Creating New Boundaries

Discovering boundaries, Daring to create new ones.~Ani Po

creating new boundaries

Living a Syncrosensational Life: Taking the First Steps


The Warrior living in a new reality, was not always in the extraordinary. He once lived the ordinary, calling himself Pilgrim. His life was as everyone else, eating what everyone told him to eat. His church was a product of what everybody believed to be the ’one true’ church and his government was a natural enemy. As a Pilgrim he essentially lived in a sorrow filled reality, believing in what everyone around him instructed. This was unsettling to him and he needed to find a new reality.

Where does the Pilgrim turn to, when the mainstream tells you how to live, who to associate with and what words to speak.? How does the Pilgrim cut the strings to his reality as a marionette? It is with the first step which proves to be the most difficult an old Chinese Proverb states:

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Knowing this, the Pilgrim must take a chance on what is burning within.  There is a natural burning of desire within each and every one of us, but we fail to embrace our highest desires of being free to do what we want and live the life that we were meant. Without that first step, the Pilgrim would have remained in the Reality of Pilgrim, never knowing the reality of Warrior. It is time to take that first step…Step Into the Canvas.

When I was a boy, probably the age of three, I remember seeing things that most could not. It was as if my dreams were foretelling my future and visions were showing me a new reality. When I spoke of this new reality, my parents told me that it was not possible.

I recall standing on the coast of Lake Michigan, looking to the East, describing to my father what I could see as a town across the waters. As I described what I saw, my father told me to erase what I saw, focusing on what was in front of me. This was the time of my shutdown. As I shutdown from seeing the impossible, I began living a false reality of what everyone else told me to see.

Up and down the roller coaster of life I went. On the ups, screaming in ecstasy…the lows manifesting some physical or metal pain. Something just did not feel right as I was injured two to three times each year for the next thirty years. I created my highs, but I also created my lows. When I was sync with my true thoughts, the roller coast rose higher and higher into the unknown…creating joy. When I was living as ‘they’ had told me to do so, I would fall lower and lower into a world of pain.

I broke my first bone at the age of three, the next a year later. Breaking bones two or three times a year, I became well versed at the natural healing process of the divine self. Even when Doctors told me that I would be limited in my functionality, I chose a different option. Believing only in my happiness, reaching for a higher plane, I sought more Love and Happiness in my life. Accepting this, my life changed.

At the age of thirty-three, my life began to decay. A decay, which later would be known as a rebirth. In my own death, I gave new life to a new reality of living…living a Syncrosensational Life.

During the rebirth ecstasy returned, lasting longer and longer each time. With practice, becoming more and more my reality. As the day became night and the night submitted to the days, my life clarity began. Suddenly I felt a sense of purpose, with all the answers to life’s questions answered.

Here I sit attempting to paint a picture of how one should live, through words,  but I cannot. As my path unfolds, I realize my reality is different from another. In our differences, we are the same. As I accept myself, I am accepting others for their differences. Some good and some not so good.

How is this possible? How is it we are so different, but we are the same? It is a silly human trait to think we are different or separate from the rest. In realizing our difference make us whole, we are free to live in a reality often considered fantasy land. What are the risks? The risks of living in fantasy land? No risks except for the opportunities we fail to try.

Accepting my new reality does not mean worldly suffering disappears. Instead it means my focus is on that of what we all desire…peace. Lending a hand when feasible and lending prayer when it is not in my power to aid.

It is not enough to take part in the Canvas of Life, but more important to fall into the canvas with whole heart and soul. What does it mean to fall into the canvas? It means not just stepping into the canvas while actively participating in the canvas, but being and active participant with continuous intention of actively participating in the canvas AND creating the life that is most Desired while enjoying every aspect of the canvas.

From the darkened clouds painted on the canvas to the neon fluorescent and radiating colors, we are to create the lives as we choose not as others choose. Whenever a painter paints it is through his own interpretation of the Universe, but when others analyze His work they attach their own interpretation.

