Patience, Virtue, Love…This Is The Way

Have you ever wondered what your purpose was in life or where you are heading? DO you ever wonder what matters most? I once asked my son what the meaning of life was and what we are to do with ourselves and he said, “Just Live.” It is that simple, but more often than not we get sidetracked by our daily grind.

Our Warrior friend was once lost but now found, as Ani Po is reunited with her people. Having dreams and visions over the past few days and a little help of recent astrological activities, Ani Po is transferred to another place.

Note: Ani Po is Hebrew for “I Am Here” and is symbolic for those who dare to be in the present moment, accepting all the Canvas of Life has to offer.


Passing a friend, in her vision, she knows this to be a sign from Great Spirit. Her friend, even though on the other side of the globe, appears to her and whispers assurance in her ear, “keep Shining on Sister of Light.” This message awakes her to further confirmation that she is part of a greater whole. Ani Po awakes from her vision and met by an elder of the Lakota Tribe, who further informs Ani Po to remain in Spirit and follow her intuition.


Returning home finally, Ani Po realizes she is to meet with a modern-day Fire Keeper. A Fire Keeper is said to hold keys to ancient wisdom once lost. Wisdom that has been taught for thousand of years, but shoved to the wayside in hopes of creating a civilized society. Ani Po knows that the ways of man only creates more chaos. Following the way of Spirit she shall never be misled. Returning home to her people, returning home to ancient ways…returning home to One for All.


Another message was given to her, that is to be shared with all people. A message, warning her of our children. Ani Po knows that our children are our future and will keep peace within humanity, we must listen and nurture our children in ways of oneness. Embracing our children, showing the way…we shall return to humanity as One People.


The days of selfishness, for Ani Po, have gone and selflessness have returned. The Ego resides in selfishness and Spirit resides in selflessness. Returning to Selflessness, Ani Po returns to Spirit. While her flesh of ego will fade away, the Spirit shall remain for all eternity. Whether living in Ego or Spirit, we shall be. Whether in ego or Spirit there is no right or wrong. The right shall be right, but through self-realization wrong shall become right.


Through self-realization we shall instinctively align with Spirit. Aligning with Spirit we shall see truth once more, dissolving all past beliefs. Dissolving past beliefs, we shall become co-creators within the Canvas of Life and further creating a Syncrosensational life.


Stepping into the Canvas as One. One people, one Canvas…One for All. We are here together for one purpose…and that is to live. Why not live it to the fullest? Living to the fullest does not mean stepping on our neighbors, other living beings, all in the name of getting what we want. Forcing an issue only creates more force. Allowing something to happen naturally, aligns with the basic laws of the universe. Patience, virtue, Love…This is the Way.

When The World Kicks The Snot Out Of You

Ever feel like the world just sucked every ounce of energy out of you? This is natural for many and is OK by all means. Too often though we feel guilt for feeling down or lazy. Why? Is it not natural to experience this emotion as well?

Allow yourself to feel this emotion, be with it and embrace it. Learn to rest when your body tells you to. It is OK. Take the necessary “Me Time” to recharge your batteries, only to bounce back with much vigor. Depending on your career or your daily routine, we may experience one of these days. Turn off the computer, heaven forbid we turn off Facebook, and take the necessary down time. Have you ever taken a nap outside in a natural setting?

Often times getting outside, for a walk or nap, is all we need to recharge. Try it…you may just enjoy it!

Stepping into the Canvas in Awareness. Awareness for taking time for the self to heal. Whether we are kicked in the shins or the world sucks all of our energy out, we must learn to embrace this moment as well. Be in this moment, enjoy the downtime and know that tomorrow is going to be brighter than ever before. Wishing you a glorious day!

Happy Monday…It’s The New Friday

Back in the saddle again and ready to tackle whatever comes our way. The week is too short to think, “what could go wrong?” Why not change the outlook and say, “What could go right?” Too often we hear people say, “I’m having a Monday.” To them, the outcome is clear…as they project a miserable day. The good news…you are a leader in positivity and no longer affected by their negativity! if their thoughts become your thoughts and Friday becomes Monday, then it is time to change the way you see Mondays. Monday is the new Friday and it is meant to be happy! Stepping into the Canvas with a new attitude, seeing Monday as Friday and everyday for that matter…enjoy your week!

Conversations With A Dying Friend

Working in a Cancer field, it is not difficult to witness the loss of a loved-one. Sadly we are surrounded by dying people and they do not even know it. Even though they are breathing and going strong, they are dying a slow and painful death. Their reality leads them to believe they are living, but indeed they are just going through motions. Their whole outlook on life is filled with fear and anger, when it should be filled with joy and happiness.

Optimistic people see the world as their oyster and are willing to take the risk of going to far. The pessimist is unwilling to test the boundary waters and remains grounded in fear. The optimist lives life to the fullest, while the pessimist sees only the shortcomings of life.

Today’s conversation really brought this to light. Today, while taking care of a terminally ill cancer patient, a patient began to spill all of her short-comings and her dreams that she never accomplished. She began to cry in regret, while my partner and I just sat to listen. We sat for two reasons: one, this was a very emotional time and someone needed to listen to her;  secondly…she may not make it another week and the least we could do is listen.

We sat while she shared regrets of not being able to forgive more freely and regrets of not sharing more gratitude with her family and closest friends. Quite a valuable lesson for us all, as we often get caught in the trap of our daily lives. We all could use a reminder to live more present-moment and forgive freely to those who wrong us throughout our days.

