every moment before

And to come.

This is the day your life will surely change.

Does it Really Matter?

We spend our entire lives worrying about details of life, but fail to enjoy these details. Is it possible to leave the worrying to our Creator, leaving only room for fully being in the moment? Be ‘in’ the details of Life, committing to fully participating in the canvas. If all we have is worry on our plate, we have no room for enjoyment.

Years ago, when Ani Po (Warrior) was going to the YMCA on a regular basis, she would often end her workouts with a nice soak in the whirlpool tub. It was like having dessert after her workouts. Doing this on a regular basis, she became part of a regular morning whirlpool group.

One day she sat quietly listening to, nearly, everyone rant about politics and other negative details that cause division within our society. She kept quiet as not to insert any opinion on this matter as to only cause deeper grief with the negative tone that was already infused into her morning routine, while remembering the Toltec wisdom taught by Don Miguel Ruiz, in The Four Agreements. She remembered to never take anything personally, allowing the words of others to pass freely by while never taking hold of the negative words. When Ani Po was asked by one of the others, why she was so silent she merely asked, “Does any of that really matter?”

You could have heard a pin drop if we were in the basketball courts, but being in the whirlpool tub it was unlikely. In any event, the silence was deafening. Then more negativity surfaced at their lips, “It absolutely does matter. The Republicans this and the Democrats that. The kids are wearing their pants on the ground and they look like a bunch of penguins.”

Ani Po just smiled, “Are you Happy?”

One of the others replies “Yes.”

Ani Po, “Then what does any of that matter if you are happy? Your happiness clearly is not dictated by others or whether a young child is wearing his clothes inappropriately…is it?”

“Well of course not.” Spoke another.

Ani Po, “Then why waste so much time worrying about everyone else but enjoyment you get when you are happy?”

At this time everyone is stirring in the whirlpool and began attacking Ani Po with sarcastic words, “Oh great wise teacher, what should we do?” At which time Ani Po politely got up and began walking to the exit when they heckled once more, “Where are you going Ani Po…did we upset you?”

Smiling even brighter, as a bright idea instantaneously pops into her head, she leaps over the wall of her morning whirlpool mates and into the middle of the hot tub. The cannonball was a rating of “Ten” in a standard size pool, but in a small glass enclosure surrounding the whirlpool it was unmeasurable. The water hit the ceiling, covered the glass walls and for a moment it appeared to be a fish tank. The women, unfortunately lost their protected hairdo and the gents remained in shock at what had just happened.

Leaving her mark that morning, the group never forgot the lesson learned that day…Actions speak louder than words. When the women spoke up about their hair being ruined for the day Ani Po spoke, “In that moment of time, when your life flashed before you and your hair become undone…did you think for a second about all the negative details of life?”

As Gabe Berman reminds us in Live Like a Fruit Fly, the lifespan of a fruit fly and the lack of time they may have to worry about the details of life, their only concern is how they are going to spend their ten short days on this planet and how they will maximize their investment of time. Do we invest our time wisely, aligning ourselves with things or events that allow us to feel good? or do we spend countless hours worrying about details and what messages we subscribe to for the day? Gabe ends each chapter with  Live Like a Fruit Fly as a reminder to us all…life is to short to worry about the details.

My dear,
Is it true that your mind is sometimes like a battering Ram
Running all through the city,
Shouting so madly inside and out
About the ten thousand things
That do not matter?

Stepping into the Canvas with intent of living it to the fullest. It is not necessary to be right or wrong, get your way or worry about what everyone else is doing in their days. It is only necessary to enjoy life to the fullest. If we spend our time worrying about the details of life, we have no room for enjoying the details of life. We do not have to speak truth, but let our actions speak for truth. Dare to step in truth…with an occasional cannonball.

Entitlement vs. Enlightenment

Peeling a layer of an onion is paralleled to peeling a layer of one’s own consciousness. At the most outer layer is a mindset of entitlement, while at the most inner layer resides a mindset which everyone strives for…enlightenment. While both permeate the other areas, they meet somewhere in the middle. Peeling through these layers, we eventually get to the core of our essence…pure Love.

At the very outer ring of an onion is a protective layer. The layer that preserves the fruit until maturity and until ready to be consumed. This layer is similar to the ego of our subconscious minds. It is the layer that protects us from injury during our growth. It is also the layer that can keep us from peeling back any further layers while in search of eternal bliss. This is the most basic layer where our lowest of vibration controls our thoughts. On the most primitive level we instinctively want to snatch and grab anything we can, in fear  we will be stripped away of our rights, material things, or even our life.

When a person is ready they cut into the first layer of the onion, cutting into the real essence of their consciousness. Peeling the first layer the realization in the beginning is, “Wow I did it, I got rid of some extra baggage!” Once this feeling of accomplishment settles in, the individual realizes there is yet another layer and instinctively asks, “Now What?” Peeling another layer, letting go of more harbored negative behavior, there resides yet another layer.

The Pilgrim being more primitive than the Warrior, remains in entitlement thinking and feels that everyone in the world owes him something. When things don’t go well at work, he blames someone else as being their fault, because it can’t be possible that he was wrong. The pilgrim also subscribing to thought of following one path of government or another, subscribing to ‘one’ way religion, living as nobody else exists.