If we only see one side of the painting, we miss the creator’s intent.  See the beauty of all the varying colors/varying interpretations and lose yourself in the many mysteries that lay before you in the canvas.

Where does one begin?  Put down the blackberry.  Hang up the cellphone.  Stop texting for a moment. Just sit and ’be’ for a moment, allowing the true nature to fill your soul. Can’t do it?! Then take a weekend and spend some needed time in the woods. Maybe it is time for a retreat?!

If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life. If there was nothing else that you ever came to understand other than just look for things to appreciate, it’s the only tool you would ever need to predominantly hook you up with who you really are. That’s all you’d need. ~Abraham

It is about taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature…returning back to Mother Earth and being one. Many will oppose this idea, but eventually will need some necessary downtime or as I like to call it…’Me Time.’ during this me time is the one way we can bridge the gap between us and the Universe.

Stepping Into the Canvas choosing to fall with whole heart and soul.  Lend a hand, an ear or a friendly smile. Do what you want today not what others say ’you should’ do. Stay away from the trap of pleasing others, but please only yourself. Today I will not only step, but will fall into the canvas…taking the first steps toward happiness.

Have you been sitting on the fence about a life change? A new job? Where you are going? Focus on the task at hand..that of Love, Light and Life…and you shall never be led astray.

stepping off


Adversity to Strength

Through adversities, I found strength.~Ani Po

We have heard the phrase before, “What doesn’t kill us shall make us stronger.” Think back in your own life…is there a negative event, that yielded a positive impact on your life? It is often the case that through our trials and tribulations, we find our own true strength. We are more powerful than we have ever dreamed of, but often we need little events to prove it.adversity to strength

Stepping into the Canvas


It was brought to my attention today, that I have yet to ‘write my book.’ Knowing that the book is already there, something keeps me from writing the book setting a stage for my own steps into the Canvas of Life.

Well versed in my own words, I still remain frozen in fear of what might be. Turns out that I am just like many humans who have a dream, but fail to move forward in their dreams. I often write about stepping into the canvas, but fail to hear the wisdom that spews from my own lips. Does this happen to you? Do you often give advice to others only to hear your own words regurgitated back to you?

It is a common trait of being human I guess. One of looking to others for self acceptance, by telling them what ‘they’ should do. I have learned that it is not my place to tell them what to do, but give them choices so they may make up their own damn minds. Giving choices to another, is as if I am accepting myself for who I have come to be. Knowing this, I must move forward…but something remains clear…I am holding ‘me’ back.

Today, while meeting a friend at her studio Healing Hearts Center, in Lake Geneva, Stacy Whetlow allowed me to enter a sacred space of spirit. I should have known something bigger was about to happen, when an Eagle swooped down in front of my vehicle, as if trying to get my attention. My first thought was that Spirit was flying with me…but later realized that Spirit was about to speak through and towards me.

I arrived at Stacy’s studio with the intention of painting my first ‘real’ canvas, but knew deep down how spirit operates…hiding a deeper meaning within our encounters.

As I began painting, with coaching of Stacy, I witnessed layer upon layer unfold, as I peeled back the onion of my soul. Layer upon layer, it was presented upon the Canvas of my own Life.

Again, I reflect on past writings as I skirted my own journey. Not in a sense of my own dealings of, but the details and intricacies of the lessons. I left so much meaning out of the lessons in fear that it may be to controversial or it may offend some other person. The truth of the matter is this…just as the reality of my painting unfolding, my own reality does exist. As my reality is my own, so is your own personal story. When God speaks to me, I am afraid to tell people…for those who say God does not speak or even the blasphemy of such an idea. My skirting the details was apparent and it is time to move forward.

I will not wonder how my time will permit my writing or editing of the book, but instead I will ask that time present itself to embrace the potentiality of my visions. The wording is critical, as my own fears can attract more reasons as to not write the book. Being a father and a husband, with my responsibilities, I will need to juggle yet again. I know that it will work in my favor and pen to paper shall begin.

