Clearing Space

As I sit and stare at my own clutter, I am reminded of the many ‘stuff’ we acquire…failing to let go of it in fear of needing it one day. Then one day has come and didn’t need it after all?! What to do with this stuff? Time to clear the space, allowing emptiness to fill the space.

I remember helping a friend build a shed, as he needed a place to put his tools. The building was success and it was filled rather nicely. Everything was out in order and had its place. But over a course of a year the space was displaced and nothing had its place.

My friend called me and asked if I would help him build another shed, but this time a little bigger. I asked if we were removing the other, to his answer “No, it is filled with stuff. I need room for more stuff.”

I agreed. We built a bigger shed, with more improvements and storage space. We built shelving units, hooks for hookable things and even made storage space in the rafters of said shed. It was a masterpiece and all the things that went in had a place of its own. But over another course, the space was in disarray and nothing had its place.

My friend called to ask If we could build another shed, little bigger and room for a few four-wheelers. This space was going to be used for the bigger tools and sports vehicles…maybe even a boat?!

So we began building. Half way through the project, my friend considers the idea that maybe he had too much stuff in the first place and maybe it was better to start cleaning up some of the stuff…letting go of what no longer served his needs. You think?! I explained.

We built this shed anyway, filled it to every last inch with stuff…only to have them all burn to the ground, taking all the stuff with. My friend called with the terrible news, to his surprise, I reply “now you don’t have to get rid of anything?!”

He as not pleased with my answer and was hurt some more. Although after much contemplation he returned my call and decided that maybe I was right. “I think that none of it was a necessity, but merely a wanting to fill a void within myself. I lost everything, but found myself.”

Stepping into the Canvas losing everything, only to find myself. It is easy to fall into a trap of wanting more stuff, but what happens when it is gone? Enjoy the stuff we have and the time it lasts…we shan’t need anything else.

shed in woods

Closing my Eyes

I close my eyes to that which was seen,

Allowing truth to paint a different scene.

The world around me painted by misery,

Remains forever in harmonious melody.

That which was is not,

That which was not is.

Fear and anger have lost,

Only Love and Peace is droste.

Hopelessness and failures have gone,

No need to answer this…merely a yawn.

That which was is not,

That which was not is.

Whether beginning or end matters not,

Only here and now I aught.

Whether abundant or lack matters not,

Only Peace that which I fought.

That which was is not,

That which was not is.

Stepping into the Canvas with magic brush in hand, capable of painting any picture I wish. It is my choice to do this or that, be that or this…which will it be…the choice is up to me….Ani Po

with magic brush