Align With Source

Source is there for everyone at all times. We are always there. And so when you are aware of the presence of Source and when you are not offering a vibration that prevents you from your alignment with Source, then you have those wonderful moments. And you can do that all the time. And people refer to those who are doing that as masters. But all of you can do that. It is the mastery of focus. That’s what it is.


Align with Source

Thanks Giving

Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanks giving is the following of that impulse.~Henry Van Dyke

Thanksgiving is not just a day…it is everyday if we choose. Too often we get caught up in our daily busy lives we forget to give thanks, so we reserve a day to share our thanks with those closest to us…with a bit of Love spewing as we share this feeling with others. Why is it just one day? Can it be everyday? It sure can.

Each day is opportunity to share thanks with those closest to us, those far or near and even the strangers that we pass. Give it a try…give thanks for the many gifts already received and those on their, but most importantly…share thanks with another…


Connecting to Source

Connecting to Source…questions are answered.~Ani Po

This morning, gazing into the Eastern Skies, I was reminded of cyclical patterns we humans have. The Crescent moon, as if pointing down from Source, informed me that questions are about to be answered.

Not sure if you recognize these in your own daily life, but we all have them. Some say it is a reflection of the astrological charts and some say it is a normal cycle we all have. Regardless of who is right, this time is significant, feeling closest to source. The crescent moon always reminds me of a thumbnail, that of source, pointing down to me…asking me to sit quietly…and wait…for things are about to get exciting…

Connecting to Source

When that Inner Voice Calls

When that inner voice calls….Listen!~Ani Po

For thirty-four years I rode an up and down roller coaster ride of life…until one day I heard a voice. That voice is an inner calling we all have, but too often fail to heed its words.

It was not until I consciously chose to listen, the ups and downs dissipated. They still surface periodically, but far less and short-lived as they once were. Once more, taking a step into the Canvas, my physical ailments are near non-existent. I say, near non-existent as more shadows surface…only to journal and learn from these feelings that have attached my past experiences.

I tried to ignore this voice at first, but only proved more detrimental to my self-worth. Listening, my shoulders stood taller and the weight of the world no longer rode on my own self…

Inner Voice

Photo by: attackofthecute dot com

Let it Rain

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Things may not always go as we wish within the Canvas of Life. In trying times…maybe it is necessary to just wait it out, allowing it to pass. We cannot force the rain to stop. Similarly we cannot force a given situation to stop. If it is not to our liking, simply ride it out and await the rainbow to present…

let it rain

The Heart Shall be Opened

See not the Canvas of Life with thine own eyes, but view in awe and the Heart shall be opened.~Ani Po

When we try to figure something out or we try to label something as such, we unknowingly limit that which we see. Let go of the expectations of things and limitless possibilities shall present. To view n awe is to be in awe, to be in awe is to be wide opened and free…

the heart shall be opened



To Have a Friend

The only way to have a friend is to be one.~Ralph Waldo Emerson

To often we put emphasis on others being a good friend, whilst failing to see that we forgot to be one. A good friend does not judge, expect anything in return…they just show up for no reason or when needed the most. Instead of looking for those to please us, why not look to just be a good friend…

to have a friend