So what am I to write? This is a common question for many who embark on their own journey of telling their story. My intentions, however, are not to hear my own story or toot my own horn…instead they are meant to assist others in getting through their own dilemmas of life.

Our stories are so intimate to the self, but putting them in writing we run the risk of being vulnerable. Through my nine years of searching I have come to many conclusions…one of them being…in our own vulnerabilities, we find our own strengths. Even in our own appearance of being vulnerable, we stand firmly in our own strength. Five years ago, my father expressed his concern, “I am afraid you have lost your edge and you are losing sight of your own reality.” My response then and still today, “What may appear to be losing my edge, I am merely sharpening my skills and both sides to my sword. That sword being the sword of truth.”

When I first sat down to paint today, I had no idea what I was going to paint. As the strokes and colors began taking shape, we witnessed the layers of my life unfolding onto the canvas. I am at the focal point of my own Canvas, surrounding myself with many teachers, comprising of family and friends. No longer listening to the negativity of others or the nay-Sayers of life, the voice of All Creation began to speak through me. Surrounding myself with positive people, taking baby-steps forward, my life began taking leaps and bounds through various shifts within my own life. This is the same process that all people, past and present, have gone through…I am no different then they.

It is through our own trusting, that all will be good, our lives take a turn for the greater good. On a personal level everything seems to be great, but on a global level…things just seem to be brighter all around. As within, so without. Our own personal transformations do in fact change the way we see the world. While the suffering still exists in the world, we are more accepting of the suffering. As without, so within. On a personal level…we embrace our own shadows of the nights, only to emerge in the brightest of days.

Today’s painting was monumental to say the least, for it was written back in my thought process when I was twelve years old. Never really understood the meaning behind my dreams, but knew that one day I would write and paint a brighter day…and there forward. Do you have a dream? Did you ever have a dream when you were younger, but do not have any idea how to get there? Start asking how this shall come to fruition and it shall be so. In asking we align ourselves with a higher power, that is available to all, presenting more opportunities to make our dreams come true.

Today, and this day forward, we have the ability to live it as we have chosen it to be. Listen to our old ways of ‘that can’t be done’ and we shall hit that mark every time. Change our directions to that of ‘I will’ and ‘I can’ it shall be so.

Sitting in my sacred space of writing, I reflect on my sacred space of life. returning to this sacred space of life, I enter a world of sacredness. It is in this sacred space that all presents itself for our greater good, on a singular level and a global level. For what we do for the self, we do for all humanity. When we find ourselves, we find the answers to all there is.

A teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.~Khalil Gibran

Stepping into the Canvas right on time. For it is in this very moment in time that our lives take the turn for our greater good, if we see it as so. If we question it, we shall remain in an abyss of what if or what will be. Stay the course, trusting the process of life…as we begin stepping towards brighter days…in doing so…All is Good.


