When Dreams Become Reality

Stepping into the Canvas with a dream. Every Master Painter begins with a vision before their first stroke. Then through actions, beauty unfolds. With every stroke of every brush, a new color is applied…spreading diversity across the canvas of life. With dreams becoming a reality it is difficult for others not to notice the beauty within your canvas. Dare to Dream, charging with vigor into action…making your dreams a reality. Today is your day…and the Canvas awaits. Have a syncrosensational Day!

Living A Syncrosensational Life

A day does not pass when we’re reminded of pain and suffering in the world. The dilemma? Do we dwell in it or do we create a new way of life? The choice is ours and ours alone. We mustn’t wait for a guru or someone else to figure it out for us, but must walk the path alone. The guru or teacher may be a catalyst to what we already know, but it is our ambition to meaning that will drive us to our destination.

When negativity is all around us, we must learn techniques of guarding ourselves from other persons negativity. Apply filters to our ears until all that remains is positivity that which filters into the brain. If their energy is too strong….then politely excuse yourself until composure is regained.  Some filters may include happy, positive thoughts or sending silent blessings to the perpetrator…Doing so instinctively draws upon a higher power.

Apply a guarded tongue…for our words shall amplify our actions or surroundings. Similarly, our words can give strength to the negative person…creating more negativity exponentially. With a guarded tongue we can assure only positivity into our lives, as our words become actions.

The tongue can bring death or life;

those who love to talk will reap the consequences.

Whatever you speak can bring life or death into your life.


Check the emotions at the door. Just as in one of the steps of the Eightfold path (http://steppingintothecanvas.com/a-modern-warriors-eightfold-path/), life is much easier when we master our emotions. When we check our emotions at the door, we clear-headedly cipher through our dilemmas. When our emotions are in check, we have ability to master our actions.

If our thoughts become actions, then by thinking negative thoughts we shall end up acting out our negative thoughts. Basic Law of Attraction. Negative thoughts yield negative actions; positive thoughts nurture positive actions. Choose wisely. Focus not on the shortcomings, but the intent of our outcome. Wherever our intention flows our energy flows.

Living a syncrosensational life is about redefining oneself and the path they are on. Does this path lead to my destruction or does it lead me to paradise? We all know the answers to these questions, but so few are willing to take necessary actions out of fear of being different. We are all different, but we are the same. Forget out about what others think and master what you think…release the fear now. You are the captain of your ship, the captain of your team. Be the Master of Synchronicity.

Stepping into the Canvas as a Master Painter. You have painted your entire life: with paintings that are pleasing to the eyes and some not so much. Regardless of the flaws or the flawlessness, you have mastered the strokes your entire life. It is time now to clean the slate, starting with fresh Canvas, Painting the Life you always dreamed. Have a Syncrosensational Day!

Ok…maybe not quite like these two!