The Life We Dream Of…Awaits!

Stepping into the Canvas with new Purpose. With purpose of creating the life we were meant to live. The life we dreamt awaits and actions will dictate our every steps. With every step, we are one step closer to living the life we were meant to. It takes a vision, but also courage to put the dream to action. As easy as pen to paper, our dreams become reality. Let go of the fears and accept a Syncrosensational Life!

Embracing Our Children, Above All Things

When a child comes to you with a question, don’t push them away or tell me don’t have time. There are those parents who mourn over the loss of a child wishing they can get those moments back. Take the time today to listen to the questions of our children. When they come to us… Listen. If they ask you for a favor, give it some thought. Our days are filled with daily routines and we’re all too busy.


Today give your child a little extra time. Give them your undivided attention, making them feel special. Our children truly are special and they need to be put on a pedestal. We don’t have to sacrifice ourselves…just takes a little time, and a little practice. With a little time and a little practice we will learn to grow together and we will learn to appreciate each other.


Last night my son asked me to go swimming. My first instinct was no, as it will put a damper on my daily routine. Then my spiritual side says, “wait a minute, he wants to spend time with you?! Don’t push him away!” So this morning we swam and we swam and we swam. We swam like we’ve never swam before. It wasn’t easy for me but we did it. Didn’t matter how many laps we did or how far we went or what strokes we swam. What mattered is, when we were together we were sharing a lane…more importantly, we were sharing Love.
In these moments, we share with our children and most precious, it doesn’t matter if we are just sitting holding hands, watching a show, playing tiddly-winks, or swimming. What matters is we are together and we are one. Embracing our children we learn to embrace others. Through our children, we learn to embrace our communities. Embracing our children, we embrace our communities…ultimately embracing humanity. It is through our children a new beginning presents itself. There is hope for all of us, but first we need to embrace our children.


Stepping into the canvas with child in hand literally or metaphorically. May the children be a reminder of how to be. It is not about mundane schedules, it is about memories we share. No matter what our day brings paint a beautiful Canvas and do so with child in hand. It is through our children we must travel. See through their eyes and we shall see paradise once more. Have a glorious day!

Learning To Play In The Canvas Of Life

Whatever you choose today, may it be in gratitude. Stepping into the Canvas, making the most of all the canvas has to offer, it promises to be a Syncrosensational day. The canvas of life is meant to be enjoyed, not in misery. Make the most of the day, capturing all you can. See you on the playground!

They All Fall Down

Even the enlightened ones, gurus, sages, masters, they have all had their opportunities of falling down. Skinning their knee, breaking a bone, mentally…they too fall periodically. The time that they spend on their hands and knees begging for mercy or crying out, for a better life, lasts a lot less than you and I. The time spent on their hands and knees crying out for mercy lasts merely a second.

To fall and get hurt, feeling pain, is perfectly human. Falling is acceptable as long one learns to get up. It takes little strength to fall, far greater strength to get up. Learn to feel the pain, embrace it, learn from it and then let it go.

One day a master was meditating and he began to cry out, “what am I doing here? why do I continue doing what I do?” This guru is a Buddhist monk who oversees a monastery of many young minds. This Buddhist monk has great responsibility overseeing the monastery and overseeing the community. The reality for this monk…he need only responsibility over himself.

This proven by a boy who overhears a monk crying, over hears his cry out to the Lord. The boy over hears his master asking “please give me strength…I cannot do it any longer…why do I continue? yada yada yada.” The boy interrupts the master, “Master why do you cry out and complain about being hurt or with so much pain,? Why do you cry out to make it stop? Was it not you who said get up off your knees, stop worrying about what is to be? It is not important to worry about what we are to do or who we are to serve. It is more important to help ourselves. In helping ourselves we help others…it is that simple. Master…remember the time you told me that we all eventually get hurt? Are you any different from that? We are all human having experiences, learning valuable lessons of life. In this canvas of life we are to learn valuable lessons, and grow farther than we’ve ever imagine. Through our lessons we grow through our pain…we find strength.”

The teacher replies, “thank you for showing me the way; thank you for showing me the canvas of life is meant for human experiences; through our pain we shall grow; through our falls we only get up. You’re a wise teacher thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Now smiling the master continues…”to be more like you my child. Today you are the master and I am student. You taught me something that I have forgot. We are here to learn and grow, we are all human and sometimes we even fall down. I am no different from any other and I am just like the rest.”


Stepping into the Canvas with no self-judgment. As we travel through this journey of life, we often come to forks in our road. Not sure which to take, we make a wrong turn. Allow yourself to make mistakes and then allow yourself to learn from them. Our mistakes are our greatest teachers, transforming mistakes into opportunities. Opportunities lay ahead…do not wait! Get out there and enjoy every aspect of the Canvas.

Our Days Are Numbered

The other day my friend went to Hospice Care, accepting her transition with pride. Too often people cling to a special event or one more moment with a loved one versus finishing what they always dreamed of. Then one day they give in to what eventually will happen to all of us, failing to live out their dream. Physically, none of us are immortal and one day we shall have to face our fate. However, there are those whose will is stronger than statistics and will break all odds, creating a miracle while shifting the bell curve of their own reality.


Letting go of our physicality we ascend in spirit, remaining eternal.~Ani Po


With no right answer to choosing one’s fate, the outcome depends on strength and will of an individual. While we may extend our time here on earth for yet another moment…eventually we will have to submit to our fate. Ascended masters play their cards to the fullest, aligning with a divine presence. But when there time comes, they are well versed about when and they bow to its presence.


For my friend, we will not know her fate for some time. Depending on her will to live will decide how long she has. Are we stronger for hanging on or stronger for letting go? The only wrong answer is not choosing for oneself and allowing statistics to dictate how long we shall stay; The only right answer is choosing the outcome and accepting whatever comes our way.

To my friend I say thank you. Thank you for the lessons that you have taught, thank you for the time that you gave, thank you for just being you. Thank you.


Stepping into the Canvas with abundance mentality, we shall receive everything we wish. When the time comes to turn in our paint brushes and canvas, we shall accept our fate or fight another day. Our days may be numbered and we may not fully understand how long we have, at least we shall have enjoyed the Canvas to its fullest. Have a Love-Filled week!

In Stillness We Find Everything

In stillness, we gain access to all things. All thoughts, all physicality…everything exists in nothing. stop for a moment and be still, take the necessary downtime and be still. Just twenty minutes per day is equivalent to a lifetime of thought. Stepping into the Canvas in stillness. In stillness, may you find everything you dreamed of.

Life Is Like A Good Chapter Book

Life is like a good chapter book. We may not necessarily like how one chapter ends, but we always look forward to the next chapter…in hopes of a better chapter. In life…it may not go well, but stay the course and trust that all will be good. Stepping into the Canvas enjoying each chapter of Life. Just as one chapter closes, another begins. Stay the course…and know that all is good. Enjoy this beautiful day!