Kind Words

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.~Mother Teresa

Stepping into the Canvas with kind words can make or break a persons day. We must choose wisely as to not create a domino-effect of negativity, instead a domino-effect of positivity. Whether it is a conversation of the self or with another person, send good intentions their way. In doing so, the echos shall be heard from the highest mountains…

kind words

Beckon Me

embraced by God

We all get to a point where we need to stop and rest from the daily monotony of our days. Whether boiling point or pure exhaustion, we all have our moments of necessity for quiet time…those who heed the call, find happiness once again; those who do not, spiral downward into a place of sadness.

For me, finding personal me time is at 5:45am during my morning steam. After my workout, I retire to the steam room, where for the next fifteen to twenty-seven minutes I find solitude. In solitude I forget about the troubles of yesterday, preparing for the coming day. In preparation for the day, I set my intentions to that of positivity.

With intentions, we have the ability to establish our goals for the coming day…readying oneself for whatever comes our way. No matter what happens throughout the day, we have the ability to return to our sanctuary. While my sanctuary is in the steam room, yours may be somewhere else. Whether in nature, a quiet room or just being present with ourselves, it is an opportunity for us to reconnect with our thoughts and intentions. Whenever things getting hectic or stressful, take a silent retreat just for five minutes and reconnect with the solitude of bliss that was found within our sanctuary.

As I sit within the steam, clearing my thoughts, a voice emerges “Beckon Me Oh Lord. While walking in Spirit, I remain in flesh. The flesh weakens me, but knowing my connection with something higher than myself I am comforted. Beckon Me Oh Lord. May I know you as you know me.”

The echo of this voice travels, returning once more “Beckon Me.” Through my thoughts of flesh, returning to Spirit, more opportunity for positivity emerges.

Stepping into the Canvas crying Beckon Me Oh Lord, for it is you who have painted this masterpiece. May I come to know thy name as you have known mine. May the appreciation for this Canvas of Life strengthen with an infinite open invitation to return to a place of silence, allowing my eyes to focus once more upon yours.


Higher Purpose

I am here for higher purpose: creating life meant for me, enjoying the Canvas painted before me.~Ani Po

Each one of us contemplates this question, but so few seek the answer. We are all here for a reason, the mystery is for us to solve on our own. Those who dare to seek, shall find; those who dare to wander, shall no longer wonder.

i am here for a purpose

Using Our Abilities

Each of us has been put on earth with the ability to do something well. We cheat ourselves and the world if we don’t use that ability as best we can.~George Allen, Sr.

Stepping into the Canvas on purpose, creating the life we want with a simple stroke of a pen or a brush. With our thoughts and actions…our dreams become a reality. Ignore the visions and dreams, our reality will forever be lived through another…

Using our abilities

Living in Gratitude

Be thankful for the wonderful gift of being able to serve humanity, your planet, and your God.

Be grateful for the opportunity to live your life purposefully in tune with the will of the Source of All.

That’s a lot to be grateful for.

~Wayne Dyer


A Joyful Day

It is not the day that brings joy, but the witness that brings forth. ~Ani Po
They say that attitude if everything. Well our days are led by our attitudes. Whether we are negative or positive, it will dictate how our days are perceived. In taking the first step of the day, may it be with intentions of positivity…

Happy child silhouette in the sun

Igniting the Flame


When I was younger, I never really thought about what I was going to be doing with myself later in life. Having an idea that one day I would help people, but never really understanding what that meant. During my awakening, I realized that we are all in the service industry whether we truly understand it or not. We all have the ability to serve.

It is through this understanding that a flame ignites within our soul, aspiring to serve each and every person we meet. Through random or specific encounters, we have a choice: make or break another person’s day. Our words have so much power, with abilities we may not fully understand.

Either raise someone up or kick them to the curb, it is merely a choice. Whichever path we choose there are consequences to be had.~Joseph

On an individual level, we have the same innate ability to make or break our own days…with merely our thoughts. If we have thoughts of despair or invincibility, either way it will define our reality. Change our thoughts to that of good and nothing…I mean nothing…shall get in our way.

How do we do this? How do we come to know this place of invincibility? For me, it was finding God. Not just a person whom to pray to, but a personal friend and confidant who will always be there for me. Whether up or down, afraid or fearless, assuredly God is always there.

A mirror of the almighty

Earlier today I had a wonderful experience with two wonderful Dish Network installers. They not only called, asking permission to come earlier than our scheduled appointment, but they shared wonderful Words. The conversation which had the most meaning was that of the Mayweather fight, which took place last week. One of the gentlemen pointed out how Mayweather was not only a champion in the ring, but in life. As the awarding of his title, Mayweather gave thanks to God. As many athletes do, he looked to the heavens, pointing and giving praise.

While this is noble, it was not the notable conversation that stuck with me throughout the day. When we discussed Mayweathers praise to God on a successful win, we asked “do we ever see the loser of a bout or any sporting event, for that matter, give the same praise in which we see during the victories? Wow! was all we thought about, as we both came to a realization that as an individual who chooses to praise God, it is in our victories that gives meaning, but it is the faithful servant who gives praise during a win or defeat.

Just as in life, we often remember to give praise for our blessings…but do we remember to give praise when we are down? Still thinking about this, as I give thanks for the encounter of my days, I realize that even I do not give enough credit to the Creator of this great Canvas of Life. Whether it is an encounter with a cable installer, a street person, or a professional of some sort, we have the ability to Praise God at every given encounter. As we greet another human being, we have the choice to greet them as an individual or come to know them as God sees us…one of His family.

Through the eyes of flesh, we see individual as labels; through the eyes of Spirit, we see them as He sees us…a shining star.~Ani Po

In this moment of exchange, we ignite a fire within… fire that not only lights an eternal flame, but feeds the soul for all eternity…giving us everything we need in life. In this moment of exchange we see others as ourselves, even greater than the self, we see them as God sees us…a spark of the divine. With every encounter, a gift is given, whether direct or indirect the exchange is made…changing our lives forever.

Stepping into the Canvas Igniting the Flame, we not only see the good and the perceived bad, but we see All as Good. Seeing All as Good, we return to the innocence of a child, seeing everything as a miracle, amazed at the many blessings continuing to multiply within our days. With every step a miracle is born, with every step our words become His, with every step…we see All as Good.

heart on back