Thinking Big For 2013

Preparing for the New Year, we gather our thoughts and wishes for our vision board of 2013. The skies the limit…the further we reach assuredly we shall land amongst the stars. What will it be? What will be your wish for the new year.

As we close 2012 and look to 2013, we must remember to think big. As the picture identifies…we are what we think…Think Big! I know the importance of setting goals and imagery that goes along with it is as equally as important. Stepping Into the Canvas was a thought at one time, whose time had come with next steps to be revealed as it grows. While my hopes are for the readers to ultimately achieve self-mastery, there is still more to the Canvas.

The Canvas of Life has no boundaries, leaving us limitless. An important factor whilst playing in the Canvas, is whether we are enjoying ourselves or not. We have discussed the first steps towards happiness, but often times we sabotage ourselves into thinking we cannot do something. By applying some basic tools towards happiness, the next steps have begun.

A vision board is a good start or even a journal with ‘task items.’ Keeping these items in plain view allows them to be ‘in your face’ and at the forefront of your thinking. When something is at a constant, the thoughts are at a constant. When your thoughts are at a constant, your brain begins to remap the neuro-fibers that drive your reality.

When developing a vision board, do we think small or think big? The sky is the limit here…Think Big! ”Aim small, Miss small.”~The Movie Patriot…this phrase is true. When we set our aim at something small, we will surely get small. The opposing is true as well…Think Big, obtain Big.

So…when you are thinking ahead to 2013, applying your ‘New Year’s Resolution,’ remember to Think Big!

Shoot for the moon.

Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

~Brian Latrell

Stepping into the Canvas with thoughts of Thinking Big. Wherever our thoughts, that is where they will be. If they are aligned with small thoughts, they will yield small returns. If aligned in a big way…they will pay off bigger returns.

Today each member of my family is writing three goals for the New year. Not just goals, but tangible and measurable goals. They are specific and they are our own. Sometime today we will send one copy of these goals up in flames…as to carry them out into the Universe, while the other copy will be posted in plain sight…holding us accountable for our actions.

However your goals are set or where they are posted to see, may they be Larger than Large and may they come true…Happy New Year!

Lending A Hand To Those In Need

As the cycles of man continue, we continue to make similar mistakes as our fathers before. While some learn, others do not…continuing the cycles of greed. In the days of old, Jesus spoke of helping others and often told a story of a Good Samaritan. Whether in past times or present day, the story is the same…

The Good Samaritan was indeed a Samaritan, one hated by Jews of their time. In present day it would parallel to having an Atheist present…one who believes in very little, believing not in God or a Creator…similarly hated by most.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan: In the street lay a person who was beaten and left for dead, but nobody came to the aid of this man. A priest walked by and a Levite. It was the Samaritan, one most hated, who stopped to his aid. We see this in modern-day…

A street person was assaulted by a few ‘Christian’ boys, taking his last possessions and left for dead. It was below freezing, but yet they took a warm jacket off this man.The street person had just received this jacket earlier at a mission, ensuring his warmth through the cold nights when he was not able to camp at this mission.

The street person had just received a warm ‘triple down’ jacket from a local mission. Not realizing the label on the jacket made him a threat to theft, as the jacket was a well-known brand and many thefts were over these named jackets. Sadly, it is the street person who becomes the next victim of crime. With nothing to his name but a free jacket…it is stripped from him by some young boys just coming from church.

Left in the cold, with no protection…he is now close to hypothermia.

Begging for money, so that he can get something to eat…in a warm facility…he grows weaker.

First a Rabbi passes by, turning away from the street person…with thoughts of “get a job.” The homeless person extends his hand to the Rabbi, but the Rabbi passes by.

Second, a Muslim passes by in disgust by the vile filth of this man asking for money. Again the homeless man reaches for a hand, but similar results…too weak, his hand collapses at his side as passer-by continues on.

Thirdly, an Atheist passes by and immediately engages with the homeless man. Extending his hand, the homeless man is met by the Atheist. The Atheist welcomes him and invites him to join him for lunch.

During lunch, the Atheist and homeless man engaged in warm conversation and discussed the circumstances of the homeless man.

The homeless man was once a rich executive, who had it all: money, power, large house, multiple cars, beautiful family of four. One day he chose to follow thoughts of greed: mistress, tax evasion and drunkenness. His life collapsed: his wife left him, taking both kids; lost his job, spent three months in federal prison and nobody willing to help him get back on his feet.

Losing everything, this once executive, he lost all hope of returning to a ‘normal’ life. Giving up, he went to the streets to live in self-misery.

Hearing this story, the Atheist, reaches across the table and takes his hand. Brother, that was the past and today is a new day. I will help you, if you’d like, get back on your feet. Together we will find hope in this horrible story.

