Delicious Conversation

It is not so much the Tea but conversation that makes it sooooo delicious!~Ani Po

Why not call a friend for tea? Take time out of the busy monotony of the day, to enjoy another persons company and conversation. It is a win-win.
Whatever flavor of tea that is served, surely it will be the best of teas served with the right company…

having tea

Divine Intervention


Have you ever had an experience of coincidence? Or something happened within your life, you were convinced there was Divine Intervention? If we all learn to look closely, we can all recall these special moments of Syncrosensational.

Before coming out, I used to think life was filled with coincidences and could not really grasp how things happen. I say coming out, not for typical reasons but for my spiritual rebirth. Not that I was a bad person, but I was merely awaken to the truth of all there is. Now awake, I see through the eyes of creation…allowing a more interactive approach with the creative process of life.

One example that always comes, is the coincidence of conceiving our first child. Was it a coincidence or was it meant to be? My wife and I were living in Florida at the time and we had tried to get pregnant for close to three years. Both being born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin, we questioned if the timing was right for having children in another state. After trying for three years, with no success, we thought it be better to return to our birth place.

No sooner we got home to Wisconsin, we were pregnant. I swear to this day, the moment my wife crossed the Wisconsin border, she was impregnated. Joking about the ease of conception we agreed Divine intervention was at play, accepting our decision to return home as it was meant to be. Had we stayed in Florida, we may have never conceived our first child. Coincidence? Did we create the difficulty of pregnancy with our thoughts of hesitation? Regardless, we were home.

Whether it was coincidence or Divine Intervention, we knew that everything was right on time. Now blessed with two beautiful children, we see the world from different eyes…eyes of creation.

Through the eyes of creation we see life is meant to be enjoyed, worrying not about what we could have done or what we did not accomplish…merely accepting things as they are and as they come into our lives. Moment to moment we enjoy all there is within the Canvas of Life. If there is a cause we feel drawn to we help; if we cannot we send Love. Whatever the involvement, it is accomplished through eyes of compassion.

They say that everything happens for a reason, this I know for a fact as we have two beautiful children to remind the possibilities of getting out of the way. Getting out of the way of creation, life is that much more of ease…not of disease.

Stepping into the Canvas as co-creators. As we accept the path laid before us, taking each moment as Divine Intervention, life itself becomes a fairy tale. Focusing, not on lack but that of abundance. Focusing on abundance, or the ‘active side of infinity,’ more of our desires present themselves in our daily lives.

heart in hand

Destiny is Revealed

And the day shall come where our destiny is revealed. Sit, be still…IT IS.~Ani Po

Whether we know or has not presented yet, it lives within us. Listen to the societal and it is not, listen to the inner voice and It Is so. Sit quietly, find a sacred place…this place is within you wherever you go…

It Is

Simplicity in the Now

Dwell not on the past or the future but revel in the details of now.~Joseph

The past and future do not exist, merely the now. Everything of the past and what is to come, matter in the now…this is all we are promised. The words we choose, create the actions of tomorrow…but all still resides in the now…

revel in details of now

On Purpose

I’d much rather live ‘on life’ than live on pills.~Joseph

Accepting the Canvas of Life as it was and shall be, we accept the path laid before us. Through acceptance we find a whole new reason to live…on purpose! Stepping into the Canvas on Purpose, living out what we came here to do…

live to Love

Finding Love Within The Canvas

Love comes in many shapes and sizes, colors and creeds. Find this, the greatest of our needs. -Ani Po

It really does not matter what part of the Canvas you originate, what matters is that which is placed upon your heart. Wherever the path leads, go there with all your heart. The Canvas of Life is not meant to be experienced in misery, but mystery. Find the many answers to life’s questions and assuredly you will find yourself back to whence you came…finding Love within the Canvas. We are.

Finding Love in Nature

Stepping Further Into The Canvas

stepThe Creators goal is for man to attain Him while still living in this world, to feel Him as He did prior to descending into this world; prior to incarnating into physical form. We do not have to wait for the after-life, but we can have paradise here and now.

With a world of continuous divide and conquer, we witness more hate and further separation from our Source. As we divide among ourselves, we divide among ourself. We feel separate from our Source, thereby creating a facade that we are separate from everyone else.

I remember hearing as a boy “God is everywhere”, omnipresent if you will, “and there is no place He is not.” Then why do we see ourselves as anything but connected to Source? Letting go of this illusion, we return to Source…allowing our true self to prevail.

In our division we multiply, baring fruit…which fruit depends on our intent… ~Ani Po

Stepping Further into the Canvas seeing an ever-flowing of colors, with no expectations of how or why the Canvas of life begins to carry more beauty. Seeing the beauty of the days, we are left without judgment, without guilt, without hate…merely Love for the Canvas of Life and all its participants.