It’s Going To Be A Long Day

Just the very title of this topic sets us up for failure every time. The words we choose define our day. If we see it as going to be a long day or a quick day, then it shall be so.
The days are the same every day, but how they are perceived can change with our circumstances. Whether the day is going perfectly, as perceived, or there are rough waters ahead, our days are defined by our perceptions.
This morning, witnessing a clerk popping Tums at 5 AM at the local gym, Ani Po asks “Tums already?”

To her reply, “yes, it is going to be a long day.”

Ani Po smiles and wishes her well, knowing all that is needed is a moment of self-reflection and a moment to reconnect with the healing vibration of source. When we concentrate our thoughts and feelings with that of Love, we immediately elevate to that which we focus. Love being the highest vibration, opens us for an opportunity for healing.
Believe it or not, in this instance, we can define our whole day. If we wake up at 3 AM with heartburn, indigestion, or the like, it does not mean it has to ruin our day. If we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we can quickly roll over to the other side. Centering ourselves in that of love, peace and joy, we are left to enjoy this beautiful day. It is that easy.

My choice of start-ups, for the day, is falling to my knees and giving thanks for another wonderful day ahead. Further asking for guidance in that of Love and all of my actions for the day to be that of Love, I start my day on the right foot. Then, no matter what comes my way, I can easily return to my knees (in spirit, not literally..but if you choose to…even better), centering my actions with that of Love.

Unfortunately there are those who see only what they see and remain in a life of misery. This does not make them right or wrong, it merely means they have not found the light. It is my wish that they do…

Stepping into the Canvas with eyes fixed on a great day. No matter what comes our way, no matter what happens around us, we have the ability to focus on having a ‘great day.’ No matter the situation or how bleak it seems, we still have the ability to have a ‘great day.’ Merely a choice…why not choose a good one?! Wishing you a glorious and syncrosensational day!

Rewriting Our Canvas

Have you ever pondered what life would be like if you changed something in your past? Were your actions different prior to a certain time period of your life? This is very common and many people dwell on what they could have done differently. Dwelling in the past, in my own experience (and scientifically proven), we remain in the past. Looking forward to the future, we step freely into a new dimension of change.

We can learn from the past, look to the future, but the reality…there is only Now. We are here because of our past and we stand at the cusp of our future. The path we take next is up to us: in the shadows of the past, towards a brighter future.

Whatever my past has brought or whatever my future holds, is a mere reflection of who I am at this moment. I Am. I Am accepting. Acceptance not just for my fellow-man, but the most important person on this planet…me. I have accepted myself, even as imperfect as I may be…I am still growing. With the shadows of the past behind, my gaze affix towards the source of light.

However, being human, as I reflect back on my past, in hopes of learning and growing, I come to a place of great pain. Pain, not of my own, but pain inflicted onto others. Before I was married, I broke off my engagement…not sure of what I was getting into. Being young…I needed to be sure of what I was about to commit to. That break in time caused great pain for my partner and in fact it caused pain that would continue for the next nineteen years.

That moment built many walls…even though today, at first glance, everything seems perfect, there is still a great wall of protection as to not get hurt again. The human psyche is an amazing tool…it can create great walls of protection…unfortunately we eventually have to take them down so that spirit may flow freely. So, we grow together, chipping away at the wonderful wall built nineteen years ago.

This lesson has many layers to it: the basic cause and effect, where actions have serious consequences and ultimately changed another individuals path; room for healing as we learn from our past and let go of the pain that was endured; opportunity of shining more light as we forgive and move on in acceptance.

As we accept all things, all actions, as great opportunities or great building blocks to who we have become, then all things and all actions have value in their meaning. Even the greatest of pain can bring more Love.

At the first layer of this lesson: If I could take back my actions on that one day in history, it would be this day. Rising to higher consciousness, I know that even this event had its reasons and needed to take place, dissolving the ego and the need to hold onto this event. Exchanging sadness for gladness, I accept my actions and trust all will be good. The difficulty with this example is the pain endured by a loved-one, at my hand.

For me, I shall forgive myself for what I have done, but then look to my loved-one with Loving eyes, knowing that all will be good. Through self-forgiveness, I am free from the pain caused by another, by myself and any thoughts in between. It is human to think about pain inflicted onto another…especially when it is someone near and close.

