Finding Peace

I have traveled the world to find peace, only to find it wherever I go.~Ani Po

finding peace

Creatures of Habit


Within our day to day lives, we fall victim to creating habits. Some nurturing, but often toxic behaviors are created. Without even knowing it, our word choices and actions, dictated by our day to day activities, are influenced.

Falling victim to toxic behaviors, created without even knowing, we are made aware of them at future dates. How do we change them? How do we step out of toxicity and into creative light? Through our willingness to change and our openness to new habits, we set forth on what we do want…leaving what we do not behind.

Coming down to choice, we are given opportunity to change. Some will say that it is not possible to change, due to a given circumstance…but everything can change…even our perception of the given circumstances. In changing our perceptions, we change our focus to that of good…leaving the perception of bad behind.

In discussing this with people throughout the day, we may hear many excuses as to why it is not possible. This may be true, but it is the choice to see only the shortened end of the stick as to vast openness to our own reality that we remain in our darkened world.

Seeing only Light in a given situation opens us to infinite possibilities to create the life we are truly meant to live. Within every darkened cloud of our own shadows, we have the ability to turn and face the source of Light…casting all shadows behind. Is it time?

Stepping into the Canvas with our shadows behind, we continue on our own path into the Infinite Field of possibilities. Remaining focused on the source of Light…our dreams are made true…creating new habits for better days of tomorrow.

walking toward the sun

Mindful Walking

It matters not how fast we walk but how we enjoy the steps.~Ani Po

mindful walking

Riches Paid in Gold

That which we cannot see, binds us all, is the fruit of all nourishment, riches paid in gold.~Ani Po

paid in gold