Time For Spring Cleaning

For the Southern Hemisphere they are coming into the fall, but those of us in the Northern Hemisphere we are preparing to shed the skin of old man winter. Spring is officially here and it’s a healthy reminder to do a bit of spring cleaning, removing any stagnancy accumulated over the winter months.

Rubber gloves…check! Scrubby brush…check! Bucket of soapy water…check! Deleting old negative friends…what?! Did you think this was about cleaning your house? This is about spring cleaning of one’s home, but deeper within the self.

As we naturally and literally clean our residency, we are reminded to do a bit of mental and spiritual spring cleaning. Check in with yourself…are you happy? If so, great…get out and enjoy the beautiful season; if not, time to clean! What habits have you developed over time? Are they serving your higher good? Chances are you may need to discuss with a friend, as we are often clouded by false perceptions.

Speaking of friends…speak only to those who will encourage your growth. Are there negative people in your life? Do you need them? Are they keeping you in a negative place? Get out and enjoy all that the Canvas of Life has to offer…reconnect with the Canvas…Shine once again!

Stepping into the Canvas with a new attitude. An attitude of Yes I can! I can change the way I see things in my life, I can change the way I think, and I can change my ways. As Wayne Dyer reminds us, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” Be the change you want to be…take the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning…


When We Get Stuck…Ask The Children

Six years ago, when Ani Po first awoke to the brightened path, a real understanding of how things work…came to her. Over her entire life, she was told to do this or do that, rely on this person or that person. The whole time she was trying to follow the rules…she forgot to be herself. Awakening, she began to see clearer, but also began to see more haze. Haze not from the current situation, but clouded from the past.

Ani Po dug deep within her soul, but still unable to unearth deepened wounds. The only thing left to do, was give up trying to figure it out and start being true to herself. Then something magical happened. She asked a child the meaning of life and he replied, “Just Live.” How simple?! It took her many years to figure out, that we are to just live as we intend to and leave the details up to the Universe.

As he encouraged Ani Po to live a more fruitful life, she inevitably learned that she wasn’t asking the right questions. Ask and it shall be given unto thee. When she humbled herself and asked the little child, answers began to flow.

How many of us are willing to take advice from a child? How many of us would think we are lesser of an adult? I believe that it takes a bigger person to humble themselves and dare to ask a child for advice to life’s lessons.

Stepping into the Canvas asking lots of question. By questioning everything does not mean we do not believe. Instead it means we are inquiring further for truth. Ask and it shall be given unto thee. When life throws a monkey wrench in the system and answers are not present…who will dare to ask a child? Chances are the answer is quite simple…I dare you…when you get stuck…ask a child.

With Empty Hands

Stepping into the Canvas with empty hands. Holding onto “nothing” we are able to receive all that is necessary in our lives. If we cling to our thoughts and beliefs of material things, we have no room for abundance to freely ebb and flow into our lives. As we receive Love, we gently share it, allowing our hands to open for more abundance of Love…giving yet…more away…

Sex Sells

Again our Warrior Friend, Ani Po, returns from Vegas with yet another lesson of life. The lesson being, sadly, Sex Sells. In a world referred to as “Sin City,” we do not have to travel very far to see many temptations of man. Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you gamble? Do you cheat or have you thought about cheating on your beloved spouse? Sadly, all the above apply and are welcomed in Vegas.


The temptations present themselves through various media: billboards, flyers, radio and television media. Walking down the street one grows accustomed to the flicking of cards in a peddlers hands with an occasional forceful handout that displays a picture of a person promising “Happy Endings.”


In a previous life, Ani Po finds herself in sin city once more…on the Island of Create. Nearly two thousand years ago on the Island of Create, Jesus would often travel to this ancient sin city with companions Peter and Paul. Recounting her adventures with Christ, Ani Po remembers traveling to Create to spread Light in a region that had voided out any signs of hope. Whether the Sin City of old or the modern Sin City, the lessons still present themselves. Lessons of self-actualization….needing not pleasure of this physical plain, but that of spiritual plains.


Look beyond the flesh and the pleasures they carry, embracing the spirit within. The spirit within shall restore pleasure of spiritual realms and its pleasures shall last an eternity.



Stepping into the Canvas of Light. Casting all shadows into the darkness it came, the Light shall forever lead the way. In our sins, we shall be sanctified. Judge not…those who sin, but embrace them for they have shown a different way. A path of the enlightened….a path leading home…a path of Eternal Happy Endings.

The Unknown Shall Be Known

Stepping into the Canvas of the unseen. That which we cannot yet see, shall guide us towards our true nature. Align with the unknown and it shall be known unto thee. Being in the know we return to our birthplace, that which we call home. Our home being the beginning and the end, we are reminded of our eternity. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God…and the Word was God.” Returning to the beginning, the time before the beginning…God shall be made known unto thee…

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

Sitting on a plane, returning from Vegas, Ani Po revisits her experiences with her recent trip to Las Vegas. It is often quoted, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” While on the physical plane this may be true, the memories will continue to haunt or bless whichever holds true.


Note: Ani Po is Hebrew for I Am Here. Th name represents those who haven come before us, who dared to declare I Am Here. With purpose and conviction, they move forward in the name of Love….allowing more Love to spread throughout their appointed region.


Our actions hold a key to our future. The law of karma states, “that which we send out into the world, we receive”…often a thousand times. Those who go to Vegas to sow their  roots, reap far more than the dreamed of. The emotional baggage associated with our ill behaviors continue to compound as we live a false life of material gain and senseless use of our time.


We are all students of a higher education, education not found on this earthly plane. Instead it is found on a spiritual plane and lessons often go unseen.  Those open to the lessons find accelerated education moving them into the Masters program, which begins with a Teacher’s Assistant role. The T.A.’s often help other masters in guiding other pilgrims to higher education….until on day they join the ranks of other masters. These Masters are often called Warriors…exercising ancient wisdom set before them.


They are no different than the guy next door, no different than homeless. They are here on purpose., with main purpose to show others The Way. The Way cannot be described, The Way cannot be shown. Mysteriously it can only be accepted by the individual. Once accepted, necessary lessons shall present themselves; Once the student is ready the master will appear.


Learning from the Law of Karma, Ani Po aligns her actions with that of the Divine. With all the people she met, she met with a smile. With all those she greeted, she did with Love. Never knowing who her next student is or who her next teacher might be, she treats all with same Divine Love and Respect. Her actions being that of Love, will present to her an abundance of Love in return. The people she met, may have a life-long impact or may be short-lived. Whatever the timeline, she carries herself in Divine light and never worries about what shadow lurks behind the corner.


Stepping into the Canvas of Divine Light. Worrying no longer what our actions will bring, but how actions shall set us free. It is in our actions we set forth on a pilgrimage, one of suffering or that of divinity. Seek Light and Ye shall never live in darkness. Seek light and what happens in Vegas will no longer remain in Vegas, but shall be a positive experience towards growth…    

Honoring Thyself, Honoring The Divine.

Stepping into the Canvas with Honor. It is written in many texts to Honor thy Father and Mother; Honor thy Brother as thyself…what we often forget…is the self. While all others are equally valuable, it is the Honor of self that brings about our true self. In Honoring ourselves, we Honor our Brothers, Sisters, Mothers and Fathers. In Honoring ourselves, we Honor the Divine spark that we are. Take this day to Honor thyself and see the imperfections as perfections…