Punching The Clock vs. Arriving Right On Time

Day in day out, we continue to punch the clock. With appointments, schedules to keep and daily activities, we are constantly dwelling about time.

We could dwell about time or we can revel in it. One brings angst and fear, while the other brings joy endless. When we do not dwell upon the clock, we continuously fear that weird never meeting our expectations. When we let go of time and expectations, we invariably let go of our fears.

We can watch the clock tick and we can watch the clock tock, fear will never arrive on time. Or we can let go this concept, throwing out the clock, knowing we shall arrive exactly when we are intended to…Right on time. It is through self-realization that we find true faith. In this faith we find our true strength…declaring I Am Here.

Note: Ani Po is Hebrew for I Am Hebrew. It is a defining moment, available to all, that we instinctively stand firmly in self-realization…declaring I Am Here.

Ani Po recalls a retreat with a friend. A retreat where one found his voice of reason and Ani Po witnessed divine timing once again. Her friend, Elroi, asked Ani Po to go with him, as he needed to find a voice once forgotten. This voice was a special voice and now lay dormant within his being. Their retreat proved magical and the voice was soon returned.

The road-trip was one of five hours. The first half of the road-trip was one of unloading baggage from the past, digging deeper into a darkened soul. Ani Po just listened, while Elroi spoke of his lessons of life.

Half way to their destination, Ani Po stopped for gas and use the facilities. Before returning to the road, Elroi asked permission to play his guitar while Ani Po drives. Ani Po smiled in agreement. At that very moment a flash of light emerged from the dashboard and instrument panel. The display on the clock/radio flashed from 5:45pm to 12:00, as to have been reset. Alarmed Elroi asked what had happened.

Ani Po replies: {{{with a smile}}}“Your clock has been reset and have an opportunity to change your future with this defining moment.” This has happened to Ani Po before, as she has guided many Pilgrims into Light. Just before stepping onto the path of Light Warrior, their time-clock was reset…just as it did for Elroi.

Perplexed by her reply, Elroi asks her to explain.

Ani Po: “We often travel through life, with blinders over our eyes and our hands over our ears…never really paying attention to details the Canvas of Life has to offer. We could travel at light-speeds or slow down to taste the finer fruits of life. If we do only what everyone else wants us to do, never giving our hearts a chance to sing, how will we ever begin living in our true nature? Continuing to punch the clock, we never fully understand the diving timing that is available for all.”

Elroi: “What is our true nature?”

Ani Po: “Pure happiness no matter what we do with our lives. Many will say it is crazy or even claim it is a dream, but ask them how their lives are panning out. They appear to be making it on the surface, but underneath that thickened exterior lay a soul crying to be free from material wealth. To be truly free…we must let go of all material things, detaching from what we have learned thus far.”

Elroi: “But what about our families? We have responsibilities!”

Ani Po: “Of course we have responsibilities, but don’t we owe it to them to be happy? If our responsibilities have become a burden then there can be no balance in our lives. If we find happiness in all we do, then we have found what enlightened masters call Nirvana.”

The two friends arrive at their destination and retire for the evening, without any expectations of what is to come. Anxious, Elroi retires still in a state of fear. Fear of no agenda, fear of what comes next, but holds tight to a feeling of hope.

Ani Po: “Good morning Elroi. Did you sleep well?”

Elroi: “Good morning Sister…I did not. I slept horribly.”

Ani Po: “Sorry to hear this Brother…I slept like a baby.”

At this time Elroi is getting anxious about the day. He enjoys his coffee, as he normally does in the morning routine, but fears they have nothing to do for the day. Ani Po welcomes his fears as she explains…

“My Brother, let go of your plans for the day and allow Spirit to guide you. See those cars flying by at 75mph? That was us yesterday. Witness where you are right now and just be in this moment…Be with Spirit. When we are present within, we are present without. As we sit calmly in our seats, witnessing the mundane schedules of others, we allow ourselves to be on ‘our time.’ This is Divine time, shared by a person and their creator, has no agenda…just being.”

