Carrying Gratitude In Your Heart

Every step you have taken along the way matters. Every step from this day forward shall make a difference in yours and others lives. You were given the ability to stand tall, even when the world says to sit down. It is within you, the strength and courage, to change the world. This is your Canvas…waiting for your to create it. Stepping into the Canvas…carrying gratitude in your heart…giving thanks for every new day of opportunity.

To Make Or Break A Person’s Day

We have the ability to change the outcome of one’s day with just a simple gesture or word. Have you ever witnessed this? Have you ever had someone come up to you and say thank you for what you did, since then my life has been so different?! While many are looking for some great purpose, there are those who do so little, but have such impact on their community.

All it takes is a word or a hand in friendship to change a person’s day. This change could be for the better or the worse depending on the gesture. Why not make it a kind one? Would you mind if someone did you a kind favor or offered a kind gesture? Absolutely not!

Give it a try today…in fact…I dare you to do at least one good deed! Attempt a daily mitzvah and see how you feel afterwards…chances are you will feel great. When we are giving we simultaneously will receive. In giving we are receiving.

Just One Word

Just one uncaring word can spark a fight.

Just one cruel word can shatter a life.

Just one harsh word can sow misunderstanding.

Just one disrespectful word can douse the fervor of love.

Just one kind word can smooth a rocky path.

Just one joyful word can cheer a gloomy day.

Just the right word can lighten an uneasy heart.

Just one affectionate word can show the beauty of the world.

(a centuries old Korean poem, author unknown)

Whilst the importance is there to give freely of our time and energy, it is equally important to pay attention to the returns. It is not selfish to want to feel good by doing a good deed. It is selfish when you expect something in return. Give freely and receive abundantly! When applying this knowledge to our days, we are not only giving a gift to the other person, but we are giving to ourselves through the catalyst of another. Just the same as we give freely to another, we must also give freely to ourselves.

Take a moment today to admire the divine craftsmanship that the divine has created through you. Extend a compliment or a kind gesture to yourself: a massage, a special dinner, new outfit. Whatever it is do something nice for yourself.

Stepping into the Canvas with a helping hand. When extended it can be used to harm someone or embrace another. Why not lend a hand today…see how many you can do. The more we extend a hand to another, the more peace shall extend into the world. The more peace extended into the world, the more bliss shall be felt. Have a glorious day…and enjoy every opportunity for extending a hand!

When Dreams Become Reality

Stepping into the Canvas with a dream. Every Master Painter begins with a vision before their first stroke. Then through actions, beauty unfolds. With every stroke of every brush, a new color is applied…spreading diversity across the canvas of life. With dreams becoming a reality it is difficult for others not to notice the beauty within your canvas. Dare to Dream, charging with vigor into action…making your dreams a reality. Today is your day…and the Canvas awaits. Have a syncrosensational Day!

Living A Syncrosensational Life

A day does not pass when we’re reminded of pain and suffering in the world. The dilemma? Do we dwell in it or do we create a new way of life? The choice is ours and ours alone. We mustn’t wait for a guru or someone else to figure it out for us, but must walk the path alone. The guru or teacher may be a catalyst to what we already know, but it is our ambition to meaning that will drive us to our destination.

When negativity is all around us, we must learn techniques of guarding ourselves from other persons negativity. Apply filters to our ears until all that remains is positivity that which filters into the brain. If their energy is too strong….then politely excuse yourself until composure is regained.  Some filters may include happy, positive thoughts or sending silent blessings to the perpetrator…Doing so instinctively draws upon a higher power.

Apply a guarded tongue…for our words shall amplify our actions or surroundings. Similarly, our words can give strength to the negative person…creating more negativity exponentially. With a guarded tongue we can assure only positivity into our lives, as our words become actions.

The tongue can bring death or life;

those who love to talk will reap the consequences.

Whatever you speak can bring life or death into your life.


Check the emotions at the door. Just as in one of the steps of the Eightfold path (, life is much easier when we master our emotions. When we check our emotions at the door, we clear-headedly cipher through our dilemmas. When our emotions are in check, we have ability to master our actions.

