From Head to Heart

From Head to Heart, clarity is restored.~Ani Po

We have all heard the message of getting out of our head and into the heart, but what does this mean? It means we are to stop trying to figure things out and just allow them to be. Removing all attachment to emotions and just allowing things to be.

When we think with our heads, we are analyzing things to death and we never really get to the core issues. Entering the Heart, we make rational decisions that from Love…

head to heart


Stepping Out

Stepping out, we are stepping in.~Ani Po

When we decide to step out of the ordinary, chances are we have made the journey deep within our soul. Looking within the self, we see the faces of those without. We see not only our natural beauty, but the beauty that blesses us each and every day…

stepping out

With A Single Smile

With a single smile, we can change the whole day.~Ani Po

There is always something to be grateful for, there is always a reason to smile. If not for raising the spirit of another, do it for the self pleasure of feeling happy. It does cost a penny and always carries the potential to changing the day…

With a single Smile

Accepting Each Step

Beauty is within the steps before us, accepting each step along the way.~Ani Po

No matter the ground we walk upon, whether bumpy or smooth, it is how we see the path before us that creates the beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, beauty is within us each and every day. See it in the self, see it another…just learn to see it…

accepting each step


This afternoon, after leaving work earlier than usual, I asked my son what I should write about. His response was so perfect…”be simple.” This message coincides with a dear friends message today, as He spoke of being nicer to people.

While the message is rather complex as to how we may arrive in this place of simplicity, it is rather easy to do. The key to life is simplicity: being nice to one another, being respectful to mother nature, loving freely without judgment. Simple is The Way…complexity is the illusion that we cannot be simple.

Our lives may be complex by societal design, but it does not mean we have to get angry at another person for having varying opinions or interpretations. Our system eludes to this disease, but does not mean we cannot be at ease. I use the word disease, because this disease trumps all other diseases and is the meaning behind the other diagnosis.

We are in disease, because we are no longer at ease with the self, others, our current situations. It is time to change that as the momentum continues to grow. There will be those attempting to stop us, but it cannot be so. They may take our lives, but our spirit is a force to be reckoned with.

Whatever the current situation of one’s life, we are all given a choice to accept it or change it. Which will you choose? Will you choose to be a victim or will you choose to rise above the others?

There is no right or wrong answer…merely a choice.

Stepping into the Canvas is simply as simple may be, loving freely, lending a hand, sharing a smile. As stated by a friend, “The world needs more Loving people to show that Love is a beautiful thing…and it costs us nothing…”


a helping hand