The homeless man agrees and goes to live with the Atheist, finding strength to once again find work and live as normal as could be. He repays the Atheist person, who he now calls friend, with a years full of salary. He then vows to give his life to God, assisting in teaching youth to be good stewards of life, loving people as they would like to be treated.

Reflecting on the horrible day of being stripped of his last possession and left to die in the cold, the Homeless man arises to its valuable lesson. Thanks to an Atheist, he was given hope and found God once again.

This story is not meant to point fingers at any person or group, but is meant to point out that there are imperfections in all sectors of religion…the active ingredient in all sectors is Love. We can fall victim to darkened ways, no matter what group we follow, or we can follow The Way…no matter the group we follow.

Be wary of those who claim they are the way…for they are not the way. Those who follow The Way do not speak of The Way…they just are. Those pointing fingers at another, accusing them of falsehoods…are merely spreading more falsehoods. Accusing another of not knowing the way, we are in essence squelching the Spirit within the person. We are not to squelch any spirit, but embrace it.

Nature is God’s Canvas. His children are the trees and rolling hills, meeting each other in divine perfection. ~Ani Po

We cannot judge people or another organization without first getting to know them. In the above story, it was the Atheist who took the time to get to know the homeless man. Upon discovering this man lost all hope in living and turn to the streets. Once given an opportunity of hope, the man began to thrive once again, but with a twist for the better. Instead of false self-gratification, he found true self-gratification through giving his riches to others.

Whether barren desert or thriving forest, both are met on the horizon. No judgment, just acceptance.~Ani Po

We can choose to paint a picture of judgment and hate or choose to paint in Love and acceptance.~Joseph

As for me…I will continue my path in Love, stepping into the Canvas…painting as I see fit…



The Parable Of A Shop Teacher

As we continue to fight amongst ourselves, we are left wondering who’s right or wrong. Instead, I invite you to look beyond right or wrong, looking within your heart and accepting all as good.

In accepting all as good, we transcend a need for right or wrong…merely acceptance…leads our way. Through acceptance we begin to love one another as ourselves. Echoing the sacred teachings, “love thy neighbor as thyself,” unfolds to be true.

We now return to Ani Po, who witnesses fighting amongst students of an area school.

Ani Po was an English student to one of the best teachers ever. Many of the students that took the class agreed this was the greatest teacher ever and there is no other teacher like this teacher.

Little did they know the same English teacher was also a social studies teacher for another class. Again the students of the social studies class, thought they had indeed the greatest teacher ever and no other teacher like him.

Unbeknownst to them the same held true. The same teacher was also a shop teacher at the same school and nobody knew. However, the followers of this shop teacher again thought he was the greatest teacher ever and there is no other teacher like him.

One day in the student lounge/cafeteria the students began talking about their favorite teachers in their school. Ani Po just listened as each one began to speak of their favorite teacher.

As one student began to speak the others looked in disgust. The English student spoke first, “I have the greatest teacher ever and there is no other teacher like him. All other teachers are false teachers. My teacher is the greatest of all time!!”

In disgust the other students pounded on the table…angry at such absurdities. “How dare you claim that your teacher is the best, when I indeed have the greatest teacher of all time. There is no other teacher like him… There is no other teacher! All other teachers are false! The greatest teacher of all time… This truly my social studies teacher.”

More pounding on the tables.

A student of the shop teacher stands up even taller than the last, “You’re all wrong…my teacher is indeed the greatest teacher of all time and he has taught me to work with my hands so that I can feed my family of the future. He taught me to work with tools so that I might fix things that get broken. He indeed is the greatest teacher of all time and he is my shop teacher!!”

Ani Po just sits quietly, saddened by the outrage…knowing what comes next.
It was at this time students began fighting in the cafeteria, over who had the greatest teacher. They began punching each other, kicking each other, throwing food trays. And without anyone knowing it…from the darkening shadows…presents a Knife.

One of the students, so convinced there’s was the greatest teacher ever, thrusts a knife into another student killing him. Not a breath left…the student goes limp and cold.

Having enough…Ani Po stands up and yelling as loud as can be…”stop!! The teacher you fight over is one in the same the English teacher is the social studies teacher is the shop teacher. You fight over the same teacher… and now you have killed one of our brothers. You should all be ashamed of yourself. Instead of ‘I’, we should say we have the greatest teacher of all time.”
In horror, the other students lower their heads,asking for forgiveness.

The irony to the story is ‘he’ was not the shop teacher, English teacher or Social Studies teacher…instead ‘he’ was a she. You see…in today’s society it is still unaccepted, in some areas, to have a she as a teacher. The He was indeed a She. Disguising herself as a he…She was the greatest Teacher of all time.

