Investing In Our Dreams

Are you tired of going to work? Are you tired of feeling down? Are you just plain tired of being tired? Many will say this has to do with one excuse or another, but the real story is…they have just given up. Instead of getting up and doing something, they choose to sit in misery.

Seeing an old friend today, Ani Po greets him. She asks where have you been? Are you okay? This friend replies, “I just haven’t had energy lately, and I didn’t know how to get myself here. Struggling…I just chose to show up. Glad I made it, but I hope I can keep it going. Maybe it is all in my head?!” Ani Po interjects, “maybe it is all within your heart?”
How often do we go through life on auto pilot, not taking any account for who, what or where we have gone? This is our life and our responsibility to taking initiative to mastering ourselves and our lives.
Is it any one person’s fault? For not taking the initiative? Not at all! It is the collective whole, but it is our responsibility to break free. We have been trained to live this way all of our lives, living under a giant bell curve. In this bell curve we find the majority living life vicariously, wandering without any idea of their own purpose. Under this bell curve lay excuses is to why we cannot get away from the statistics of life. Today is different, today will change everything.
Today we will start taking actions for a brighter future. We will make necessary adjustments within our lives: ending negative friendships, leaving negative work environments…embracing all that makes us feel good. We all want to feel good, but yet we’re satisfied with staying in the negative pool of hate, fear, anger, and all of the above. It is time to step out of this negative pool and into a world of positivity.
Stepping into the canvas with accountability. Investing in a life we want to live, our returns far beyond what we’ve ever dreamed of. The canvas of life can be lived under one giant bell curve, or it can be redefined. Living on the outskirts of this bell curve…our own reality has changed. Listening to the inner guidance versus outer guidance, we shift the bell curve. Make the shift now…take action!

Stepping Into The Unknown As If It Were So

Stepping into the canvas of the unknown, with a sense of knowing. Often times we wonder how we get here or there, where we are headed, and often question the very ground we stand on. Let go of how we think it should or should not be…just allow it to be. When we Step in Spirit, we step into the flow…the natural flow of All life. Stepping into this life force… We step into all there is. Have a glorious day… And trust All will be Good.

Projecting Our Inner Canvas

That which we see on the outside, resides within us. Our projections of who we are shall decide how we interpret our reality. It is often that we hear people complain, but rarely praise about a given situation. As we paint our Canvas of Life, be aware of the projections of our inner thoughts.

Ani Po, while at her favorite gym, witnesses this firsthand. She listens as two Pilgrims  complain about the day…

First Pilgrim: I am officially sick of summer already.

Pilgrim two: why is that?

Pilgrim one: I’m tired of the ups and downs with the weather, I wish it would make up its mind.

Pilgrim two: me too. This heat is going to kill me.

Ani Po smiles as she recalled these same people complaining, not too long ago, about the cold weather. This is just one example that Ani Po witnesses during her daily adventures. She’s reminded it’s not how the day actually turns out, but how it is interpreted. People who live at the North Pole, and that’s always know… And they are happy. People live in Africa in the hottest of hot, and that is all they know… And they are happy.  Then there are those, who no matter where they live, complain about their day. Is it because their day is so terrible? Their reality is so miserable?


Whatever your visions, accomplish them. Whatever your ambitions, persevere in them. The sage understands that through fulfillment, you can then move beyond ambitions and visions. – Lao Fzu
The reality is this… We see in the world how we feel on the inside. If we see terrible things on the outer-world, witnessing a miserable day, then look within and chances are you’re not happy. Find happiness in the outer world, and you shall find happiness within. Vice verse…find happiness on the inside and see the world as paradise.

What causes the negative outlook on life? Is it because their reality is truly horrible? Is it truly that bad because they said it is? The reality of this is…no matter where we go or conditions, there will always be somebody who finds the silver lining in every cloud. Adversely, there are those who see only the cloud. Ani Po recalls a man who lost both legs to amputation, lost his wife and lost his pride when a surgeon had to cut him open for “Open-Heart” surgery. All happening within a month and he was still happy. When Ani Po asked him, “How can you possible be so happy?” He smiled and said it is better than the alternatives!

