The Warrior Meets a Travelling Man

Have you ever been on a vacation or just a simple trip via automobile, where you have met someone and felt like you have known them for quite sometime? Chances are you have. Maybe not in this lifetime, but maybe an earlier life or one before that.
Never believing in reincarnation or past lives, I found it difficult to read about people recounting past lives in different bodies and often different genders or race.

Dr. Brian Weiss has done extensive research on Regression Therapy. Regression Therapy is a Psychological Study of past lives. His most famous patient, Catherine, walked Dr. Weiss through over two hundred past lives, while in a hypnotic state. Her consciousness was brought to a level of the Akashic Records, a place of consciousness where all thoughts and memories are stored by all people. The question is not how she got to this place, but the question is whether her memories were hers or someone else. Making no difference, we focus on her recollections of past lives, detailing events that actually happened and extensively documented.
Our memories…are they ours or someone else? Are they an individual memory or is it a collective whole? Again, that not being the important thought here, but an idea of recounting past life. If everything is thought and we are all connected, then our consciousness is shared by everyone…making us one thought, one mind.
When we meet someone that we feel we have met before, chances are we have in a past life or a past memory stored within the Akashic Records. The significance of our meetings is similar paths that we have chosen to take. It is often said that our paths often cross many times, within multitudes of lifetimes.
Recently Ani Po (Hebrew for I AM Here) was traveling to foreign lands, when she ran into a traveling man. He was not from the area, but felt she knew this man before. His speech was of different tongue, but his mannerisms were very similar to Ani Po’s. After sharing conversation, they realized they were in deed descendants of the same family and both were on the path other great Warriors have taken.
Meeting on the same level allowed these two strangers to come together collectively, only to find out they were indeed related.
In a flash Ani Po is taken back one thousand years, to a time of turmoil and rule. She found herself as a man in darkened times where she was a knight, serving under rule of a King. She recalled the traveling man being there as well, fighting together for the greater good of the people. Restoring peace throughout the land was their main goal, while remaining loyal to the King. These elite Warriors were very efficient at restoring peace and serving justice as needed, authorized by the King himself to whatever means necessary.
With the death of their King, a successor was appointed. The Knights were strong in numbers and grew far more powerful than that  of the King himself. The successor did not have the best interest of the people in mind and began taking back land rights. Stripping farmers and land holders rights to the land given to them by previous Kings. The King further Taxed the farmers on the land they used, causing great hardship throughout the land. The Warriors did not rest easy with the changes at hand and began rebelling against the King, maintaining their loyalties to past leadership and interested only in making things right for the common people.
The king did not like this and laid down an executive order to have all Warriors executed simultaneously on an appointed day. That day being the thirteenth of October in the year of Thirteen Hundred and Fourteen. It was the largest massacre in history and tens of thousands were killed within a few short hours.
Ani Po recalls being aside the traveling man, fighting for the people only to have witnessed her (his) friend executed at the order of the King. Watching his friend go limp with no life remaining he (Ani Po) vowed to fight, for all eternity, those lost and scared, seeking higher ground…no matter the price. That day Ani Po and the travelling man gave their lives fighting for the common people of their time, when they both returned to present time they knew who they were.
Embracing each other, shedding tears of joy, they both wept for the battles they fought. When the Traveller asked Ani Po is she would do it all over again, she replied…”I never stopped fighting for the greater good.” The Traveller smiled, knowing they have both been battling darkness for all eternity and shedding Light on the darkened path. They part, saying goodbye as if they were back in ancient times, regardless of Ani Po’s current form of a woman.
Ani Po: “Good day to you Brother!”
traveling Man: “And to you Brother, May God shine upon you all the days of your Life.”
Ani Po: “May it shine Brighter for you.”

Next time you meet someone who is on the same wavelength as you…know that you have been here before. Just as Ani Po found in a single handshake, we too will find common ground with strangers. From stranger to Brother in a single moment.
Stepping into the Canvas seeing all as Brother or Sister. In life there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met. When we elevate to a level as this, we instinctively bless all those we meet. Encouraging those around us, contributing to their growth and self-worth, allowing them to master their own fate.

Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas as Authentic as possible. Today…be the best version of you as possible. There is not another person on the planet who can do it for you. Out of 6.8 Billion people, there is only one of you…and you are perfect just the way you are. Feeling imperfect? Well join the club…we are all imperfectly perfect!