Sitting Quietly, Awaiting A Mighty Roar

Stepping into the Canvas quietly. Silencing our days, we find a mighty thunder within. When we take the necessary time to quiet our minds, we dissolve the ten-thousand within our minds. When our minds are cleared, we find missing answers in which we have been searching for. In silence we hear a mighty roar. Be in this moment, taking the time to be still…see what happens next!

In Death We Find Life

With the death of a friend it can be very saddening and maybe even disheartening. This past week was one of those for me. I received a call from a friend that one of our friends had passed and services were being arranged. As if one wasn’t enough I received another call…another friend has passed.

The first call was saddening, but then the second hit home. Reality sank in on the second ring…we have no expiration date and can expire at any given moment. This message is not meant to bring grief to myself or anyone else, but remind you that we are here to live. Life is too short to argue over a remote control or yell at someone for doing something wrong. The truth of the matter…Life is too short to be anything other than happy!

With suffering all around, we are easily reminded of its reality…but this does not mean we have to dwell in it. Accept the suffering but get on with your life! Live it as if today was the last! What if today was your last? What would you do? Think about it for a moment and then shift your daily consciousness as if it were so.

Stepping into the Canvas with Purpose to Live. We are not meant to sit and rot away or indulge in processed foods. No! We are meant to enjoy the finer life the Canvas has to offer. Get outside today and go for a walk, a run, or just be in the moment of stillness. Whatever the case, enjoy the Canvas as simply as possible. It does not have to be complicated, it does not have to be filled with a schedule every second of the day. Just for today…throw the schedule away and Live today as your finest day ever! Enjoy the Canvas…

Finding Light Within The Darkness

We cannot understand up without defining down; right and left; in and out. Similarly it is the Darkness that often shows us the Light. Within our own Darkness Shines a Light of Hope.
This is not duality but a whole…as one cannot exist without the other. Stepping into the Canvas, there is always potential for Light within the Darkness…

Whatever ones given situation presents a possibility to see only the lighter side of things. Even death, as saddening as it may be, there is always good to be found whilst not always easy to find. See the silver-lining in every cloud and paradise shall be yours. Caution: people will also accuse you of being crazy or even delusional. Simply ask them how their life is…and then ask them how that is going.

The majority of people live under one giant bell-curve, following the rest of the people while spinning their wheels on how to get out of the bell-curve. The goods news…you are not in this curve…you are on the outskirts of this bell-curve and may even shift the curve! Dare to shift the bell-curve towards the Lighter Side of Infinity…allowing others to get just one more glimpses of Hope for all Humanity.

Stepping into the Canvas in Darkness. Allow yourself to travel in darkness, closing your eyes to that around you. Entering the sacred space within, we see a flickering Light waiting to shine. This is the Light of Hope that will Light the way in darkened times. Be still, embrace the darkness only for moment…Now grasp the Light, allowing it to brighten the days ahead…Love, Light and Life.

This Is The Day Your Life WIll Surely Change

Ever wonder what your purpose is? Ever wonder what You are supposed to do with your life? Have you taken the time to pamper yourself? Have your taken the time to just be still? All of these questions shall be answered…if only we took time to be present. Being present, sight becomes clearer. Being present, speech becomes softer. Being present, lends an attentive ear…

Stepping into the Canvas the wind called my name…

“Ani Po”

This is the day

Your life will surely change.

What you do with every breath,

Every step,

Will determine tomorrow.

It may not come,

But continue forward.

Your hands are His.

Your feet walk as His.

Your mind shall think like His.

Your Heart transplanted with His.

With eyes of hope,

Thoughts in faith.

Your steps shall be with grace

Actions will be of peace.

Yesterday has passed

Leading to today.

Give thanks for every moment before

And to come.

This is the day your life will surely change.

Stepping into the Canvas with an Attentive Ear, listening for the beauty to sing. When we take time to enjoy the Canvas, it returns the message…declaring…I AM Here. Be here, Be Now…listen to the Canvas speak your name. Be Here, Be Now…whisper a soft return…thank you…I Love you. In stillness we are calmed, in calmness we are freed.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Stepping into the Canvas seeking beauty. Those who find beauty in another, finds beauty within themselves. Those who see beauty within the mirror, likewise the same. If all we seek in the world is imperfections, pointing out theflaws…that is all we will ever see. See beauty in the outer Canvas…see it within the Canvas. Have a beauty-filled day!

A Modern Warrior’s Eightfold Path

With each new day we have a choice to live as authentically as we can, ignoring the beliefs of old. Stepping into the new, creating the life we were meant to enjoy and accepting beliefs of a new era.