The magic formula, I believe to be this…move. Those who become stagnant or non-mobile, those are the ones who have no purpose. Having no purpose, seeing only misery. Get up, do something today, go for a walk, play outside, go for a bike ride, go for a swim, go somewhere…but just be on purpose. Really, we do not have to do anything to have happiness, however the human psyche cannot handle stagnant. Unless you are an enlightened master, you will not find happiness unless you find a purpose. Even enlightened masters who do nothing but sit in the hills or the mountains, eventually they come down, sharing what they’ve learned. In sharing what they have learned they have become on purpose without even knowing it. Be on purpose, this is what we are to do. Find something… And live it to the fullest.

Stepping into the canvas with a new outlook on life. That which we see on the inside, we project to the outside and vice verse. See the world as a happy place and find happiness. Be on purpose, because that’s what we are. Do nothing, and be happy; or do something, and be ecstatic. The choice is ours…And how we see our outer-world, so shall be the internal. Tired of summer already?… Chances are you’re tired of yourself… Be the change now.

To Dream The Impossible Dream

Stepping into the Canvas with a dream. Without a dream there can be no reality. In addition to the dream, our actions must be aligned with that dream. If we do not, the dream will only be a dream. Dreaming the impossible dream is easy. To make it a reality, not so much. We have to commit to taking proper actions and making it a reality. Dream the impossible dream… And make it so!

Dance Of The Dog Soldier

We have all been afflicted with pain, suffering, trauma, or mental distress. We can choose to stay in misery or suit up with a new attitude. Choosing the latter of these, sounds easy but often most difficult. It does not have to be…it just takes courage.


There are many survivors, or as I like to refer to them as warriors, who in one way or another are fighting for the ultimate cause. They fight for their own lives. We may start as pilgrims, seeking for something greater, but these folks have been forced to face their life lesson head on, without a choice. There choice comes at time of diagnosis: they can choose to fight; or they can choose a peaceful transition. These warriors suit up every day battling for their lives, making a choice to fight on or throw in the towel. While the Pilgrim chooses to listen to statistics, the Warrior stands firmly in the miracle in the making. The Warrior does not choose to submit to statistics, but chooses to fight…they prepare the sacred drum… preparing for battle.


Ani Po knows this dance, as she suits up fighting for yet another day. Assisting others, pausing for reflection… Waiting for the drums to sound. Kneeling with head down, as to pause…waiting for the drum once more. She feels the rhythm of the drum, life force begins to beat through her. Looking to the left, looking to the right stomping, chanting, the dance begins…Note: Ani Po is Hebrew for I Am Here. We journey through life, often asleep…until one day we awaken to a new beginning…declaring I AM Here.


As Ani Po prepares for battle, preparing for the day, she envisions warriors who will come to the circle. A circle not for the faint-hearted, but a circle for only the mightiest of warriors. Some may fall, while others will rise to the occasion…and some will just continue to dance…paying no attention to statistics.


Each day we are given a choice: we can choose affliction by our sadness; we could embrace gladness; we could live in misery; or we could Live in Blissful Happiness. Whichever the case, it is up to the individual self to choose an outcome of the day. Whether expressing gratitude for a single breath or refocusing one’s intent of a given situation, we are co-creating our days…whether we like it or not.


Some are given a choice and some are not. Sadly those who are given a choice, often will choose to lay in misery…without any self-reflection or corrections. Those who are not given a choice of their health…again are faced with choice: choose to Live or choose to accept the sentence laid down before them. The one’s who lay down their sword, do so in dignity…those who choose to fight on…prepare themselves for battle. These are the Dog Soldiers…who ready themselves for battle. Note: A Dog Soldier (WahDeSeh) is a name given by Native Americans to those souls who choose to do whatever necessary, no matter the outcome).
Stepping into the canvas with a gift of Life. In a single breath we are given life, in a single moment it can be taken away. Do we live to the fullest or do we passively wander the Canvas? One is filled with the highest of Life-force, while the other is of the low. Stepping with vigor shall increase the co-creation of our days, but stepping in idleness…again we are co-creating. Whatever we choose, it shall be so. We can lay down our weapons or we can suit up with the other warriors…preparing for the Dance of the Dog Soldiers, declaring…”Ani Po!”