Through Eyes of Spirit: Vast and Infinite

eye light

About seven years ago, when my life turned upside down…not knowing what was real or who I was, I began searching for answers. Answers of who I am, where I am going and what is to become of my reality. My reality was not all that bleak, but filled with anger, fear and blindness.
When I first heard the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, I ignored them. Hearing them again, I could not ignore the message infusing into my reality, in which would change the course of my life forever. “When you change the way you look at things, things you look at change.”
If it were not for a friend in need, and my desire to help another, I may not have unlocked the door to the self. A funny characteristic of humans is that we cannot see beyond the tip of our nose. When we are given suggestions of change, we boldly state “I’m good.” For me…this was so true.
I was working as a Manager of a Cancer Program at the time, managing rental properties and trying to maintain a happy household. With children on the way, less sleep…anger and fear began to become an intricate part of my day. Then one day, hearing Wayne’s words once again…something happened. I realized that life is too short to work our knuckles to the bone and too short to lose sight of having happiness as our reality.
“Sell you cleverness, purchase bewilderment.”~Rumi
Sell everything I did!
Caution: selling everything does not mean living in poverty, but means we have defined what is necessary to sustain a fruitful life…this is the beginning to self-actualization.
Self-actualized do not subscribe to messages of obtaining more, for more is less in many cases. Identifying the self, self-actualized begin redefining their reality as they see fit. Having money is not poisonous unless it becomes an obsession…the self-actualized are no longer willing to drink of this poison.
It was through the shadows of my past, that Light was brought to the forefront of my being. Through my own shadows and restless nights of sleep, I was guided into the brightness of my days. My life, filled with anger and fear, yielded nightmares, insomnia and thoughts of more hate towards the self and fellow-man.
It is often stated that if we live in fear, or in the flesh, we confine ourselves into that reality before us. Changing our direction and gaze to the unknown, we expand our consciousness and our boundaries within our reality. Religion is a great tool for obtaining the keys to the unknown, but misused it traps us in a Hell which most see as paradise. Hell is not paradise…unless you like it hot…I would prefer somewhere else…like Florida or South America.
Before my shift in consciousness, the nightmares and insomnia prevailed with peace taking a back seat. Bringing Peace and Love into my days, the nights began to mirror-image my days. Studying my dreams, if I slept, I began seeing a common theme changing within my days. Our dream world will direct us in our true path of the day. In following the path of my shadows, unearthing more fear and hate, I unearthed something greater…Love. Through personal Darkness, I found Light. Letting go of what I thought as real, I opened my eyes to an abyss of the unknown…opening the eyes of spirit.
“To see through the eyes of flesh, our view is short and narrow; through the eyes of spirit, vast and infinite.”~Ani Po

Vast and infinite
Is there someone in your life that has wronged you? Someone you have wronged? Ask for forgiveness. Not of them, but of yourself. Even though we are the victim, not guilty of any crime against another, we are guilty against ourselves for bringing shame or disgrace within our train of thoughts. Let it all go.


I know, I know…many will say “it is easy for you to say, but you were not the victim.” Maybe true, but I have been the victim of many things…things that no longer take control of who I am. These events in my life, whether good or bad, have increased my awareness of the human psyche…the way the universe works. Through my awareness of self, I found awareness in ‘All there Is.’
What is it that you want? All things, all realities, begin with a single thought. If there are thoughts of negativity (of flesh), then change them to that of positivity (spirit). There is a spiritual solution to all realities…why not give it a try?! I dare you now…to seek the good in any given situation…guaranteed it exists.
“Goodness is result of seeing that which is good; Opposing, the answer is the same.”~Joseph

seeing that which is good
If you cannot sleep at night, try scanning your emotional well-being. Are you happy? Have you forgiven those who do not bring perceived goodness into the world? Have you forgiven yourself? Chances are you have fallen into a trap of false reality, clinging to thoughts of despair or anger towards another. Maybe it is time to let go? Perceived goodness is a human trait and a perception of how the world should be. It is difficult to understand that there are bad people in this world to maintain homeostasis within the universe, but how can we have north without south? Merely directional guides. The laws of nature do not see good or bad, just an entire whole. What we perceive as good and bad, the universe sees only one. Our job is to find this place of oneness within ourselves…then live as one, sharing joy wherever we go.
Stepping into the Canvas with the shadows at our back. With our shadows behind us, we are facing the source of light. Facing the source of light, we are heading into brighter days. Soon our daytime will mirror our nighttime and vice verse. Turn now towards the source of Light, letting go of the shadows…enjoying the Canvas as a whole. Not as good or bad, but…in pure bewilderment…returning restlessness to restfulness.


Another Awe-Inspiring Day

Giving thanks for an inspiring day, anticipating another filled with awe.~Ani Po

giving thanks. anticipating another