The first step towards happiness is often the most difficult, for we cannot let go of our old beliefs. Let go now…witness the shift towards happiness. Once the first step is taken, the taste of freedom shall be yours and will not go back to the way you were. The next step towards happiness is easier, the next even easier…and so on.

With a new outlook on life, everything will taste sweeter, smell better and you will feel freer than ever before. Listen to the voice within you…it is saying, “Now is the Time.” Take the step towards happiness and one day you will declare “Ani Po.”
(*Ani Po is Hebrew for “I Am Here”)

Stepping into the Canvas is about taking the first steps into the Canvas of Life. It is said that God is the Creator and nature is His Canvas. In a world of technologies, distractions and light-speed evolution, we are left to remain in darkness. Truth is laid before us, falsely, by our collective whole.

You are invited to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Free to Love unconditionally, creating the life we were meant to enjoy and coming together as one. With every step towards our ending goal of happiness, we find ourselves having more sensational moments that can only be explained through synchronicity…or Syncrosensational.

The willingness to change will be the first step and shall be the driving force behind the journey. Our intent is what sets things in motion, referring back to our intent along the way shall keep us on course. Depending on our actions, it will either steer us on the path towards our intent or it will steer us on a detour to our ending goal. Give yourself a little wiggle room to make mistakes along the way. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes…learn from them. Aligning our actions as closely to our intended goal, will assure our success in attaining this goal.

When our dreams and reality collide, it is said that we have found The Way to happiness. We may trip or stumble and, as stated before, that is ok. We must accept ourselves for being imperfectly perfect in all our encounters. In doing so, we inadvertently find acceptance for the imperfections within other people. Without acceptance we would continually judge ourselves and others around us. If we are too busy judging others, we have no time for creating our own destiny. Fill your day with what you want in life…capture this moment!

If and when we do stumble, we must remain in gratitude. With gratitude in our hearts, we view challenging moments within our lives as stepping-stones towards our syncrosensational moments we so clearly desire. Everyday is a good time for sharing gratitude with a loved one, a friend or the creator of all existence. Whether the day is picture perfect or it is everything but, learn to see the silver-lining in every cloud…guaranteed it exists!

With gratitude in our hearts, we master our emotions…checking them at the door before entering the canvas of life. This awareness is the single most important guidance system that we will continue to call upon along our journey. Thich Nhat Hahn often refers to this as being in the present moment. We are here, in a given moment, experiencing this emotion or that emotion. These emotions arise, but do not have to control us. Instead use them to your advantage only, if this is not possible…kindly ask your emotions to take a back seat. With awareness comes a desire of remaining in balance. For those enlightened already, they know what this means.

There comes a time in our journey that we just don’t feel right, almost as if we were off balance. Finding balance becomes our number one priority. Through various techniques, which can be found throughout our traditions or even modern-day self-help texts, we can find techniques for cleansing mind, body and spirit…returning back to balance. Returning to balance, we find it easier to check our emotions at the door of the Canvas. Note: if we are not in harmony within ourselves, how can we support harmony within our families? get in balance so that you can better serve the loved ones around you.

If you have found yourself practicing these steps for some time now, chances are they have created positive habits within your life. With these positive shift, we find ourselves at a place of unconditional Love. While the majority of society will declare unconditional Love is not possible, challenge them and say yes it is. Following this path, and other paths for that matter, with our whole heart and soul, and with the intent of finding peace within, we shall find unconditional Love. While the majority follows the path of majority, dare to cut a new path into your life…see what happens!

We have just followed a modern-day Eightfold path. Twenty-five hundred years ago, Siddhārtha Gautama dared to challenge authorities, showing others how to attain enlightenment. Nothing has changed from then to now, it is open for exploration at any time…are you willing to take the necessary steps towards enlightenment? Why not?
Traveling the eightfold path we will find ourselves at our ending goal…pure happiness. Our every encounters will be more enjoyable and our days will just seem to be syncrosensational all the time. We shall be in awe by the mighty Canvas that calls our names. Go now…live a life that was intended…live a syncrosensational life.

Following these steps to happiness:

1. Willingness and Intent

2. Actions

3. Acceptance

4. Gratitude

5. Awareness

6. cleansing

7. Checking Emotions at the door

8. Love

9. Syncrosensational

Stepping into the Canvas with Love. In Love we intertwine these steps, potentially skipping all eight. In Love all other things become details, details that have lessened meaning. In Love all things are important and carry an equal value or lesson. Make the steps…but do so wholeheartedly.

Return To Innocence

Stepping into the Canvas in Innocence. Returning to our innocence we find ourselves in awe throughout our days, instinctively seeing all as good. With all is good, we begin painting our Canvas of Life with the exact colors we have chosen. With no judgment of colors chosen, we are free to color it in any fashion we see fit. There is no magic formula in life, accept returning to innocence…have a glorious day!