The Warrior, Ani Po, no longer subscribes to this lifestyle of entitlement and resides in enlightenment. In this state Ani Po no longer subscribes to the rules of the flesh: picking sides of government, picking a certain religion, or thinking She is the only person alive and everyone else owes her everything. Nope, not Ani Po. She has found an all-inclusive resort that allows everyone to be free to be themselves and never excludes anyone. She no longer subscribes to monetary systems established by society, but merely plays the game of subscribing to ‘fitting in.’

At the most primitive level of our existence we learn an entitlement behavior. This behavior is compounded by our capitalistic system. Conditioned to believe in entitlement and is  the cause for our separations in this lifetime. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, with an increasing gap between the two. Dr. David Hawkins discusses varying levels of consciousness and reports that it is possible to peel past these basic layers, attaining a higher state of consciousness.

As we peel the layers of the onion, permeation of entitlement penetrates through the protective walls of each layer until somewhere in the middle of the onion it loses the belief of entitlement and met by a force of enlightenment. Carl Jung often refers to this state of a person’s life: a shift, from the morning of their life to the afternoon of their life.

Pure enlightenment is not generally felt until all remaining layers are peeled and all that remains is the core essence of the onion…that of enlightenment. We can cut right to the core, getting a taste of eternal bliss but for it to remain in our daily lives we have to slowly peel each layer. With each layer we remove trapped emotions, trapped behaviors, until we begin learning positive behaviors. Once the lessons begin we take a step into “The Active Side of Infinity (Carl Jung),” continuing our growth with each new day.

Stepping into the Canvas without a sense of entitlement, knowing that nobody in this world owes me anything. I Am free to be Me! Having a purpose of service to my fellow brothers and sisters, I no longer sit waiting for them to come to me. Instead I will apply a little elbow grease to my daily actions and will not expect anything for free. The only thing in this world that can possibly be free is me…even that has a price that many are not willing to pay.

Coming Together As One

On the eve of Thanksgiving I ponder my day: two families and plenty of nourishment; Many emotions to be shared…some good, some not so good. Whether we enjoy the company and conversation or not, it truly is a gift that we have family to come together. It is not only a time of reflection on the immediate, but the opportunities of shining Love and Light upon those ‘others’ in need. Whether it be immediate family or a stranger passing by, may we reflect on the gift we have of making another person’s day.

Thanksgiving day is for bringing families together, reminding us to stop just for one day and give thanks for the abundance flowing into our lives. Thanksgiving day is reserved to one day out of the year, but could easily be an everyday occurrence if we choose.

I invite you, just for today, to be that beacon of Light, shining upon your family extra bright today. Take an extra pause, just for today, to count the many blessings that you may have and the many blessings that are on their way. If there is someone at the table who speaks a negative language, give them a language lesson in positivity. May Faith be Your eyes, Hope your ears, and Love be your warm embrace.

Today, I give thanks for: Internet, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, friendships of old and friendships of new, conversations and no conversations, opportunities to spread positivity, work, food, bare necessities. All of this I give thanks, but today will turn them off and give this day to you…Thank you Father for all these things. Thank you for the wonderful family placement and thank you for all my Brothers and Sisters.

Stepping into the Canvas extra bright today, sharing Love, Light and Life with each and every step. May gratitude fill my plate today, returning for seconds of the sweet tasting appreciation. Giving thanks not only to those whom return a feeling of goodness, but also those who do not. May today be reminder that everyday can be a holiday…Happy Thanksgiving!

What If?

In a world of good and evil, we are left with many moral dilemmas. Outlined by society, we are told what is right and what is wrong. When all we need to do is look within our hearts to know truth in our daily actions. Imagine if we all applied the ancient wisdom of “The Seven Generations.” This is a concept where every action contemplated and repercussions carefully thought out. Not just for this lifetime, but seven generations after ours. This next poem reminds me a lot of the song What if God was one of Us? by Joan Osborne. Imagine if we all saw Christ in every person…

What if the person you are arguing with was God?

How would you treat them?


What if the person you hate was God?

Would you reconcile?

What if the person you were about to steal from was God?

Would you still do it?


What if the person you are about to cheat on was God?

Would you still cheat?

What if the person you are about to kill was God?

Would you pull the trigger?

Stop waiting for the Messiah and his return.

See that he is already here.

See him in yourself, feel him.

See him in others, hear his words.

Love everyone, change the world!

We can create the Heavens,

and abolish Hell forever.

See through eyes of our creator

and finding salvation.

See the promise land,

as you are already in it.


“I see Jesus Christ in all his distressful disguises.”

~Mother Theresa

Step into the Canvas with eyes of compassion: instinctively slowing down. letting others into our lane; extending a hand to a stranger, when in need; throwing spare change at the homeless, as we are filled with abundance; removing the need to win; offering solutions, not complaints; giving freely in the name of Love…for that is all we are meant to be.


