Thinking Big

Preparing for the New Year, we gather our thoughts and wishes for our vision board of 2012. The skies the limit…the further we reach the more assuredly we shall land amongst the stars. What will it be? What will be your wish for the new year?

A cousin recently sent me this picture, titled ‘Think Big,’ and it got me thinking…why haven’t I put together my vision board yet? I know the importance of setting goals and the imagery that goes along with it is as equally as important. Stepping Into the Canvas was a thought at one time, whose time had come and the next steps to this will be revealed as it grows. While my hopes are for the readers to ultimately achieve self-mastery, there is still more to the Canvas.

The Canvas of Life has no boundaries, leaving us limitless. An important factor whilst playing in the Canvas, is whether we are enjoying ourselves or not. We have discussed the first steps towards happiness, but often times we sabotage ourselves into thinking we cannot do something. By applying some basic tools towards happiness, the next steps have begun.

A vision board is a good start or even a journal with ‘task items.’ Keeping these items in plain view allows them to be ‘in your face’ and at the forefront of your thinking. When something is at a constant, the thoughts are at a constant. When your thoughts are at a constant, your brain begins to remap the neuro-fibers that drive your reality.

When developing a vision board, do we think small or think big? The sky is the limit here…Think Big! When I began writing I quickly thought of the scene, from the Patriot, where Mel Gibson was reminding his boys about shooting a gun…”Aim small, Miss small.” This phrase is true. When we set our aim at something small, we will surely get small. The opposing is true as well…Think Big, obtain Big.

So…when you are thinking ahead to 2012 and you are applying your ‘New Year’s Resolution,’ remember to Think Big!

Shoot for the moon.

Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

~Brian Latrell

Stepping into the Canvas with thoughts of Thinking Big. Wherever our thoughts, that is where they will be. If they are aligned with small thoughts, they will yield small returns. If aligned in a big way…they will pay off bigger returns.

While you are thinking Big…I will be putting my Vision Board together…Happy New Year!


Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas reflecting on years past and years to come, while not dwelling. To truly live is to revel in the details of life, not dwell in them. In our own reflections we find our own path, leading us to happiness. Stay the course and this may be the best year yet!

Take My Hand

Do you ever feel alone? Scared? Trapped? Or just lack a sense of purpose? This is a common feeling one gets during their transition from the morning of their life to the afternoon. We begin a self-reflecting process, looking back at what we have done thus far and what we can do to make a difference in this world.
A common reaction is…what will be my legacy? During this self-reflecting process two things can happen: One, the individual finds purpose and they live happily ever after; or two, they fail to see purpose right under their noses. Those who find purpose, go on to live happily ever after. The other ninety-five percent tend to live a miserable life.
Sounds like a fairytale right? Many will agree with this analogy of being a fairytale, but I assure you it is a reality for many. Whether we can get their on our own or by outside help, results are typically the same when intentions are applied. With our intentions, we apply a driving force backed by Source Energy. If our intentions are strong enough, the results predicted with more assurance.

As a man thinketh, so is he.

Entering into a new year, we are reminded of goal setting. Many will poo-poo the idea, but a small percentage will apply goal-setting to their to-do list. The other ninety-five percent will remain in darkness, never reaching for the Light.
Ani Po, once a Pilgrim in darkness, applied a new attitude of positivity. At first she did not know how to get there, until a man came along and offered her a hand…

Take my Hand through your darkness,
Let me help you see the Light.
I know your scared and your shaken,
but everything is going to be alright.
~Ben Merens

She accepted the hand and began faking it until she made it. This is an old trick of re-wiring the brain into believing something new. “Fake it until you make it.” Now, positivity is her norm and she is making goals for herself every year. In reality she knows that we don’t need to do anything except live in the moment, allowing all there is…to just be. However, she also knows that she may as well live it to the fullest, redirecting her thoughts into a direction she wants to go.
Ani Po learned a valuable lesson from her friend. She learned that in this life we only have each other to lend a hand. Whilst our faith in God and our service to humanity, we become one of the many Tools provided for others growth and they vice-verse. Ani Po learned that we need only look to God above for help and He will provide the Tools to get the job done: a person, a situation, a life lesson.
The quote above is a line from “Take my Hand” by Ben Merens, was written for another friend going through tough times. While many look to that song as being a bond between two people, I hear it as a covenant between an individual and the Lord. Whenever we are in darkness we can call out His name and He will surely answer.
Stepping into the Canvas taking Gods hand. In our darkest hours, we need only look within and His Light will surely shine through…every time. Look for a message in the trees, people, animals, the Big Tools that show up in our lives and the simplest of these things, for the answers may come in varying ways. It is said there is no place He is not and He is everywhere. He has created the Canvas of Life and He is the Canvas. Stepping into the Canvas of Life, we become apart of the Canvas, we in turn become a tool for another…

…Take my Hand.

Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas reconnecting with Source energy. With every step of the way, we have the potential of reconnecting every step to that of Source. Connected we arrive on time, allowing change with every new step. Letting go of the step behind us, we propel forward with each new step.