Whatever the remedy, may it be so in love. As for me…I wear everything on my sleeve and discuss the events, openly, that have either hurt others or the self, allowing for closure and healing to begin.

Stepping into the Canvas without judgment, allowing the painting to just be as it is intended. Seeing through eyes of faith, we see a brighter picture…painted in Love. Nature is God’s Canvas and everything in between, however we see it shall define the brushwork we use. We are the painter, the painted and the painting…with the ability to change the reality of the Canvas. With every step, every stroke of your brush…may it be in Love.


Living By Faith

There are those who know and those who don’t, either way they share a common denominator…Faith. We can knowingly move forward and unknowingly move forward ultimately arriving on time. The key to arriving is faith.

Faith is the knowing that everything will work out, in your favor, even when the current situation does not dictate as so. When everyone gives up, the believers press on. When we activate our faith we essentially are tapping into a universal law of attraction.

As a man thinketh, so is He.~Abraham

If a person continues to have thoughts “I am too busy,” “I cannot do that,”We are never going to make it,” or “my life is going nowhere,” than the basic laws will assuredly grant the persons wish. If, however the person knows that everything will occur or arrive exactly as it is intended, filling this persons life with more abundance…then it shall equally be so.

We now return to Ani Po, as she witnesses the Warrior and Pilgrim living by faith (Note: this story is based on true events):

One day Ani Po was driving with her friend Mamani, when her friend noticed the gas gauge was lit and needle on empty. Alarmed she expressed her concern to Ani Po. While Ani Po was not worried, Mamani began to get anxious. Ani Po told her about a similar situation and how everything turned out in her favor…

Ani Po: I was driving a Holy Man to a destination about two to three hours away. He was to giving a sermon to a congregation. Offering to drive him, we were on our way. Only thirty minutes into the drive I noticed the gas ’empty’ gauge light come on and the needle was indeed on empty.

To not raise alarm, keeping it to myself and hoping to find a filling station soon. At this time, thoughts of determination filled my being and somehow knew we would arrive safely and on time.

Even though I had thoughts of arriving on time, I informed my passenger…

“Father, I just want to let you know that we are on empty and have been for some time.”

To which he replied: “Are you worried?”

“No, something is telling me we are going to make it.”

“Then I am not worried. The Lord will get us there safely and I can feel your faith is strong.”

They arrived safely and on time. In pure joy and amazement, slight disbelief, Ani Po gave thanks to that which needs no label, “Thank you For showing me The Way.” Ani Po saw firsthand the power of faith as she wholeheartedly believed she would arrive exactly when they were intended to…thankfully it was the time her passenger was expected to arrive.

During the ceremony, Ani Po whispered to parishioners, “Do you have any gas I could use to get me to a filling station?” After numerous replies someone alerted Ani po, “there is a filling station just a half of a block away.”

Ani Po: “still not sure I will make it as we just drove two and half hours on fumes all the while the gas ’empty’ light was on.”

Still with no luck finding gas from a parishioner, she starts her truck and drives to the filling station with no troubles. She could have merely walked to the filling station, but instead she knew that her truck would start yet again and arrive on time. After arriving safely, filling up her tank, getting in and driving her friend home to the monastery, they both agreed they had witnessed a miracle.

As Ani Po finished telling her story, Mamani interrupts, “that’s great, but I do not think we are going to make it.”

Just then the engine stopped and they were stranded without gas. While Mamani released her anger, Ani Po just smiled, knowing that in a moment they would be rescued. While the Warrior (Ani Po) remains calm during adversity, the Pilgrim (Mamani) loses hope, feeling lost once again. Ani Po reached over and laid her hand upon her friends, “Mamani it is going to be ok. Help will arrive for us very soon.” Timely, a stranger taps on the window asking if they needed gas.

So what is the difference in these situations? What happened differently between Ani Po and Mamani? Was it coincidence or a miracle? Could it have happened differently? All of these questions remain unanswered, but Ani Po knows better as she lives purely by faith. In doing so, She arrives exactly when she is intended to…no longer giving her reason to doubt The Way.

Ani Po’s situation was extreme and can be disputed, but still remains unexplained. Her and her passenger drove on empty for two and half hours, purely on faith. With this lesson in her back pocket, she understands the meaning of faith…lending more hope that All is Good.

Living by faith, we find hope;

Through hope, we find Love;

Finding Love;

We find The Way.

