We are Born of Love

We are born of love; Love is our Mother.~Rumi

With a birthing of each new day, we are given a chance to express Love. Repeat after me…no matter what is thrown my way, no matter a curve-ball or a fast-ball, I choose to receive only Love. Receiving Love, I return the gift…

love is our mother


Weeds are Flowers Too

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.~A.A.Milne

Just as weeds are flowers, so to are people who cross us throughout our day. We can choose to see them as cross as they may be or look closely for a better understanding. Similarly, our own thoughts can betray us…leaving us amongst the weeds. Pruning these thoughts, we allow a beautiful flower to emerge.

What was once a bad idea, now a magical experience.

Stepping into the Canvas witnessing beauty all around us. As we let go of misguided thoughts, we accept divine connections with all there is. Witness the weeds then see them for their beauty.

Weeds are flowers too

Taking the Breaks Off

It has been ten years of self-discovery, that led me to this final place of knowing. A knowing not of where I am to go, but what I must do. Peeling back layers upon layers, discovering more truths of self, there is yet one final push to happiness.

Each step along the way…each truth revealed…returning to day to day routines, I discover with each step a new truth exposing more possibilities towards that happy place we all seek. What is that final push? It is the final letting go of any limiting behaviors, any limiting beliefs that I am not good enough, not able to perform that which is chosen for me. This is the day I choose to throw it all out the window, listening not to the naysayers nor Ego of my own mind, taking the breaks off.

On this day, moving forward into infinite possibilities, choosing to do as I am asked to. Not by any one person, but from Spirit which calls my name. It is in the answering of this call, letting go of limiting beliefs, our world is turned upside down and inside out. In heeding this call, we are asked to go, potentially, where others choose not to go. It is this day we choose to make a difference, not for selfish reasons but selfless reasons.

Through the writing of this blog, to the healing of those around me, I give freely of this gift bestowed upon me. This gift is a gift given unto everyone, but accepted by few. Today I accept, today I share with you…

Stepping into the Canvas Dancing with Inspiration. As the sun kisses the dawn of a new day, so to we kiss the infinite wisdom freely given unto us. Gently walking…warmly embracing…lovingly accepting all as perfectly imperfect as they appear to be.

Ani Po

dancing with inspiraton


Along the Road to Truth

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.~Buddha

It is through personal observation we come to a common conclusion…there is no right or wrong. We are taught what is and what is not, but only a perception of such. However, when it comes to knowing our truths and a deeper understanding of these, we instinctively come to a knowing that it is better to try no matter the expected outcomes.

Through applied efforts, we rest easier knowing we gave everything we had. If it does not turn out the way we expect, then we try again. But how many times do we try? As many times as we choose or the expected outcome takes place. Just as the above quote states, the only mistakes are not going all the way and not starting.

Stepping into the Canvas, with decisiveness in our step, we explore the infinite possibilities as to what or where we are going.  May this be the day we choose to change our footing; may this be the day we choose infinite possibilities; may this be the day that all is attained.

along the road to truth

Paint A Brighter Future

The dirt of our past can clutter our present day or paint a brighter future.~Ani Po

Looking back on our personal Canvas of Life, we choose to see the imperfections or the perfection of our present being. In seeing the gifts bestowed upon us, we alter our future days. With acceptance to whatever path has led us thus far, we choose, intently, the path that will lead us to paradise…

paint a brighter future


The Trees That Are Slow To Grow

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.~Moliere

Just as the pace of nature proves the sweetest of days, so to our Canvas of Life. With focus on intent, we patiently await the sweetness of our days…accepting only that which provides the best of nutrition.

While flesh of man hurries to the finish, spirit awaits the perfect timing of all things. Accept the pace of nature…patiently go forth…alowing all things to arrive in divine timing…

trees that are slow to grow


That Which We Consume

That which we consume, reflects outwardly.~Ani Po

Whether substance or thought, our projected day is a reflection of what we consume. If we are at ends with what we feed our bodies or mind, it is in our best interest to look at which serves our greater good. If our thoughts have got the best of us, maybe it is time to redircet our intentions to that of happiness.

Today is a new day, a day of change. We know what we want…so we are going to get it…

that which we consume