Forgetting What I have Learned

Forgetting what I have learned, I remember what I have always known…All is Good.~Ani Po

Peeling back yet another layer of flesh, I expose to more intrinsic beliefs of man. What I thought to be right turned out to be wrong, what I thought to be moving forward was only setting me further back. Letting go of what was taught to believe, I began listening to the voice within. In doing so the birds began sharing their voice, adding to the natural way of things. In listening to the birds, they told me to speak to the rocks.

Stepping into the Canvas absorbing All there Is. Forgetting what I know, I accept what I already know to be true. No longer seeing the world as a divided soul, but a complete being as beautiful as beautiful can be. If there is suffering in the world…I have the ability to change it…returning to All is Good.

all is good2