Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas changing sail. If yesterday was darkened by shadows of doubt or thoughts of despair, today is the day to change directions. With the dawn of each new day, we step in a direction we want to go. This is the day…own it, know it to be true! This is the day you shall change directions of your sail…

It Is High Noon…How Will You Spend Your Afternoon?

For many…there comes a point in their lives where they look back at how they got to their current conditions, reflecting on who they are and where they’re heading. Ultimately it is a time of change. We can either remain on course or change our heading. Those who remain on course, often head into troubled waters. While those who change their sail, find themselves effortlessly traveling by the spirit of the wind.

Everyone of us has the opportunity to change. But why do I need to change? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. The deciding point comes when asking this question…Are you happy? To find happiness,it is written that we must give up everything we own.

Originally this next poem was written as a reflection of a lost friend, but then it permeated into my soul. If we infuse this poem into the self…it takes on a different meaning.

Today I lost a friend,

I don’t know why.


Today I lost a brother,

I don’t know why.


My heart bled for him,

I don’t know why.


There is so much hatred in his life,

I don’t know why.


I see the Love he can offer,

Which many can’t.


One thing is for certain,

I do know why.


I will continue to Love him,

I do know why.


He is my brother,

I do know why.


He is my friend,

I do know why.


We are one in the same.

As we transition from the morning of our lives to the afternoon, we instinctively align with that which makes us feel good. Letting go of that which does not, as if we are experiencing a personal death and resurrection. It is written that we all have an opportunity for rebirth…is this the time of rebirth?! Are the “end of days” speaking to us on a personal level? Tied in with the our own death and resurrection?

Stepping into the Canvas giving thanks for another beautiful day! The miracle alone is our single breath, for it was given to us once more. The bonus…whatever we set out for the day. When we step, actively step, into the Canvas of Life…for we have the opportunity to co-create a life of happiness.

Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas painting the life you truly want. It is your Canvas to create, to harness, to share. Whether the Canvas is empty or filled with the most brilliant colors, it is yours to create! Enjoying all that the Canvas of Life has to offer, we find ourselves creating more effortlessly and counting the many blessings…

Thank You For Being The Ass That You Are!

Just because we encounter an unfriendly person, does not mean we have to return the favor. The world already has enough negativity in this world…the last thing we need is more negativity. By responding to their negativity with more negativity, leaves two angry people. Letting go of anger, holding onto peace, cultivating a positive environment.

These angry people are wise teachers, for they show us how not to be.  Indirectly they will show behavior that is far from our own reality. In doing so, we in turn learn how to be better people.

Ani Po grew up in a working class family and her parents were very strict. Often being told what to do verses being shown how to do it, she was often confused at how she should truly be. Further, her father was always negative and judgmental, ridiculing her often times in public.

It used to bother her that her parents were so hypocritical, but she knows the rest is up to her. She realizes that her parents did all they could to their own ability, based on their own reality. She is who she is because of the good and bad experiences. In seeing that, she is who she is today because of them. She now dissolves the perceived bad experiences.

One day listening to her father open up at how much guilt he carries for not doing enough for her. Ani Po replies, “You did everything you could for what you knew. It is now up to me to finish what you started. I thank you for the good and bad, for they have made me strong. You see it is in the good and bad times that I found strength, especially when you indirectly taught me how not to be…especially then! I do not claim to be better than you, just better than I used to be.”

Her father: “So, what are you trying to say?

Ani Po: “What I am saying is…thank you. Thank you for being the Ass that you were.”

They both shared a laugh and her father replied…”Your welcome…I guess.” In a way her father was at ease his little girl was all grown up and worthy of the title Warrior. Knowing what she knows and knowing what he knows, they are at peace with who they have become.

Stepping into the Canvas with gratitude. Gratitude for the brilliant colors and the not so brilliant colors upon the Canvas. For in the brightness, the beauty is easy to see; in the darkened colors, it is not so easy to see. Look deep with in the Canvas of Life and see the beauty that shines no matter where you be…don’t forget to thank your donkey!

Gratitude & More Silent Blessings

We cannot go a day without encountering an unfriendly or another golden opportunity to share loving kindness. It is not how they treat us that determines who we are, but it is in the reactions we give them. We can be emotionally attached to their words or we can merely let them go. In letting them go, we are listening to the words or actions while taking proper steps to guard against darkened tongues.