Beauty Within

It is said that our biggest enemy lurks within our own mirrors, sabotaging our true self from being loved. We gaze upon the mirror, judging relentlessly. The beauty is…this same mirror holds our greatest ally captive, we need only see Her in her truest form.

We return to Ani Po, as she recently visits a Pilgrim, which we shall know him as Tidak Sini.

Note: Tidak Sini is Malay for “Not Here.” Ani Po is Hebrew for “I am Here.” While the Warrior shall be called Ani Po, it seems only fitting to call the pilgrim Tidak Sini (not here).

As Ani Po entered Tidak’s home, She heard a whisper…”Be Open…Go Beyond.” At the sound of the wind, She knew this visit was no mistake.

Ani Po: “Hello friend! What are you doing?”

TIdak: “Nothing, just covering up all of the mirrors in my house.”

Ani Po: “Why?”

Tidak: “Because I am tired of seeing my face in the mirrors. I have done so many bad things in my life and ashamed. I judged people, called them bad names, and deliberately harmed them.”

Ani Po: “I am sorry to hear this.” Reaching forward, placing hand on His shoulder, as to say it was ok.“But you are human and we all make mistakes.”

TIdak: “But I cannot forgive myself for what I have done.”

Ani Po: “Would it make you feel better If I forgave you? Have you thought about going to your abused and asking for forgiveness?”

Tidak: “No! I cannot.”

Ani Po: “You could ask ‘Great Spirit’ for forgiveness. Once we step into the Light of forgiveness, we are forgiven. Return to the old ways and we shall not. Removing paint-covered mirrors, only allows the true self to be seen. Why not remove the paint, ask for forgiveness and learn to Love the enemy within? See the enemy within as ally, and the enemy without shall become one too. What or how we see ourselves is how we see the other pilgrims around us.”

Tidak: “So, are you saying I should learn Love within to have Love without?”

Ani Po: “Exactly what I am saying. Our inner beauty is exactly that and it takes a bit of chiseling to uncover the many layers of paint we have applied to our mirrors. When I walked in today, I heard a whisper that said Go Beyond.’ I think that message was for you, going beyond what you see…

To look into a mirror,

can be scary.

One will see the true self,

aged and worn.

Look past what we see,

find the beauty others see.

Why do we see their beauty,

but fail to see our own?

See what I see…for I see a divine being who is loved.

Look into thy mirror,

see the magnificence.

Look into thy mirror,

see the beautiful creation.

The person staring back,

either be friend or fo…the choice is ours.

The person staring back,

creates heaven on earth.

Or, the opposing,

if that is what they choose.

See what I see…for I see a divine being who is loved.

Ani Po knows all too well…we can cover the mirrors for a temporary fix, but eventually  looking deep within our souls, unlocking our true-self.

Stepping into the Canvas of our own reflection, seeing the Canvas of Life as we see fit. We can choose to see grief and sadness or happiness and exhilaration as our guide. While Pilgrim sees only the surface, Warrior sees deep within the soul. Seeing deep within, she Loves deep without.

Today…how will you see yourself? How will you see your Canvas?

Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas in Awe of the vastness. With a blank Canvas everyday…awaiting our participation…the Canvas is open to what ever we choose to paint. We can sit and ponder the many splendorous things or create a masterpiece filled with amazing Technicolor. Whether sitting or running, may it be centered in Love.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

There are many diverse names for this holiday season depending on religious, cultural or family traditions.  The commonality for all traditions is that we gather this season with family and friends and most traditions focus on the gift of Light in some way.

Coming together in commonality as One,  not only family and friends, but those in varying religious, cultural and family traditions. The coming together as One…is The Way and is The Way to honoring our Father above. Jesus spoke of this, Buddha spoke of this and Muhammad spoke of this. We are to lay down our differences and suffering, coming together in the name of Love. Through Love our Holy Connection is made with the Canvas of Life. This holiday season may you honor God’s presence and spirit in your life journey in doing what is yours to do.

The Canvas of Life is filled with both darkness and Light. May the power of heartfelt connections multiply Light in our world.This is the season to create circles of light inside and outside our homes and workplaces. Let our laughter and Love illuminate all gatherings. May Love be manifested as a gift to others.

This is the season to pray that peace will abide throughout our world. Don’t just ask for it…See it, Live it, Own it…Be Peace…Be Love.

Let the child within return to his or her playground, allowing the joyful side to create a playful playground all around us. As our child begins to play once more, encourage the other children to play. Celebrate the child within every person.    This is the season to touch lives of those we work alongside with the gift of compassion.The greatest gifts are often small gestures from the heart. Allowing another to be themselves, with No Rules, is the greatest of all!

As we reflect on this season, may it be a self-reflection of who we are and what the season means to us.

Stepping into the Canvas skipping and dancing, singing FaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLa! We live in a world of the now. Everything happens instantaneously and everyone wants it now. Change this tempo and just ‘Live in the Now,’ exploring new possibilities and at a pace that feels right for you. Release the pressure of societal conditions and remember to play and have fun. Peace, Love and Joy to All!