Standing Out

Too often people are concerned with standing out, when just being themselves is enough.~Ani Po

srtanding out

Changing Attitude

An awe-inspiring life costs nothing, just a change in attitude.~Ani Po

change in attitude

Nature’s Canvas

It is not the Canvas I see, but the one I feel. The beauty without – painted from within.~Joseph

feeling nature1

Happy Mother’s Day

happy mother's day1

This is a day of worldly gratitude. Gratitude for mother’s of all walks of life. Without them, we would not be here. They give selflessly day in and day out, often forgetting to pamper themselves. This is your day to take a break, a break from all that you do. Take a day to recharge…for we know not what tomorrow brings.

Happy Mother’s day

Mommy…thank you for all that you do. You pick me up when I cry out;

’Kiss it’ to make it better;

Wipe me when I cannot;

Give of your sleeve for me to wipe my nose; Answer to the bell that I ring;

And for secretly making Daddy smile when you have nothing left to give.

You are an amazing mommy;

Wish I knew where you kept your cape. I saw a cartoon of this;

So I know it to be true.

You are a super hero;

And I call you my own.

Thank you mommy for all you do;

Thank you mommy’s around the world. Today I am the luckiest boy in the world; Would not be here if not for you.

Stepping into the Canvas with gratitude in our hearts.   Gratitude for all the mommy’s of this world and Mother Earth, whom gave birth to us all. If not for the selfless daily acts of mommy’s, the world would stop spinning and there would be no Canvas to frolic in. Thank you for all you do, thank you for completing our day…Happy Mother’s Day!