A storm rolled in as our two friends were discussing the intricacies of life. The rain began pounding on the roof immediately over-head. Ani Po witnessed some angst rise within her friend and offered this suggestion…

“Elroi, do you find it funny the rain has begun at this very moment? Do you think that our Source of all Creation has created this scenario just for you? Is it possible that this rain is a reminder to you that we needn’t only wash away our fears, but returning to trusting in all there is?”

Elroi: “I suppose so, but couldn’t Spirit just show us how to be, act and speak?”

Ani Po: “Very Good question Brother! Sadly as humans we will not heed another persons guidance without first-hand experience and often times it comes through our own pain. Religious bodies have tried to give keys to their followers, but very few will follow The Way. Ironically, this Way, is not found in the church but within self…the home of the only true church. We have to come to a place of total submission, allowing Spirit to fill our being with all there is. Once we ask, it shall be so. Once we receive, we shall give more away…and the Dance with Inspiration continues.”

Elroi: “How do I go on living without having an agenda?”

Ani Po: “Is there any place that Spirit is not? Is there an agenda that Spirit is not within? Do you want to make Spirit Laugh? The irony here is that Spirit is with us always and our plan falls under the Divine Plan. Letting go of what we think should be an outcome, we allow the outcome to unfold as it is supposed to.”

Elroi: “Does this mean I cannot get what I want? or I cannot have a specific outcome?”

Ani Po: “Not at all and quite the contrary! We can have it all…we need only ask. The keys to paradise fall on us. As we have a self-realizing thoughts…our thoughts become that of Spirit and we align ourselves with Spirit. Our lives become free-flowing, fluidly like that of a river. Aligning with Spirit, we align with all there is…achieving everything we have ever dreamed of, receiving everything we have ever imagined, and moving effortlessly as if everything else was in slow motion. From our fast-paced world to a Divine-paced world in a single moment…this is that moment. You like to play music, but are afraid to play. Play for your own self-healing and whom ever else you encounter shall be healed.”

Elroi: “But what about when I have to be to work at a specific time?”

Ani Po: “Let go of time and you will forever arrive exactly…Right on Time.”

Our two friends have just begun their spiritual journey together, but the life as they knew is merely a faded memory. As they look to the future, may we look to the future. With eyes of hope, our two friends remind us to do the same. Looking to the future, letting go of the past, we bask in this perfect moment of Now.

Stepping into the Canvas on Divine Timing. No matter where we have been or are going, all we have is this moment. How we spend that time is our defining moment. Every step into the Canvas can be with fear or with confidence. Confidence of being in the right place at the right time. Everything has a place and time…Now is your time.


Accepting Lessons Of Life


Stepping into the Canvas, accepting the many lessons laying before us. The Canvas displays new scenery every time we step in, but how we see it is up to us. See beauty or despair…whichever way you see…it shall be so. Be open to new beginnings and further embrace the many lessons of life…Living a Syncrosensational Life.

When Hell Freezes Over

As the temperatures rise, we escape to cooler grounds. From AC unit to AC unit, we find our cool once again. Paralleled…our lives are symbolic of these days.

As the heat rises, we retreat to cooler grounds. The temperature may not actually rise, but the heat definitely does. How do you stay cool? How do you find Calmer, cooler grounds?

From the time we get up to the time we go to sleep, we are tested by varying temperatures throughout our days. Staying cool is often difficult. While some will find calmness, others remain in chaos. Whether the temperature is hot or cool, that depends on our thoughts. If we are spoiled by the falsities of AC units and other means to remain cool, then we forget to rely on our true nature… that of peace, love, and tranquility. In tranquility we find moments that will cool the hottest of days. As the temperature rises on the outside, may the temperature on the inside be cool.

As within, So without.

Yesterday, while the heat was high, I saw this lesson firsthand. As to set an eighth or lunch in the heat directly under the sun, the state cool with thoughts of coolness. Two other people from work, came to join them but could not take the heat. They complained by nature, and typically complained whether it was cold or hot. That yesterday was no different.

As we sit in calmness we remain cool;

sit in chaos, remain in the heat.