If our thoughts become actions, then by thinking negative thoughts we shall end up acting out our negative thoughts. Basic Law of Attraction. Negative thoughts yield negative actions; positive thoughts nurture positive actions. Choose wisely. Focus not on the shortcomings, but the intent of our outcome. Wherever our intention flows our energy flows.

Living a syncrosensational life is about redefining oneself and the path they are on. Does this path lead to my destruction or does it lead me to paradise? We all know the answers to these questions, but so few are willing to take necessary actions out of fear of being different. We are all different, but we are the same. Forget out about what others think and master what you think…release the fear now. You are the captain of your ship, the captain of your team. Be the Master of Synchronicity.

Stepping into the Canvas as a Master Painter. You have painted your entire life: with paintings that are pleasing to the eyes and some not so much. Regardless of the flaws or the flawlessness, you have mastered the strokes your entire life. It is time now to clean the slate, starting with fresh Canvas, Painting the Life you always dreamed. Have a Syncrosensational Day!

Ok…maybe not quite like these two!


With Every Step There Is New Found Purpose

Stepping into the Canvas with Care, for every step has potential of redefining our days ahead. Each step can either get us closer to our goals or further away…proceed with caution. Listening to the inner voice, our steps are much Lighter. Fail to listen and not so much. The Canvas is not meant to dwell in, but revel in. Step into the Canvas with care, but release all fear of doubt…knowing that every step is with purpose. Have a glorious day!

In Silence We Hear A Mighty Roar

This past weekend, taking necessary “me time,” I am reminded of the stillness in silence and willingness to soar. After much quiet time and observing turkeys, I witness an eagle overhead, reminding me of…

One cannot soar with the Eagles,

if they are hanging with a bunch of turkeys.

~Duane Kinnart

Sitting quietly,


Stepping, reaching,


The mighty Spirit,

Flies overhead.

Following, embracing,


Shedding flesh,

Spirit soars.

Out of darkness,


Stepping into the Canvas going with the flow. It is through darkness we find light, adversities…blessings, sadness…Bliss. Be patient when things bring us down, for everything passes..while often presenting a favorable outcome. Often times, in the face of despair we shine brighter than ever-before.

Ani Po Flies With The Hawk

In the hustle and bustle of our days we often forget the important things in life which are surprisingly very little, yet go unnoticed. We are historically distracted by our busy days. Those who find happiness amongst the chaos, are often found taking necessary “me time.”

When was the last time you took off to do nothing? When was the last time you went on vacation and did nothing? It is time.

Take the time to recharge, so that you can better serve others. Go spend some time in nature. Just thirty minutes in nature is equivalent to a whole weekend of nothingness. Sitting in the woods can dissolve the most tortuous of days. When does when know to take this time? Those who have found happiness, instinctively take this time when possible..those who do not, are given subtle hints to these need. Sadly, those caught in the daily trap of their mundane days, fall victim to harsh lessons of necessary “me time.”

Ani Po is not new to this concept, as she pays attention to the signs. Signs often telling her when she has gone to long without a recovery period. Often times it is the message of the hawk who leads her to the next relaxation period. She notes the flight of the Hawk and takes necessary actions before her fate is redefined.

Have you noticed the tension of your days? Do you think it is time? To take a vacation? What holds you back? Take the time.

When our dreams become reality, our reality becomes our path…it is said when we set our sails with our dreams, the wind and all things around us conspire in our favor. Following our dreams, going with flow…we notice synchronicity at its best. In our synchronicity we find our destiny, leaving a sensational impact on our every day. Just as Ani Po had learned…She follows the way of the Hawk, we too can have syncrosensational moments…taking necessary time. Do not wait until tomorrow, as tomorrow may never come.

Stepping into the Canvas in Synchronicity, finding destiny. Letting go of our agendas of the day, find peace in our nights. Letting go of expectations, everything becomes sensational. From mundane to inspiring…eternal bliss. Go now…take the necessary time to recharge…find true happiness.