Secondly, we must have gratitude in our hearts for all the days leading to this one. Whether they went as planned or they lead to a brighter future, we must hold ourselves in gratitude. It is a two-part lesson of gratitude that this holds true: one we hold gratitude for things that come into our lives, but two…for things that are about to come into our lives. Holding gratitude in our hearts, we attract more of what we want into our lives.

I could not help think about this poor woman and how she was about to die, but then she had her aha moment. The Death of Ivan Ilyich came to mind when listening to her. Ivan Ilyich was a powerful king who, on his death bed, turned to his wife and stated, “What if my whole life was wrong?” Speaking this on his last breath, he died in his wife’s arms. We do not have to wait until our death-bed to rediscover our dreams and truths, instead make the efforts today and see where your life leads. Just as this woman showed us, we mustn’t wait until our death bed to take steps towards our dreams and intentions…the time is now.

Stepping into the Canvas in a Single Breath. It is in this magical breath, that life is given. Give thanks for the breath, give thanks for the life thus far, give thanks for the life that awaits you around the next turn. It is a day of celebration and we should remember this moment. This is the day your life will surely change…Have a glorious day!


All For One And One For All

All for one and one for all! Recounting this phrase from the Three Musketeers, we can easily apply this to modern-day. We all have our favorite activities or pastimes, but occasionally get interrupted by life events. These events either cause despair or joy…whichever we choose to see. How we see these events is our choice.

As we further detach from material things, we attach to non-material things. From All for one attitude to One for all, in a single breath. Our Love for one thing dissolves and becomes Love for all things. Enjoyment is found not only from one aspect of the Canvas, but in its entirety.

Stepping into the Canvas with appreciation for the varying colors. With a canvas of varying greys, we find ourselves in gloom; in full Technicolor we find ourselves living Syncrosensationally. Dare to splash more color onto our canvas of life, dare to change it up a bit…dare to Live it as we are meant to…to the fullest! Have a glorious day!

Another Friday Of Celebration

Stepping into the Canvas getting my Friday on! We have made it another week and deserve a little R and R. However we enjoy this weekend, make it count. Forget about the earlier work week and get lost in the glory of the days ahead! Get outside and enjoy all the Canvas of Life has to offer…Happy Friday and Happy Weekend everyone!


When Push Comes To Shove, Ani Po Sheds Light

If our reality is filled with unfriendly people, then we must take steps to clear the Canvas of Life of its misery. Life is not meant to be miserable, but wonderful…filled with mystery and awe. But there are times people will suck all the fun out of every possible awe-inspiring moment we see.

The urban dictionary would call these people bantagonists (one who sucks the fun out of any given situation). These bantagonists know one way to live…negatively. They are the pessimists, antagonists and down right mean people. Some can be ignored, some can be taught how to live positively, but often times their reality only allows them to live what they know.

While some, we can work with or live with, some bantagonists shall reap what they have sown. They harvest their own negativity and receive more negativity into their lives. We can, often times, work with these people by diffusing the situation. But, there comes a time when all that is needed is a swift kick in the pants. i.e. a marriage that goes sour and the husband becomes very bitter, negative and even abusive. It is the abusive behavior that is not acceptable. We can either seek professional help or we can stand firmly in peace and Love, declaring their negativity is no longer needed.

The victims of abuse have only a few options, but sadly are afraid to take action. They can either just pack and leave, tell authorities or stand their ground, firmly facing their abuser.

Ani Po is confronted by an unfriendly. Trying to defuse the heated situation to no avail, she is left to defend herself, but not without a lesson….When push comes to shove, Ani Po sheds Light on a darkened region…


Her enemy strikes once, but Ani Po counters with 3 lightning blows. One to the groin, one to the solar plexus and the other to the throat. Witnessing her actions, a student inquires about her actions and technique. Ani Po explains…”I struck with a ridge hand to the throat to stop him from telling his self-defeating story, a punch to the solar plexus to stop the beat of hatred, and finally the groin to stop any future generations from being raised on anger. Majority of the time, we are to spread Love…but then in extreme circumstances we give them an opportunity to meet their Karma.”


Often times we are confronted by a person filled with anger. We can choose to ignore them, offer them other perspectives or we can teach them a valuable lesson. It is not necessary to revert to the third option as the first, for the laws of karma will take care of these lessons for you. However, in the event we are faced with a confrontation and left defending ourselves, we must act swiftly without regrets. When acting…may it always be in the name of Love.

How people treat you is their karma,

how you react is yours.

~Wayne Dyer

I do not promote violence in any way, in fact it was my son who reminded me of the lessons of Christ…turn the other cheek. My son was assaulted at school, by a child he clearly could have beaten up, but he chose to receive a beating. When I asked him why he didn’t defend himself, he stated “it would be abusing my gifts.” Allowing this to sink, I learned a valuable lesson. However, there are times when one must react with authority or be the catalyst of Karmic Destiny and must defend themselves.

What we put into the Canvas of Life,

we shall receive in tenfold.

~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas Justly. Treating others with compassion, evading hostility when at all possible. Excusing oneself to a calmer area, stepping out for a breath of fresh air…whichever the choice may it be in loving kindness. In the end we have our own Karmic Destiny and they have theirs…sooner or later they shall be judged. Stepping into the Canvas Justly So…enjoying all it has to offer and knowing that you are on purpose!