What Keeps You Going?

We all have daily routines, that keep momentum flowing. However, when that routine is altered we find ourselves flustered and anxious, which can turn into fear or anger. In fear or anger, we often give up or lose interest in our days…potentially leading us to some form of depression.

Letting go of expected outcomes, relieves our stress from our daily routines. Simply recalling why it is that we get up and what keeps us moving forward, this will allow us to easily tackle our daily routines. Whatever the motivation, focus on that and not on what fills our day. Our days are easily bombarded with other negativeness…avoid them or take proper actions to protect yourself from these.
Recently a friend, Thomas, stopped Ani Po while she was working out at the gym. He asked, “what keeps you going?” A little history… Thomas often challenges Ani Po first thing in the morning at 5 o’clock am, challenging her to look deeper within herself. As she pauses for self-reflection, she chooses her answer very carefully.

As Ani Po answers the question, she is immediately reminded of another situation, a recollection of why we do things and who we are as a person. The few lines, tell the story…

Ani Po to another: “What do you do?”

Executive:  “I am a Vice President of a major company.”

Ani Po: “Not for money. What do you do for the world?

Turning to Thomas, Ani Po answered instinctively, “Each day I rise, to serve my fellow-man; Help those in need; Assist where ever I can. I go where I am called….for I am a tool for the master carpenter. I may not be perfect, but I give it my best effort!”

With the only answer being a smile, Thomas asks, “Is it wrong to have a purpose for making a paycheck?

Ani Po answers, “Not at all! However, if the only reason for getting up in the morning is for a paycheck, then by days end that is all you will have. If your attention is something higher than monetary gain, then you shall receive that which you give into this Universe. There is an old saying: Love what you do and it will never seem like work again.”

Thomas continues, “What about providing for a family? Is it not our responsibility to give for our families, thereby causing us to make more money?”

Ani Po, “Are you still falling for the trap established by our dictators? If we subscribe to the collective whole, believing that we must do this or do that to survive, then we will always look to man for answers to our dilemmas. If we instead turn our attention to the Lord, letting go of any expected outcomes, then the answers will come and we shall forever remain protected. Those who lead by Faith, Hope and Love…those are the true leaders…those are the believers…those are the righteous.”

So what keeps you going? What motivates you throughout your day? Are you stuck in the belief that your reality is all you will ever know? Time to change your views! Our lives, if not enjoyed, can be changed instantly…all we need to do is see the life we want, feel the life we want and believe it to be true. In doing so, we shall make the first step into our new reality.

“Not all of us can do great things.

But we can do small things with great love.”

~Mother Theresa

Stepping into the Canvas by Faith. As we step in faith, we immediately receive hope. As we receive hope, our reality becomes embodied in Love. As we learn to Love the Canvas all over again, we begin to Love all there is. In Loving-kindness we find answers to All things and the burdens of today become yesterday’s memory. Let go of the past, look to the future and embrace every moment…in the Now.

Mushin No Shin: The Art Of Letting Go

Stepping into the Canvas with Mushin. Mushin is a Japanese term for without mind. Meaning that an individual’s practice of self-mastery allowed them to enter a state of no thought and no emotions. They merely allow the flow of life to guide them through their daily events or specific tasks, seeming effortlessly accomplishing their tasks. To reach a place of no mind, we must first let go of any pent-up emotions…letting go of any self-defeating thoughts. As we step out today, try to focus on letting go of what we think things should be and replace it with an attitude of awe. With no mind, we accept the day as a new beginning…everyday. Doing so…we enjoy the Canvas and all its beauty!