Change your Direction

When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.~Zig Ziglar

There are always going to be hurdles and obstacles…but sooner or later we realize the only obstacle was self-foretold. Hurdles mean to simply jump when necessary or go around them…not necessarily stop in our tracks. Stay focused on the finish line and by-all-means…get there…

change your direction




He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.~Socrates
This does not mean we need to sell everything we own, it merely means being grateful for what we have. No matter the wealth, means nothing unless there’s gratitude present. What if we lose all of our ‘stuff?’ Will we be unhappy? or will  we find happiness wherever we go?

Holding Space

There is a pill for everything and nearly always someone willing to tell us what we need. The truth of the matter is we need very little. If there is an affliction, addiction or attachment to any one thing, holding space within the Canvas, for oneself or for another, shall aide the healing process innately given to us all.

What does it mean to hold space? Holding space can be done on a personal level and/or practiced to aide another person, while they return to a healing process naturally given to us all. Holding space is a process of ‘holding one’s ground’ in a non-confrontational, non-judgmental fashion…merely, we are observing the circumstances at hand.

To hold space, one must be willing to free themselves of thoughts associated with feelings towards a given situation. Merely observing the given situation, attending to both sides of the story and choosing the most appropriate path to be taken. While assisting another, the same willingness to sit quietly as an observer applies.

Assisting another

Holding space for another means to ‘hold the ground’ for them without offering suggestions as to how something should be done. Instead imagine you are the anchor grounding them, as they seek higher plains for answers. If questions are asked of us, be careful not to offer answers but offer suggestions without direct ‘should‘ or ‘should not‘ type answers.

Storytelling works well in these situations. We can either tell a story of self-discovery or we can tell a story of another, with applicability to given situations. The most important thing is to keep the story open for interpretation…not yours, but the other persons understanding.

Ever notice the defiance of children? or their stubbornness to take direction? Believe it or not…they are holding their space. They are master space holders. ‘Be like a child’ is what we aught to do. Observe a child and how they learn…it is through self-discovery. Be like a child…enter every moment in awe.

The Self

Holding Space for the self can be accomplished in many ways. Meditation is a good practice, but cannot always be practiced. i.e. if we are at work with a difficult situation, we may not be able to get into a lotus position in search of the answers. We can however focus on the breath, being present, allowing the situation to unfold before us. Without judgment or self premeditated beliefs, we can simply observe and allow the answers to present themselves. The key is to ‘stand your ground’ in a neutral posture, sending loving thoughts of healing to given circumstances.

Holding space for self does not cost a thing. Therefore, we do not need to go to expensive seminars for it. In fact, if the intent is there and the seeker remains in search of answers…Spirit will always deliver. If it is via Spirit it will be effortless and right on time (note: may not come without pain as often times we have to shed layers of roadblocks before reaching the source). Seminars may be a catalyst, just as a stone or crystal may assist in reaching a specific vibration of healing…allowing answers to flow more freely.

Raising the Vibration

Holding Space for self or another is merely raising the natural state of homeostasis within our body…raising our own vibration to that of a ‘higher-self.‘ Holding our space we elevate to neutral ground, allowing healing to take place. Whether mental, physical or spiritual…healing begins. I use a deliberate emphasis of neutral ground…for both Love and Hate exist on this plain…we merely choose which path to follow.

Stepping into the Canvas with Loving steps and purest of intent, whether for self or another…we walk gracefully in search of solutions. Accepting what was, what could be…we accept what is. Smiling with awe, we come to know this place as a magical place of infinite possibilities…Ani Po

holding space





Negative emotion is your indicator of resistance, while positive emotion is your indicator of allowance. And they are on the same meter: allowance; resistance. Allowance; resistance.~Abraham

Which do we choose? Do we notice the difference? Take note. As one will lead us to happiness, the other shall lead us to an opposing. Which do we choose?


Conquer Fear

To conquer fear, one must accept the not knowing of where our next step may lead.~Ani Po

This lesson has proven correct multiple times in my life. Every time I was afraid of doing something or getting out of a given situation, too often I would close up, not doing anything about or procrastinating what was expected to be done.

I was asked to do plumbing once, but failed to step up to the plate. Due to self ignorance fear led the way…into nothing getting done. Similar with electrical, painting, even building a house. Until one day, I recognized my own fears and deciding to take a small step into the unknown.

Just as we were kids, standing on a high dive for the first time, we have a choice to make. Take the step or climb back down. One decision may prove a myriad of excitement, while the other yields failure or disappointment. Maybe it is time to take that step into the unknown…maybe it is time to take a leap of faith…

in the light


Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.~Mahatma Gandhi

Harmony comes from a place within. Looking within, we discover without. Focusing on that of what we want in the world, cultivates an environment of creating a life we wish to see. See it, believe it and know it to true…snap…It Is So.


Motivation is What Gets You Started

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.~Jim Rohn

It still amazes me how the cycles of life enter our daily lives. For me it is often up and down, as the body identifies. But what is that magic moment which thwarts us into the upswing? It is a thought, often time, presented at a time of despair or disgust…only to flash in an instant…giving us the light we needed in our darkest moments. Expounding on this thought we create new habits…ultimately a new reality…