Showing Our Way Home

No matter where you’ll go,

I will find you.

From meadows to the highest of mountains,

I Will find you.

From the oceans to the darkest of moments,

I will find you.

From starry nights to the new lit Sun,

I will find you.

From my mind to my heart,

I will find you.

Stepping into the Canvas with compass in hand. We set out once again to find our way, with no direction but our own. Listen to the others directions and we may miss the path before us. Listen to our own heart and it is illuminated…showing our way home.

showing our way home


With a Master’s Brush

We listen to the stories of old,

With hopes of brighter future.

Nay to the naysayers and the outcomes of past,

Believing this moment in history.

Whatever the day brings forth,

There is a tranquil spot awaiting our presence.

The pictures before us,

Gone with a stroke of our genius.

Whatever color of choice,

It is our creation awaiting our undivided attention.

Swipe, Swoosh, Splat,

The final touch awaits.

It is time,

Time to paint the masterpiece.

Stepping into the Canvas with a Master’s brush. The Canvas behind appears nothing like the one which lay before us. It whispers, screams for our attention…do we listen? or return back to the day in and day out? Stepping into the Canvas with a Master’s Brush…Creating and re-creating our reality to the way we see it to be…Ani Po

With a master's brush

I Saw the Angel

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.~Michelangelo

We all have visions or dreams of what our reality may be. Whether through writing, sculpting or painting upon a canvas, we all have vision of what our reality may be. Some choose to passionately follow these dreams, unfolding miraculous gifts from within…while others remain in fear of what may or may not be.

Stepping into the Canvas with brush in hand. With brush in hand, a little nudge from the Universe, we set out to change our history. Changing our own, we change the history of all humanity. From self to all there is we are born…

I saw the angel


Dreams are Everything

While dreams are everything, it is the dreamers of the day whom surpass the dreamers of the night.~Ani Po

This is not say that one is superior to the next, but an invitation to oneself…delving into the dream world of reality. Further it is not a statement of literal control of dreams of daytime, but an understanding of how dreams come to our aid.

Many years ago, during a time of new discovery, I came to a realization that our daytime mirrors our nights. What we think by day is mirrored into the night, unless we pay attention to the dreams. Merely ignoring them, we ignore our present moment of the day.

Dreams are not often what they appear. Some may be more foretelling then the next, while some leave us in the dark. Digging into a deeper understanding of the dream, we come to a deeper understanding of the self. With dreams of miracles or destruction, they often give direction to our daily interactions. Pay attention and learn to master these dreams.

Master the dreams of the night and we master our dreams by day…lending more light in our days. Ignore them and risk repeating life lessons our Canvas has to offer. Master these dreams…soon the daytime becomes the night and the nighttime becomes the day…leaving a world filled with infinite possibilities.

Stepping into the Canvas whilst mastering the dream. Dreaming a new reality it becomes so. With every step, a new beginning; every breath there is hope. Why? Because we said it is so…dreams are everything

Changing Our Reality With a Single Thought

Changing our reality with a single thought or continuing reality by hanging on.~Ani Po

About twenty years ago I was diagnosed with Allergies. Allergies to nature and animals, scoring off the charts. My allergist prescribed inhalers, pills and weekly shots. The one thing that helped most was intramuscular shots.

Every shot had allergens of all sorts. In the tiniest amounts it was injected into my body, as to build up natural immunity.

After ten years of seasonal suffering, I began searching for answers to my reactions. No longer wishing to take a Western Approach, I tried herbal teas, homeopathic remedies…alas to no avail. What to do now? Continue the search for ten more years.

Last year I was reconnected with mother nature on a deeper level. Upon going to Peru, I was reacquainted to the healing medicine Mother provides. Upon taking the medicine my reality was flipped upside down, facing my deepest fears and darkest secrets. Parallel to these darkened moments came hidden secrets of the self.

With my darkest secrets revealed, psychosomatic responses began slowly fading away. Back pain, Dark rings around my eyes, twitching and other various nervous disorders. What was happening? What was this connection to my ailments?

As I write at the peak of allergy season, with very little symptoms, a voice speaks to me. A voice from plant spirit guides me to let go of past beliefs, letting go of the bond of psychosomatic response to that which I am holding onto. What?! This can’t be! Just when I doubt, my mid-thoracic spine locks up…spiraling into a multitude of spasms.

Louise Hay discusses various physical ailments that reflect our psyche and creates pain in certain areas of the body. Hmmm…can my pain in the mid-thoracic be a response to my holding onto the past? “I release all previous beliefs, knowing that my future holds bright and allowing a new reality to present itself. I am safe and I am healed.”

Upon verbalizing this last phrase, the back pain was removed. Coincidence? Made up in the confines of my psyche? It really doesn’t matter to what the answer may be, as long as it holds true to my new reality. Is it possible that my allergies were also a psychosomatic response to my stubbornness to change? It is no coincidence that peak allergy season is paralleled with a heightened time of change…that of spring and fall.

Our planet is changing at light speeds and so are we, why do we resist? Why can we not evolve on a daily basis? Weekly? Yearly? Constantly letting go of the past, embracing a new reality of change.

It is said that the happiest people are those who welcome change. This lesson holds very dear to my heart, as I move forward into brighter days…letting go…yet once more…that which does not serve me.

Changing our reality

He Who Has a Why

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.~Friedrich Nietzsche

Too often I have found myself unaware of how something was going to turn out, but assuredly it did. Why? The answer is in the question. Why, because my intent was far greater than how this something was going to transpire.

If we spend our days asking how is this going to happen? or stating it is impossible, than assuredly the prediction comes true. Let go of the outcome and allow it to be so.

he who has a why

The Missing Piece

I Am the missing piece.~Ani Po

We have questions in need of answers.

We seek guidance or direction when we are lost.

We request healing when we are sick.

We yearn for Love when the world around us remains in anger.

Look inward and know that I Am there…I Am the missing piece.

missing piece