Continual Christmas

A good conscience is a continual Christmas.~Benjamin Franklin

On the Eve of Christmas, let us be reminded…the Spirit of Christmas is not reserved for one day but for 365 days of the year. True Christmas Spirit is a state of being. As the snow falls and carols sing, we are reminded of an inner joy that remains in all of us. Choose to celebrate for just one day or 364 more…

continued christmas by Ben Franklin

The Path Which is Intended

Attitude chooses for you the path which is intended.~Ani Po

It is not enough to have an idea, but the attitude of certainty that upholds it. With an attitude of gratitude we are led down a path of acceptance. Along this path we expand our consciousness to Spirit of Oneness. All that remains…is Love.

the path which is intended


The Perfect Step

Any step in the right direction, is the perfect step…Ani Po

When we choose to make a change in life, it is inevitably the right decision. As move towards our goals, while the first step may prove most difficult, the steps get easier and more enjoyable along the way. Choose to move towards our goals and we shall move in the right direction…it is the perfect step.

The Perfect Step

May Christ Be Reborn

May Christ be reborn within, only to be shared with all.~Ani Po

Christmas is often a reflection on the birth of child, but it is much more. While we finish our shopping extravaganza and we come together with our families, let us reflect on the self. Upon self-reflection, may we seek the wisdom within…identifying the Christ Spirit within us all…projecting outward into the world…

Christ be reborn

Miracle of Life

In wilderness I sense the miracle of life, and behind it our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia.~Charles Lindbergh

Try as we might, we fall short of labelling the many miracles of Life. In attempt to prove the existence of such things, we come to a common conclusion…it just is. Enjoying the many miracles with the Canvas of Life, we accept thyself as such…Miracle of Life


Acceptance in the Outer Realms

Look not for acceptance in the outer realms, but within.~Ani Po

We tend to look for acceptance from friends and family, but fail to find it ourselves. Look within and know we are all the acceptance we shall ever need. Find acceptance in oneself and one shall accept all around…acceptance in the outer realms



Give Thanks For the Beauty of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas…give thanks for the beauty of the day. ~Joseph

No matter the circumstance, it is always a good time to give thanks for our days. As we give thanks, we receive more to be thankful for. It is a paradoxical event taking place, but we shall never know until we begin an attitude of gratitude…Give thanks for the beauty of the day