The Walls We Build

The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.~Jim Rohn

I am reminded of this lesson while listening to a friend discuss her unhappiness. My dear friend has been hurt in the past, hence building walls of great strength to keep from further enduring pain inflicted by another or the illusion of pain self-inflicted.

She is a strong person, so strong that her words pierce the sharpest of armor on any warrior. The caution I expressed to her “was it possible that this wall keeps you from your own happiness?”

Perplexed…But I am happy!

Are you? Can you honestly say that nothing can bother you during your day?

Well of course not! There are many reasons why my day can go wrong.


Because, people have their own agenda and pay little attention to the people around them or the pain they may cause.

This is true, but do we have to allow their agendas of lacking consideration of those around them cause our pain?

Well no…I guess.

We can build all the walls we want or we can simply ignore the triggers that create our pain. I am not saying ignore the pain, but accept the pain but move on. Another persons inflicting pain does not have to become our own. However, if there’s deliberate physical harm or mental anguish inflicted upon us, then we have the choice to walk away.

Not my monkey, Not my circus…or simply stating “No thank you!”

Stepping into the Canvas as free and vulnerable as the world may see. No more walls, no more boundaries set…just freedom to be as happy as we choose to be.

the walls we build around us

It is I who hath come and It is I whom shall go

Though my shattered world has crumbled at my feet,

I shall remain in faith…applying glue that which holds all together.

Though my canvas before me is tainted by darkened pigments,

I shall lighten it with the brightest of colors.

Though my path is bumpy and rugged,

I shall stay surefooted upon the path towards happiness.


It Is I who hath come and it is I whom shall go.


Acceptance from another is not needed,

But my own.

Happiness for another is not my responsibility,

but my own.

Love given freely to all,

shall forever remain the glue that which binds my happiness.


It is I who hath come and it is I who shall go.


From beginning to end,

The Canvas shall remain.

From start to finish,

It shall forever be painted in Faith, Hope and Love.

From Alpha and Omega,

I am That I am.

It is I who hath come and it is I who shall go.

Stepping into the Canvas with the happiest feet, feet can be. By my own doing, I choose to accept that which brings me joy. That which does not…I say “no thank you”…allowing it to go on its way. Choose or choose not…the difference is with me.


It is I wo hath come



Responsible for the Self

Whether personal or other peoples’ issues tainting our sights on a blissful day, there is always an opportunity to return to ‘that’ peaceful place where nothing can bring us down. We all have those moment, even I do, where we are tested for our strength or perseverance of peace.

When I am tested, I retrieve quickly into my space. Space of healing and Loving Light. This is a place where our dreams are nurtured, reality is transformed and peace is restored. It is a magical place created by all…on an individual level or collective.

While being challenged by personal dilemmas of the day, I am called upon by a friend whom is having an equally or greater challenge of the day. Quickly I enter my space of happiness, asking “how may I be of assistance?”

I don’t know what to do. My wife says I have changed and she is afraid I might leave her. I have tried everything, but nothing seems to be working.

What do you mean you have tried everything?

I mean..I have tried to shower her with gifts, picking up extra chores, doing my part..but she doesn’t understand what I am going through.

Maybe you should stop trying and merely assure her you are in for the long haul?

I have tried that. I tell her how much she means to me everyday, but she fails to acknowledge.

By acknowledge, do you mean you expect her to return the loving kindness you display?


Sorry my friend it does not work that way. We must give without expectations of anything in return. Doing something out of the blue for your spouse is great and often heartfelt, but if it is conditional than it loses its face value.

Then what am I to do?

Nothing. Keep on your path and allow her to be on hers. You both are on your own paths with hopes of remaining together on similar paths. We all have our own timing of things and we aught to keep patient for those lagging behind. I do not mean lagging behind in a sense of you are further along on your path and she is behind…you are merely on your own timing of things. Patience…she will catch up. Further, she may even pass you?!

But I can’t take it anymore! I am mentally drained nd now physically I am bending over with lower back pain and experiencing hemorrhoids for the first time. This is not a small issue either! The little sucker is a golf-ball sized hemorrhoid!

I see. A dear friend of mine reminded me of the comical lessons the Universe often give us and he would probably say “Looks to me like the Universe is trying to tell you to stick it out?!”

You mean I created physical pain to coincide with mental stress?

Yep! We often create a psycho-somatic response to our psychic dilemmas, manifesting them into a physical sense. Your hemorrhoid is merely a reminder to stick it out no matter how painful it gets.

When will it go away?

As soon as you accept the pain as real, allowing it to pass. Allowance of our own pain-bodies, allows an alchemical response within the self. In our acceptance of our given situations, we instinctively move on in a brighter fashion. Meaning…feel it and let it go, return to what matters most…thine own happiness.

I don’t know but will give it a try.

My dear friends dilemma was finally accepted and physical pain subsided. Just as his pain-body taught him a valuable lesson, we too can learn from the pain we endure. Allowing it to manifest, but then asking it to take a step aside. Assuredly, it all passes with time…allowing us to return to what brings us happiness.

But what if my friends dilemma did not subside? What if his pain only got worse? What if the external factors are too great for his own capability to attaining peace? I am reminded of this lesson by another’s example…some times it is best to just walk away and start fresh.

While I do not recommend walking away every time things get difficult, I do recommend finding joy within the self. Whatever happens with the other person, it is their own choice to find peace with or continue searching outside the realms of their own being.

We all have choice to be at peace or continue living our lives in hopes of peace. It is a choice to remain in our own peace, but it is also the other persons choice to find theirs. Whatever happens beyond that…it is written in the stars.

Stepping into the Canvas responsible for the self, for I may not please everyone, make the right decisions, or know all the answers to life’s mysteries. Assuredly I will remain in happiness…allowing others to find their own.

We are responsible for the self, thus in part holding the key to eternal happiness.~Ani Po

responsibile for the self


My Heart Has Yearned

All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.~Andre Breton

This quote cannot be described and has no further words…it merely must be felt by the individual. We all have a yearning and we know what it is…so why not make today the first step to following this path towards that which we yearn?

my heart has yearned


The Sweetest of All Sounds

The sweetest of all sounds is Love within our Hearts.~Ani Po

With Love in our hearts, the world around us becomes more loving. While we are not perfect, either is the whole universe. Magically returning the sounds of Love inward to outward, we are creating a loving atmosphere with every step of the way…

love within our hearts

What is Invisible to The Eye

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.~H.Jackson Brown, Jr.

We are often deceived by our own eyes, trying to interpret what is visualized and understood by our own consciousness. What we fail too see…is with a humbled heart. The homeless man who pan-handles for money, judging them and declaring they need to get a job. Failing to realize this person lost everything he once loved and has given up on life itself. What we see as an opportunity to shove our own judgment upon them, we fail to give hope of encouraging words or a loving hand.

what is invisible to the eye


The Song of Our Own Heart

The best thing to hold onto is the song of our own heart.~Ani Po

No matter what play around us, may the trees remind us of sweet music that awaits our attention. It is the song that lifts us up and out of any misery. Can we sing it at anytime? Of course we can! We can hum quietly, sing aloud, letting ‘the others’ question our sanity.

When the wind howls, do the trees fight back? or do they remain in their own space, singing their own song…creating a harmony with the howling wind. We have this same gift, a gift to sing at will…creating a peaceful place within. As peace is restored in our being, peace is restored around us.

song of our own heart