Stepping into the Canvas as One. I am He, She is Me, you are We. The day’s of dividing amongst ourselves have gone and the days of coming together are upon us. May we continue to grow in Love, Light and Life…painting a more perfect world. Now is the time…

The Good Tao Of Fear

Continuing the lesson of “The Two Wolves” within us all, we return to the Shadow. The Shadow is that which harbors emotions of darkness and fear, crippling us from ever achieving greatness if left unchecked. With practice of self-mastery, we are able to master our emotions and further allow greatness to shine.

In practicing self-mastery, we analyze self emotions that control our every action while disallowing them from controlling daily actions. Left untamed, we remain in fear; taming the shadow, allowing fear to shine. How can we allow our fear to shine?

Allowing our fear to serve us, requires awareness of self at the deepest of levels. Through awareness we recognize all emotions, perceived good or bad, allowing them to direct us in a positive or negative fashion…either way it is by our own hands. Is it possible for fear to guide us into a brighter future?

Again, through awareness of our fears…they can show us The Way. It is through indirect routes that our attention switches towards that which we most desire. If we are afraid of something, through awareness and faith of a brighter outcome…it shall be so. During the awareness, we are cognizant of our fears but willing to move forward into levels of desire, courage or willingness.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., writes about varying levels of energy, in Power vs. Force, and how energy levels affect our decisions within the Canvas of Life. Resonate at levels of fear and that is where we remain; resonate at higher levels, such as willingness or desire, we amplify the possibility of something becoming manifest within our daily lives. Through awareness of our own fears, we autonomously raise our vibration to that of the greater forces. Lower vibrations exist as shame, fear, guilt, anger, whilst higher vibrations exist as courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, Love. The highest of levels is that of enlightenment, which through awareness we are led.

Therefore, through study of our own fears or self-defeating ways, we are led to a brighter path…a path leading to paradise. Following The Way, we arrive as needed; following The Way, we make manifest Sunshine on a cloudy day. Indirectly our fear becomes hope and hope becomes joy…allowing our own fear to guide us onto a brighter path.

I used to be afraid of tackling plumbing or electrical work. If I allowed my fear to rule me, the work would not have been completed. However, through faith and hope, the result was discovered one step at a time. Making the first step…most difficult, the second…a bit easier…continuing the steps in faith and hope, the job was complete with far greater satisfaction of hiring another to do the work.

Stepping into the Canvas with awareness. It is through our own awareness, we are given foreknowledge of our surroundings. Through awareness, the world shall continue changing for the better, further allowing greater vision of Syncrosensational Living to become a reality. While the majority continues to follow similar patterns of the mundane, we have opportunities of changing our own reality through awareness and willingness to take steps beyond our own fears. Beyond our own fears lay Peace, Love and Joy…allow them to show The Way.


Feeding Both Wolves

A day does not pass that I hear discussion of two sides to every story: silver-lining to every cloud, Brighter side to every story, positive outlook in a negative situation, etc. It is the struggle of men and women alike…a struggle of seeing life as beautiful when we have been taught to focus merely on the flaws of the paintings.

Nature is God’s Canvas and so is the everything in between. Our daily lives depict the life we live. How we see it is our own perception and how the others see it is theirs. How can one person see pure beauty, when there is killing and destruction wherever you look, while another person sees ‘Hell on Earth’ when so many miracles surround them? Merely one’s own perception or as the old Cherokee story discusses, within each and everyone of us there are two wolves…which one we feed shall live.

I contemplated this lesson of the two wolves as it parallels with the study of the Shadow. Carl Jung did extensive research on the shadow of modern man and came to a conclusion that humans are often crippled by their own darkened past. Learn to embrace the flaws and darkened past, the shadow sheds more light in areas of growth. Debbie Ford has written many books on this subject and allowed her own shadow to shine more light upon her life…leading her to a place of Peace, Love and Joy…on the most authentic plain and not just merely faking it. The Shadow Effect is her work on unearthing the negative past, while allowing new thoughts of a brighter future to emerge.

While the discussion of unearthing a darkened past comes forward, we are not suggesting you forget it. Instead…remember it. Everything that has happened up to this point in history has made us who we are: if you are a stronger person it is the result of many events, good and bad, giving you strength; if you are weakened, it has given you inquisitive thought, seeking more strength…eventually becoming the strong person you most desire. Whatever the scenario, you are not complete.


Our journey is never really finished: if we are enlightened, we have room for more growth and self-discovery; if we are laying naked in a pit, vulnerable as can be, we have much room for growth. Continue seeking what it is you are looking for…for the seekers shall find what they are looking for.