~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas purely by faith. In faith we see hope painted on the horizon, walking towards it we find Love. Even during times of adversity, it is the Warrior who asserts, “even though my current situation looks bleak, I know that it will end in a silver-lining, painting The Canvas as I see it.”

What Is Stepping Into The Canvas?

Stepping into the Canvas came about one day, during meditation, while contemplating who I was and where I was going. It is said that Nature is God’s Canvas and we are the tools, creating the life we want.

We can choose to dwell in the details of life: sadness, hate, suffering, fear, evil or we can revel in the details of life: happiness, joy, hope, faith, Love. The choice is ours.

As we step into the canvas each day, we can decide to create as we see fit. Essentially we become the brush, the painter and finally an intricate part of the canvas. Beginning with gratitude starts us off on the right foot, stepping in Love keeps a steady flow of abundant living.

If your brushes are old and worn, maybe it is time for new ones. Changing perspectives, changing our reality…one stroke at a time. Life is meant to be enjoyed…why not see the beauty? Soon you will be seeing “All as Good.”

With each step it gets easier and easier to revel in the details of life, but without constant attention we may fall victim to old habits. Remain in the Canvas, Be the Canvas.


A Whisper In God’s Ear

A Whisper In God’s Ear

This morning I whispered your prayer into God’s ear;

With a smile your prayer was heard.

Whether hope, or gratitude;

Pleasure was brought to thee.

Give up…nay;

Move forward…yea.


The ability to move forward into the Light takes courage. We may not have the strength, but it is through our courage of hope that we arrive. In faith, we find hope; through Hope we find Love; Love is the Way.

When we are able to move forward without expectations or specific timelines, we allow divinity to take over. In doing so, we arrive right on time…each and every time.

Stepping into the Canvas with faith, Hope and Love…the greatest of these being Love. When we walk with faith at our side, Love is sure to follow. Step gently today, enjoying all there is to see…be in the moment…be on Love.

Fantasy World vs. Real World

Looking back to the way it was, about seven years ago, I realize that my life was all I knew. With conditioned responses to the way things were or the instilled behaviors handed down throughout generations, it was all I knew. Until one day somebody challenged me to see things differently.

At first, I thought it was a fantasy world, but then soon discovered that I was actually living in a false reality. Entering into the unknown, I became acquainted with this paradigm. From real world to dream world, night-time into day, I discovered that my reality was merely what I perceived it to be. Moving forward, I opened myself up to a new reality…that of bliss.

Discussing this with others, I continually hear similar thoughts…”You are dreaming” or “you are living a false reality.” This may be true or it may not be, either way I am happy. What matters to me, and the others whom have found their way, is my happiness and my families happiness.

What about the suffering in the world? It will always be there, but so will happiness. Which do we choose to see? Whatever we choose. Our happiness consists of what makes us happy and living as authentically as possible…embracing more happiness. Living in a state of bliss does not take away the worlds suffering, but it does take our attention away from it.

Are we to ignore the suffering around us? suffering within our own confines of the self? Not at all. We can live in this world, but not be of it. We can remain happy, while observing the suffering, lending a hand when it is in the confines of our ability. If it hinders our happiness, then it is up to the individual to let go of the suffering, which has latched onto us, and continue down the path of a Warrior.

I often write about parables between the Warrior and the pilgrim. While the pilgrim remains in search of truth, the Warrior strands firmly in truth. Speaking truthfully, walking purposefully, the Warrior ebbs and flows with the changes of the seasons. While the Warrior embraces the ebbs and flow of the changes around her, the pilgrim clings to the old ways, often handed down by past generations. While the pilgrim clings to the old ways, which we witness the weaknesses of its teachings, the Warrior accepts new possibilities and lives happily ever after…dismissing any thoughts of defeat or negativity.

Stepping into the Canvas authentically. Whatever the current state of the world, we have the ability to live the life we choose. Why not choose happiness? Why not paint a picture of eternal bliss? While not easy at first, with each step forward, we move closer to that of our highest desires. Stepping in faith, we find hope. In hope we find peace. With peace, we find Love everlasting.

Restlessness Amidst The Shadows

About seven years ago, when my life turned upside down…not knowing what was real or who I was, I began searching for answers. Answers of who I am, where I am going and what is to become of my reality. My reality was not all that bleak, but was filled with anger, fear and blindness.