Don Miguel Ruiz gives ancient Toltec wisdom while teaching the “Four Agreements.” My favorite of these agreements is “never take anything personally.” This single lesson removes all attachment to negative words by our transgressors. In letting their words remain meaningless, we are free to be as happy as can be. In the process, hopefully the unfriendly will be infused with a hint of happiness…setting off a time-bomb towards happiness.

One never really knows what to expect in life.

We may never live to see tomorrow,

Or we may never get to see the sun set again.

The question one must ask…did I live this day,

As the best day ever?

When the world tries to knock the wind out of us,

We must stand tall and breathe the breath of life.

Calmly walk forward making every step count.

Do this and our reward will await us.

Do this and no one can harm us again.

For me, I have been spat upon, kicked and dragged through the mud

Ten fold, but I will not allow them to conquer me.

I will quietly send them blessings and pray that one day they find happiness.

For them, happiness is in the numbers,

For me it is all around.

I cannot be more grateful for today,

For I know that I gave my best day ever.

There will be no one to judge me,

But it shall be known by me and my beloved.

I thank you Father for showing me the way,

I hope that others will follow suit.


Whatever our encounters of the day, they are opportunities of growth. Whether friend or unfriendly, every person has a lesson to bring. See these lessons and we shall know everything we need to know. Just as the blessing of a butterfly, we are blessed with gentle occurrences. Frightfully, we are just as blessed by the aggressive encounters of the tiger.

Stepping into the Canvas with Gratitude and more silent blessings. With every step into the Canvas of Life, may it be in gratitude. With gratitude in our hearts, even during difficult times, we find ourselves in a happier disposition…giving silent blessings. It is said…those hardest to Love need the most Love…why not share Love and compassion with them?

Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas as a Celebration. With each new day as a miracle in itself, with every breath the same. We have received everything we need to paint the most beautiful picture upon the Canvas of Life. Whatever the past, you are here. Wherever the future leads, you are here. Celebrate in this moment. With each step, give thanks for yet another…

To Thine Enemies Silent Blessings Sent

Recently I was reading a poem, written by John Ruskin, and it got me thinking about life purpose. Our purpose my vary from person to person, but rest assured we all have one. On a planet that follows a  Law of Polarity, we have those who create good and those who wreak havoc…both are on purpose. Whatever our purpose, it is also said that whatever we put into this world is what receive. Thereby if we project negativity into the world, that is all we shall ever know.

I wish you some new Love of Lovely things,

and some new forgetfulness of the teasing things,

and higher pride in the praising things,

and some sweeter peace from the hurrying things,

and some closer fence from the worrying things.

~John Ruskin

As a greater whole, we see only the divine creation. Whilst looking closely we see all the imperfections. Whether they be at a global level or individual levels…guaranteed there are imperfections. How we handle these imperfections is how we see ourselves. If we only see flaws, then we ourselves shall be flawed. If we see the divine beauty, then so shall our true identity be exposed.

Regarding purpose…what we shall sow, so shall we reap. The Law of cause and effect states that whatever we put into this world, we shall receive. We can continue the ways of darkness, only to attract more black clouds into our lives. Or we can choose to Light the way, attracting more sunshine into our lives. How does one know whether their purpose is good or evil? Well, chances are those reading this are on a brightened path searching for more goodness in their lives.

A good man brings out good things from good treasures,

and a bad man brings out bad things from bad treasures.

Matthew 12:35

We have ability to master our thoughts and behaviors, but we cannot control the will of another. There may always be someone who will try to bring us down to negative levels. We must remain strong while giving them a silent blessing. One day maybe they will have a change in heart, but sadly…maybe they won’t. It is not up to us to change them, but only worry about the self. We can, at times of transgression, give silent blessing as Christ taught us. The Lord’s prayer not only asks for forgiveness but protection from future encounters from evil…

Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For thin is the Kingdom, the power and the glory are yours,

Now and forever. Amen. Matthew 6:9-13

If we judge or blame another for their anger or their evil ways, we shall only add fuel to their fire. By sending a silent blessing, it not only self-distinguishes the fire mounting within, but may even extinguish their anger.

If an individual comes to the realization of no longer wanting to feel negativity in their daily life, they have an option to change how they feel. Asking for guidance is a good start, but  knowing it to be true is the destination. Again, those daring to read this posting, are probably on a brightened path…rejoice!

Stepping into the Canvas giving silent blessings. Not only on those who bring good into the world, but those who bring the opposition. It is positivity that makes us feel good, but negativity that brings us down. Rising above this negativity and blessing it…we shall change our own path. Through negativity it shall present its polarity. Again those reading this…chances are the negativity has made you strong. Rejoice!