As long as you are green, you are growing.~six year-old

Debbie also makes reference to allowing your Shadow to come forward. She discusses anger as a strength. This was not easy for me to grasp, as I was dissolving my anger…until one day I witnessed my anger serve my highest need…

I was building a tree-house for my kids, when something went terribly wrong. I had built the base of the tree house on the ground and needed to hoist it into position, approximately fifteen feet into the air. This was not really a tree-house, but a free standing fort with a base and a house on top of the base. The tree-house was too heavy for me to erect and nobody was there to help. I could feel my helplessness setting in and a feeling of “I am never going to get this finished.” At that point, I just sat for a moment, contemplating how I could make this happen.

I sat quietly, asking the Divine to intervene and lending assistance. Not hearing a response, I attempted one more time. As the base of this fort began to fall once again…something inside me rose to the surface…it was anger. Yelling as loud as I could, as if bringing down the Thunder of my beloved…it was raised. It was at this moment I knew that I needed to feed both wolves. I was created with a black wolf and a white wolf for a reason. On this day I witnessed the Dark wolf shine…he had served me well.

My conclusion to this lesson was that we are not to starve either of the wolves within our being, but we are to feed them both. Thich Nhat Hanh, in his Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames, discusses techniques for taming the anger within. He also discusses embracing the anger, as it is a part of you. As I have learned it may be necessary to unleash this emotion, but it is knowing when it serves our higher good.

Laughing as I write this…I texted a friend about feeling joy, as time permitted me to write. I texted “I am writing about wholeness and it is giving me a feeling of joy. Instead of wholeness, the auto text changed it to ‘whole mess.’ I find it amusing, thinking about the embracing of our messes in life, allowing us to find wholeness from our whole mess. Maybe I should title it “From Whole Mess to Wholeness?!”

Feed both wolves, walk in both universes; Left foot ego, right foot spirit.~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas in wholeness. As we set out to paint our Canvas of Life, we begin to paint over the old. Instead allow it to bleed through the new covering, utilizing the varying contrasts of the darkened colors of our past…blending with the vibrant colors of the new. We are both our darkened past and the brightened future…whichever we choose to see is who we will be in the now. Sit quietly, embrace the wholeness…from whole mess to wholeness…declare ‘I Am Here.’

Out Of The Darkened Night

Out of the darkened night;

Spirit calls me into the Light.

Deep within the Words;

I begin to flow.


Within the lessons dare I go?

They present themselves only to me.

Choose to;

Or choose not.


Allowing myself the past;


Future…and what is to come.


Trusting, believing;

It is so.

Stepping, knowing;

Reality is true.


My darkened past…released.

My future…revealed.

Still only remaining…the Now.


Do what with needs to be;

With my day.

Go where the call takes me;

Still a mystery.


Wherever this may be;

Or whatever I am to do.

Know this…my Heart leads the way.


Stepping into the Canvas with your Heart as your guide. Whatever the darkened past or lessons of life, we all have access to a powerful source of Light and is housed within. Follow this light and you will not be led astray…


Calling In Awesome

When was the last time you were sick? Did you call into work and ask for a ‘sick’ day? Chances are you did and remained in bed for recovery. As most people do, we work hard until our body gives out and calls a time out. Is it possible to minimize illness? Is it possible to never have to call in sick again? What do we do with our sick days?

When we take steps towards Syncrosensational Living, we automatically drop negative thoughts, negative actions, negative people, etc. In doing so we declare the path before us…and we pave it as we see fit. Cleaning house becomes a regular routine: removing any clutter within our lives, removing any negativity.

In doing so, we take an active role towards our own happiness. Happiness not purchased or found, but merely accepted in whatever the situation. During our self-discovery we find our limits, redefine them and then create new roles about how our day is filled. No matter what comes our way, we find good in all things and we find awesomeness in everything we touch. We can choose to destroy or we can choose to create…again…merely a choice. For me…I choose creativity…creating the life as it was meant to be…happy!

Defining our days, we find that our immune system is stronger and our health increases with our new-found awesomeness. We can choose to subscribe to the institutions and the pharmaceuticals or we can listen to that voice within, allowing our bodies to return to its natural state of homeostasis…a natural state of healing.

Nature is the canvas, we are the Painter…

How the Canvas is perceived defines it.


Returning back to our natural state, we no longer have to call in sick or worry about germs. I know, there will be those skeptics who believe that I am dreamer…”but I’m not the only one (John Lennon).” There are those who live in fear and anger and there are those who live by faith and Love…I know where I reside…how about you?

Stepping into the Canvas with a sense of awesomeness. Whether you are fully committed or on the way, may it begin to grow within your life and may it become your new reality. Instead of calling in Sick…you will be calling in Awesome!