When I first hear the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, I ignored them. Hearing them again, I could not ignore the message infusing into my reality, in which would change the course of my life forever. “When you change the way you look at things, things you look at change.”

If it were not for a friend in in need, and my desire to help another, I may not have unlocked the door to the self. A funny characteristic of humans is that we cannot see beyond the tip of our nose. When we are given suggestions of change, we boldly state “I’m good.” For me…this was so true.

I was working as a Manager of a Cancer Program at the time, managing rental properties and trying to maintain a happy household. With children on the way, less sleep…anger and fear began to become an intricate part of my day. Then one day, hearing Wayne’s words once again…something happened. I realized that life is too short to work our knuckles to the bone and too short to lose sight of having happiness as our reality.

“Sell you cleverness, purchase bewilderment.”~Rumi

Sell everything I did!

Caution: selling everything does not mean living in poverty, but means we have defined what is necessary to sustain a fruitful life…this is the beginning to self-actualization.

Self-actualized do not subscribe to messages of obtaining more, for more is less in many cases. Identifying the self, self-actualized begin redefining their reality as they see fit. Having money is not poisonous unless it becomes an obsession…the self-actualized are no longer willing to drink of this poison.

It was through the shadows of my past, that Light was brought to the forefront of my being. Through my own shadows and restless nights of sleep, I was guided into the brightness of my days. My life, filled with anger and fear, yielded nightmares, insomnia and thoughts of more hate towards the self and fellow man.

It is often stated that if we live in fear, or in the flesh, we confine ourselves into that reality before us. Changing our direction and gaze to the unknown, we expand our consciousness and our boundaries within our reality. Religion is a great tool for obtaining the keys to the unknown, but misused it traps us in a Hell which most see as paradise. Hell is not paradise…unless you like it hot…I would prefer somewhere else…like florida or South America.

Before my shift in consciousness, the nightmares and insomnia prevailed with peace taking a back seat. Bringing Peace and Love into my days, the nights began to mirror-image my days. Studying my dreams, if I slept, I began seeing a common theme for change within my days. Our dream world will direct us in our true path of the day. In following the path of my shadows, unearthing more fear and hate, I unearthed something greater…Love. Through my own Darkness, I found Light. Letting go of what I thought as real, I opened my eyes to an abyss of the unknown…opening the eyes of spirit.

“To see through the eyes of flesh, our view is short and narrow; through the eyes of spirit, vast and infinite.”~Ani Po

Is there someone in your life that has wronged you? Someone you have wronged? Ask for forgiveness. Not of them, but of yourself. Even though we are the victim, not guilty of any crime against another, we are guilty against ourselves for bringing shame or disgrace within our train of thoughts. Let it all go.


I know, I know…many will say “it is easy for you to say, but you were not the victim.” Maybe true, but I have been the victim of many things…things that no longer take control of who I am. These events in my life, whether good or bad, have increased my awareness of the human psyche…the way the universe works. Through my awareness of self, I found awareness in ‘All there Is.’

What is it that you want? All things, all realities, begin with a single thought. If there are thoughts of negativity (of flesh), then change them to that of positivity (spirit). There is a spiritual solution to all realities…why not give it a try?! I dare you now…to seek the good in any given situation…guaranteed it exists.

“Goodness is result of seeing that which is good; Opposing, the answer is the same.”~Joseph

If you cannot sleep at night, try scanning your emotional well-being. Are you happy? Have you forgiven those who do not bring perceived goodness into the world? Have you forgiven yourself? Chances are you have fallen into a trap of false reality, clinging to thoughts of despair or anger towards another. Maybe it is time to let go? Perceived goodness is a human trait and a perception of how the world should be. It is difficult to understand that there are bad people in this world to maintain homeostasis within the universe, but how can we have north without south? Merely directional guides. The laws of nature do not see good or bad, just an entire whole. What we perceive as good and bad, the universe sees only one. Our job is to find this place of oneness within ourselves…then live as one, sharing joy wherever we go.

Stepping into the Canvas with the shadows at our back. With our shadows behind us, we are facing the source of light. Facing the source of light, we are heading into brighter days. Soon our daytime will mirror our nighttime and vice verse. Turn now towards the source of Light, letting go of the shadows…enjoying the Canvas as a whole. Not as good or bad, but…in pure bewilderment.?.returning restlessness to restfulness.