Here to Help Myself

I am not here to help anyone. I Am here to help myself.~Ani Po

Sounds pretty selfish doesn’t it?! Allow me to explain, assuring you it is not. It is our human nature to look outward, finding flaws within the Canvas of Life. We judge people for their actions, their words and the like, forgetting basic laws of nature…Nature does not judge or compare itself to another…it just is. Similarly, we look to correct the Canvas around us to how we think it should be for another.

A single flower does not worry about what the others are doing to bloom. Instead it just climbs higher and higher, reaching for the source of sunlight. In doing so for the self, this little flower reaches for the most perfect bloom…adding to the beauty of the whole bunch.

Just as a single flower finds itself, so shall we find ourselves amongst the others. Stepping into the Canvas freer than ever before, we open to others asking for our help. It is a paradoxical force of helping ourselves. In helping ourselves, we help humanity. As within, so without…

Here to help myself



Apply the Lesson

It is not enough to hear the message, but more importantly to apply the lesson.~Ani Po

I am just as guilty at this lesson as the next. Have you ever noticed a recurring incident happening over and over? Almost seems comical at times?! Chances are it recurs because we fail to hear its call. Assuredly, the next time this happens, pay attention to all aspects of the given situation…chances are it has a message for you. Heeding the call, I bet the recurrence goes away…

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We Are Cleansed

From our Canvas to our souls, we are cleansed.~Ani Po

Connecting to Spirit, our Canvas and Soul become as one…allowing ease within our days. As we paint the Canvas of our Lives in Love and Kindness, our inner sparkle shall emerge. It is our perception of things which creates perception of self. Vice versa, as we view ourselves as divine, so goes the world around us…

we are cleansed

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Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge.~Sylvia Plath

It is often in quiet moments, our greatest ideas emerge. Just as an artist creates upon a canvas, we too shall create in our lives. When riddled with the answers, we need only close our eyes…with intention present…allowing the answers to flow.

In my personal experiences, it has been those moments of feeling alone, afraid to move forward, that thwarted me into new realities. It takes courage, faith and knowing that answers are on their way…even when our outlook may not present as such.




Be Happy For This Moment

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.~Omar Khayyam

At any given moment we are challenged to make a choice, a choice between happiness and despair. Whatever the factors involved, we have the ability to remain at peace and present within our happiness. Give in to the negativity and we lose another moment of happiness. Remain in this moment…remain in happiness…

Be happy for this moment


Joy is Found

Joy is found in ones own heart.~Ani Po

Finding joy within ones own heart, yielding to detachment of all things, all understanding of how things should or should not be. Through detachment of what the Canvas presents, we accept gratitude in our hearts for all possibilities, all opportunities to share gratitude with another. With gratitude in our heart…Joy is certain to Brighten our days…

Joy is Found


Creation of Beauty is Art

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.~Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is through our own hunger that we are fed. Whether literally or metaphorically, we hunger for something better in our lives. That which we place upon our lips shall feed our souls, that which we seek shall be found.

The Canvas of Life is painted via a personal yearning for something better in our lives. We could search high and low, or we could look within our hearts. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, beauty is in thoughts we put forth. See with our hearts and a Masterpiece shall be revealed…

Creation of beauty is art