From Dream To Reality In A Single Step

In a single breath, we step. In every step, we arrive closer to our realities. Whatever our dreams, our thoughts, our realities…they are what we give most attention. Dissolving the flesh, igniting spirit…Creating a whole new world.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot hep but get that reality.

It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

~Albert Einstein

It has been documented by scientists, that our thoughts can alter outcomes of our experiments. Statistically, we can predict how things are going to go…or we can ignite the spirit, letting go of all possibilities, altering the bell curve to our reality and creating more probability. Big or small, our reality changes with our thoughts and our intentions are the driving force to our reality.
Having proven statistics wrong, many masters have descended to show how easily the bell curve can be altered. These masters are no different from you and I…they are one in the same. Differentially, they apply self-actualization to the fullest, allowing their reality to unfold. They are masters of their reality.
There will be those who disagree with our thoughts, that is okay; There will be those who question our authority, on which we received our in formation, That is okay; There will be those who try to knock us down, stand tall. This is our life, our reality, our dream…of paradise. Our reality is as simple as a mere thought. We can live in heaven or hell… It is merely our choice…that simple.
The concept of heaven and hell, are man-made. These man-made realities have been far too long misconstrued, twisted, manipulated in the name of control. It is time to dissolve heaven and hell… it is time to accept our true reality. Let go of the concepts of heaven and hell, accepting only paradise. Paradise is not only for the afterlife, it is reserved for any moment that we call upon. Why wait for the afterlife, when we can bath in paradise today?
Again, there will be those who call us crazy… Let them. There will be those who say it can’t be done… Show them. There will be those who question our authority…I am. Own this new reality, accept all there is to this new beginning. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come…therefore be present in today. This is your moment to shine… Shine on!

In my world nothing ever goes wrong.

~Nisargidatta Maharaj

Stepping into the canvas with purpose. It is our purpose, that drives reality. We can go through our days, making the motions, or we can attune to a higher vibration of life eternal. Our daily routines, responsibilities, can  intertwine with our reality. It is our intentions that drive us to our destinations. Why settle for a Yugo, when you can have the Cadillac. We are meant to arrive in style…Make that our intention for the day. Wishing you a magical day…may you arrive as you were meant to! Love, Ani Po

Our Authenticity Adds More Color

Stepping into the Canvas authentically. We are a part of the greater whole, but uniquely different in many ways. The more we try to fit in with the majority, the less authentic we feel. The less authentic we feel, the more misery. Let go of trying to fit in and be as authentic as possible. The more authentic we become, the more colorful the Canvas. Enjoy the rainbow of Colors and have a glorious day!

Eating The Forbidden Fruit, What Adam Failed To Tell Us

Growing up with religious ed classes and strict rules of the Church, we were taught that our short-comings all stem back to that moment of time when Adam and Eve were tempted to eat of the forbidden fruit.

The tree of knowledge is described as forbidden from consumption but yet humans continue to crave the forbidden fruits. When it is written that God forbade them from eating and the penalty for such a crime would surely be death. Would they be punished to death or would something else happen within the constructs of their being? i.e.psychological break-down.

In the Buddhist traditions, we are taught to find peace and tranquility in silence of the day while focusing on our breath. When a practitioner enters silence, entering a great void of nothingness…they enter an area of great fear, as the human psyche cannot handle anything intangible. In the nothingness comes everything, but the human psyche cannot easily process nothingness and hence risks going crazy…just as Alice spun down the Rabbit hole. Is it possible that this nothingness is the cause of Adams death?

Through meditation, prayer or visualization, we can access the quietude of nothingness. When we enter this great void of nothingness, we find answers to all things. Often referred to as the Akashic records, this is the place of “knowing.” This emptiness will also, most certainly, show us that we are nothing in ourselves. We are merely energy and when we look deep within our being…even our physical nature dissolves. This is where our death comes in…when we are born into a set pattern of beliefs, but then rapidly discover that our whole life was wrong…we either go crazy or find ourselves in pure bliss…or both. When we realize we come from nothing…but a mere thought…able to create anything from a mere thought…we lose faith in how things are supposed to be. Those who understand this concept know the power of co-creating their life the way it was intended…happily ever after!

In nothingness, we find everything.~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas Dissolving past beliefs. What we see this day forward, will decide our life eternal. Careful with our thoughts, careful with our actions…for everything paves the way to our new reality. Everything is energy and everything is thought…choose your thoughts wisely. Have a magical Day!


Reigniting the Passion

Stepping into the Canvas with passion. It is our thoughts that lead to our actions, but it is our passion that ignites our reality. Actions are only actions, infusing passion…it burns like a wild-fire! Ignite the passion, ignite your soul.What is your heart calling you to do? What one thing have you always dreamed of? Make it happen…start today. With each new step…your reality dissolves, allowing for a new reality to form. Make the step…

Staying Connected In A Disconnected World

Doesn’t take much to see a disconnect in our collective whole. Our government continues to fight amongst themselves, mirroring the disconnect within societies collective conscience where we are fighting amongst ourselves. From the bottom to top and top to bottom again, a great disconnect has happened.

It is now more important than ever…to reconnect. In our daily lives and our mundane routines, it is important to find something or someway that allows us to reconnect. Reconnecting with our source…reconnecting with who we truly are. It is possible to stay connected in a disconnected world, but it takes practice. Practice makes perfect. We are not perfect, and can never be perfect, but recognizing our imperfections, inner insecurities, and negativity that surrounds us…we find peace. Peace that comes from within us. We can find peace and tranquility amongst the chaos…it just takes practice.

It is important to put our daily routine aside for a moment, find something that brings us enjoyment. Walking in the wilderness, going for a walk along the lake shore, or taking a dip in our favorite swimming hole…it is important to do just that…finding our own guided enjoyment. Maintain our daily routines, but add a daily routine of reconnecting with source energy, dissolving the energies that surround us. Getting in touch with the source does not mean doing one thing or the other, it means doing whatever allows you to feel good. Feeling Good is synonymous with God. When we are feeling Good, we are feeling God. We are a spark of the divine, co-creators of all there is, with the ability to create the life we imagine…why not start infusing this into our days?

Think for a moment… What is your favorite thing to do? Where is your favorite place to go? Go there, go there now. Even though we have responsibilities in our daily lives, we have responsibility to ourselves…reconnecting with who we truly are. If our batteries have discharged all power, than what good are we to the others? Recharge and we are able to further aid those in need.

Within our reconnection we find who we truly are, allowing us to be better servants to those in need. Servitude does come with a price, it can be a great burden or can be a great reward… Choice is ours. See the servitude as a gift, a gift from above. As above so below.

Stepping into the canvas reconnecting that which is disconnected. It is in our reconnection we connect with all their is. When we are connected…the answers we seek, shall be given. We need only ask and it shall be given. As we step out today, everyday, may we connect with all there is. Have a glorious day! Love…Ani Po

Giving Thanks For A Single breath

Stepping into the Canvas in Gratitude. If you have not counted your blessings yet, now is a perfect time.Things may not be going as planned, but with our breath we are given everything. As long as we have our breath, we have all there is. With our dreams and our actions…our breath gives it life. As we start each day, may we give thanks for all there is. Start your day with this simple phrase…Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.