To Copy a Virtue in Another

To copy a virtue in another is more copying than it is virtue. Try to learn what that virtue is based upon.~Idries Shan

To emanate another does not mean to copy the every move, but to study their actions and take what suits the self. Copying without thought is merely copycat behavior. But to study the how and why of their virtues is to digest their reasons to such.

True Nobility is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.~Wayne Dyer

to copy a virtue in another


Essence of Being

It is the essence of being, not the name that matters most.~Ani Po

Too often we worry about social status or material gains, forgetting about who we truly are. Being true to the self first, we find need for very little. Focus too much on the material gain or social status, we trade in what remains true to the self…true happiness…

essence of being