~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas as cool as can be. Whether the thermostat is rising or it is cool, may your mindset be that of cool. Whatever the heat of the moment, remain centered in coolness…and you will forever be cooled. If we have thoughts of angst, we are sure to feel heat; thoughts of love and compassion, we remain cool for eternity. As a man thinketh, so is he.~Abraham

Painting A Rainbow For Life

Stepping into the Canvas with paint in hand. We can attempt to paint over what was or paint the new, but essentially what’s inside shall prevail. Allowing our true-colors to emerge, shall bring about brilliance within our Canvas of Life. Bringing forth our true colors…allows us to paint the Rainbow of Life within the Canvas. See all as One and the Rainbow shall emerge…every time…Ani Po.

Dying To Live

In each and everyone of us, there are two sides: a side afraid of death and a side willing to live. If we sit around dormant contemplating what could be versus taking action, bringing it to fruition, then it is said we are living a living death. However if we take action, living on active side of infinity, creating the life that we are meant to, then we are surely living life to the fullest.

Whether a Cancer survivor, AIDS victim, cardiovascular disease, diabetic, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis sufferer…and the list goes on…there are two types of warriors: one who submits to the disorder; one who stands up to fight. These are the ones who dare to live, these are the dog soldiers. Those willing to march into the face of death, declare…”I am not ready yet!”

For most of us…we go through life without ever thinking about repercussions of our actions, or what shall become later in life…never thinking about mastering our every action. Instead, choose to live this day as it’s our last. Some may not have a choice as it may be there last, but for some we do. Do we take life for granted? Do we put off what we think we should do? Where we capture this moment, seizing our dreams and manifesting them into our reality?

Happy are those who live in a state of Awe,

for they shall have an Awe-Some day!


This is the day our life will surely change. With each step forward, we arrive closer to our dreams. The first step often most difficult, but most fruitful. Look not on the outside for guidance…but within. As I write this, reflecting on the message repeating itself…Look within…So Shall it be.

Our days are meant to be filled with love and joy, not death and decay. Whenever our clock shall stop, may we look back…reflecting on where we’ve traveled. Did we accomplish everything we came here to do? Did we live a fruitful life? Did we live on purpose?

One day our clock will stop, seizing our every breath. On that day we shall declare… I am here. Dying to live, we live life to the fullest. Dying to live, we discover our true nature.

Stepping into the canvas living life to the fullest. This may be our last or just the beginning…whatever the case this is the day…The day your life will surely change. As we step out into the canvas today may it be with new eyes: eyes of compassion, eyes of love, eyes of a child…with so much life to live.

Take A Leap Of Faith…Paradise Awaits

Stepping into the canvas with willingness. Willingness to see the unseen…where no one has ever gone, believe what others do not and follow the path leading to nowhere. Those daring…those willing to follow this path, shall find happiness. Paradise awaits…get on your way…take a leap of faith! Wishing you a glorious and magical day!

Living With A Playful Heart

The dreams we have are dreams of our own. They are ours and ours alone…no one else can take them away from us…unless it is allowed. Our dreams shall remain ours and our actions shall bring them to manifest.

Caught up in negativity, sadness, grief and even anger?! Allow it to remain present and then allow it to pass by as it were healed. In allowing this grief to be present in life, we assuredly will grow from the experience. Sitting within a cocoon of misery, a butterfly emerges victorious…what a valuable lesson it was.

We can sit in our own sadness, or we can change it to gladness. The possibility of going from negative to positivity is up to us. At the level of the self…we are healed.

The thoughts of today shall pave our tomorrow.


Whatever our dreams, whatever our aspirations, we have the ability to make it happen. Maybe today we are feeling down, with faith and hope, we shall be healed into tomorrow.

From negativity positivity in a single thought.


How does one get there? How does one go from negative to positive, when all they know his misery? The key is to remember how we were when we were a child, playful, happy, ready to take on the world. Apply this knowledge now… Be like that of a child. Get as silly as can be or playful as can be, remembering to enjoy life to the fullest. We are meant to be happy not the opposition.

Happy are they…who put down ideas of old, accepting the new.

~Ani Po

Stepping into the canvas with a playful heart. What ever the current situation, where ever we may be, the idea that we can change our reality is for real. It begins with the first step  into a new Canvas…a Canvas filled with faith, hope, and love… And a whole lot of playtime. Whatever brings happiness, whatever makes you feel good, go now and be with it…see you on the playground!