Time Travel Discovered by Six Year Old Boy

Ever feel like our lives are moving at the speed of light? Or there’s never enough time in the day to get things done? When we are in place of disharmony we instinctively follow direction of never having enough time, when in harmony we happen to be in the right place at the right time.

We return now to our Warrior friend, Ani Po, who recently learned a valuable lesson in time travel. It is said that when we return to a place of perfect harmony, we transcend all time and space. When inspired we often experience time standing still or traveling at the speeds of light.

Ani Po was tending to Her daily events when she overheard to young children bickering over time travel and whether it is possible. The boy happens to be six years old, the girl his younger sister with an age of four years old. What struck Ani Po, was the fact the boy declared he had discovered time travel and humanity have used this technology since the beginning of time. Intrigued, and with an attentive ear, Ani Po listens in…


Boy: “Did you know that we are all time travelers?”

Girl: “Please stop. I do not want to travel through time.”

Boy: “You can’t stop it. We are all traveling through time every second.”

Girl: “Stop it! I don’t want to time travel!”


Smiling and enjoying the taunting of his little sister, he continues, “We cannot stop time and we are always moving forward every second. See, we just went into time…and again…and again…and again…”

The Warrior smiles knowing this to be true. Walking away She is reminded how precious every moment truly is, seizing every moment to the fullest. We can either travel at leg breaking speeds or we can travel at a leisurely pace, enjoying the precious moments life has to offer. While majority of people will subscribe to the concept of having to do something every moment, the Warrior knows it equally important to allow time to stand still. While time actually does not stand still, moving forward every second, we can choose to be on our time. While on our time things show up at the right time, each and every time. How does this work? How can we show up exactly when we are supposed to be? It just happens.

“Space and time are modes in which we think, not conditions in which we exist”

~ Albert Einstein

We can choose to beat ourselves up over our busy schedules or we can choose to drop distractions in life. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. It is necessary to point out that we are a society who cannot sit still. When was the last time you a walk? No direction and no agenda? When was the last time you took a vacation, with only one outcome expected…to relax? Many of us cannot say we have the time to just take a walk or when on vacation, just do nothing. We are programmed into thinking we need to do something…Light-speed ahead!

Just as Ani Po is reminded, we can choose to travel at the speed of light or at a more leisurely pace. Whatever the speed we cannot stop the concept of time and are always moving forward.

Stepping into the Canvas on Divine Timing, knowing whatever thoughts, whatever actions, they will be exactly as they are supposed to be. When following the concept of Divine Timing, space and time is transcended, our thoughts instantaneously manifested into reality and we co-create a life we are meant to live…


The Fragrance of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is often discussed but rarely observed. It is singular or plural and the acceptance that we are not perfect. It may have different names: self-forgiveness or forgiving others. We can be asked to be forgiven or we can ask for forgiveness. Through forgiveness, we emit only Love.

Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

~Mark Twain

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

~Mahatma Ghandi

The Bible says, “Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you (Colossians 3:13).” Recently confronting someone on this matter, they just made excuses not forgiving them, “Oh, I can’t. If you knew what they did to me you couldn’t either.” Asking this same person why they don’t try, they come up with another excuse “because nobody’s perfect and we all fall short.”  While this is true we are not perfect this does not mean we couldn’t try to be more Christ-like. It is my humble opinion that most feel there is no use in trying because there is no physical evidence they will be “saved,” but rely heavily on faith. “Trust by Faith, that God will take care of all your worries (Philippians 1:6).”

The Qur’an says, “Hold forgiveness, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant Qur’an 7:199).” Just as the Bible promises God taking care of are worries, the Qur’an makes similar claims, “But if someone is steadfast and forgives, that is the most resolute course to follow (Qur’an 42:43).”

The Bhagavad-Gita says: “Intelligence, knowledge, freedom from doubt and delusion, forgiveness, truthfulness, control of the senses, control of the mind, happiness and distress, birth, death, fear, fearlessness, nonviolence, equanimity, satisfaction, austerity, charity, fame and infamy — all these various qualities of living beings are created by Me alone (Verse 10 4-5).”

Many traditions preach forgiveness but remain non-practicing. Why? It is my humble opinion they are shrouded by their own shadow, project it onto others around them. Carl Jung often discussed “The Shadow is the easiest of the archetypes for most persons to experience. We tend to see it in “others.” That is to say, we project our dark side onto others and thus interpret them as “enemies” or as “exotic” presences that fascinate”.

While projecting outwards we find it difficult to forgive the other person as we see their behavior as inexcusable. The truth of the matter is we need only look within for the answer to this dilemma. Carl Jung refers to self-actualized people as being able to let things go, finding it easier to forgive the self and projecting forgiveness onto others.

None of us are perfect so why do we judge people so harshly? Is it up to us to judge them anyways? Or is judgment reserved for an end of days? Regardless of when judgment will come we can choose to forgive not just ourselves, but the people around us. Jesus said it best, “Forgive them Father for they no not what they do.”

Stepping into the Canvas with a taste for Love, projecting only that which I hunger for most. Filling my palette with a rainbow of colors preparing a scenery of Love, forgiving those who trespass against me. Today I will practice forgiveness and project only Love. If all I have is room for Love in my heart, then I will have room for nothing else.