We Are the Creation

We spend our whole life trying to prove creation, failing to see we are the creation.~Ani Po

From micro-cosmos to macro, there are things beyond our comprehension. Looking to the skies for answers and theories, seeking to prove creation, we fail to take the quickest route to all there is. From the mind to the heart, traveling inward, we find all we need to know.

Stepping into the Canvas with an inward gaze. Looking within we prove all there is without. From thought to reality, action to infinite possibilities, we are creating new realities. Whatever the current reality, it can be changed…we need only believe it to be so. With belief of all there is…it shall be so.

We are the Creation

Thought Creates Time

While thought may create time, it is our actions that defines IT.~Ani Po

“As a man thinketh so is he.” Ebbing and flowing through time, continuously redefining our reality, we come to a common conclusion…it just is. All theories, all historical facts, carry a commonality…we are here, creating a reality we think is real. What is real?

We see trees waving in the wind, birds chirping to the song of creation, spacecrafts skyrocketing to other parts of the galaxy. Trying to prove this, trying to prove that…disagreeing only to agree. For what? What is the purpose of our existence? To just live…enjoying the creation before us.

What is our reality? How do we make it so? Simply put…we just choose to live as we wish to live. While this does not sit quietly with the dogmatic teachings or indoctrinated theories of everything, we continue to seek quietly, feverishly for answers to all things. Failing to find them, we look in…seeing all we need to know.

So which path do we choose? Whichever path lay before us. No right, no wrong. All paths have dichotomous consequences, whichever path we choose defines our world around us. Choose a path of lie and deceit, attract people and more events to prove this reality. Choose truth and compassion, the world around us appears to expand into a world of paradise.

Stepping into the Canvas with thoughts suiting our reality. Create a world of fear and anger, attract more pain and hatred in the world. See the Love and Beauty of the days…extending a limitless Love supply into the Universe.

Ani Po

Thought Creates Time

Time Enough

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.~Rabindranath Tagore

We can dwell in the past or worry about the future, but will we have time to enjoy the present moment? If our days are filled with worries of past or future, do we have time to revel in the syncrosensational moment of the now?
Follow the butterfly, as it kisses each flower it meets or rests on a neighboring limb. Learn from the butterfly, as it greets each new day with gentleness of all there is. Spread one’s own wings, taking flight to a new reality…a reality of awe-inspired beauty within the Canvas of Life.

time enough


Bring Sparkle into People’s Lives

It’s wonderful when you can bring sparkle into people’s lives without fading away from your own true color.~Dodinsky

Be true to one’s own self, that is of utmost importance. Sacrifice not self happiness but remain in happiness. While it is very rewarding to bring happiness to another, be sure it is not at personal expense. Be happy and allow others to be happy…it is a win-win!

sparkles into people's lives

Pic shared by ohayo-neko


Begin Every Canvas

A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.~Leonardo Da Vinci

Was Da Vinci talking about painting or a Shadow Effect of one’s soul? Either way…in order to allow the beauty to shine upon the Canvas of Life, whether literal or figuratively, we need only look upon our own shadows of life to see the beauty of self and others.

Not one person is perfect and surely have cast a shadow or two in their lifetime. Once we look upon our own shadows, we can affix our gaze upon the source of Light. Affixed to the source of light…our shadows remain forever behind us.

leonardo da vinci

Painting by Robert Rauschenberg

Become Young

It takes a long time to become young.~Pablo Picasso

As kids we remain in joy and mystery, only to loose this special quality of life. Some may hold onto this but majority lose this gift throughout their lifetime.

While some take a whole lifetime to return back to the innocence of a child, others forget and never recover what they have lost. Fortunately for us we are on our way to reclaiming what was lost! As we let go of our collective fears, we regain our eternal joy within. No matter what comes our way, we adjust our sails to accept coming storms.

Stepping into the Canvas reclaiming our youth. As we start each day in awe and excitement, we remain in Peace, Love and Joy…spreading seeds of hope for others. Spreading these seeds we allow others to water their dreams of hope…hopes of finding their child within.

pablo picasso

Walk on Water

“If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat.”~Matthew 14

Recently I went on a camping trip with twenty-six teenagers with a message of overcoming our fears. The message of the trip came from Matthew’s story of walking on water. Jesus walked out onto the water, inviting disciples to follow him in faith. When Peters’ fear overcame him, he fell into the deep blue waters.

Overcoming my own fears throughout life, I am faced with even greater challenges. Now that I have surpassed my fears of moving forward, accepting who I am to become…more fear crept in. Failing to trust, in faith, that this is the path before me, I fell into the deep blue waters of my soul.

Trusting the path before me, trusting God has put the path before me…I move forward in faith. With each step and ounce of fear, but greater trust that all is the way it is to be. Trusting that everything has led to this point in time, confidently walking into the future of the unknown.

We are all faced with fears. Some small and some greater than others. Whether we choose to move past them will be the difference of learning new lessons of life versus repeating similar lessons. Is it time to move by faith or remain in fear? The choice is ours.

Stepping into the Canvas with willingness to walk on water. Though we know not how to proceed, we turn to faith and “all will guide us in the direction we desire.” If we want to walk on water, we have to get out of the boat.

The picture below was divinely cropped, as the kids on our trip spoke in incomplete sentences. Morgan, the wearer of the tie-died shirt, was irritated by the “when you want…” phrases being passed along on the trip. When I took this picture I thought it was perfect, not knowing it had been cropped in an incomplete sentence. Divine intervention is what I attributed it to…God does have a sense of humor.

walk on water