Sitting Quietly

Sitting quietly once again, reminded of the cycles of life. Some large, some small…with every day, every month and year there are cycles we identify. As this cycle ends another begins…I await.

At the time of every New Moon, I am reminded the purpose of life. Give and receive, give and receive…rest…repeat. This is a time where I used to get down on myself, feeling boredom or sadness. Does this happen to you?

This time is different. I sit quietly knowing I am to rest and await the next tasks at hand. Proving this, a friend messages me, as she normally does when I am at this state, only to remind me that I am here on purpose. The Universe confirms this through a friend, a note or something of the like. Reminding me to sit quietly, contemplate, only to begin again.

With thoughts of sadness flying out the window, I am invited to just wait.

Soon this cycle will shift into a new paradigm, a paradigm where the knowing is normal and peace is eternal. Soon the days and nights shall merge, the new moon shall become an eternal moon…allowing us to draw upon our strengths, trust in our gifts…knowing we are right where we need to be.

Stepping into the Canvas with quietude in mind. Learning to sit still, with no thoughts, only to have our soul recharged as if we knew it all along. As the moon cycles pass, so to our thoughts of sadness…only to be renewed with the coming moon. Sit, recharge and await…knowing all is good and we are right on time…

Sitting in quietude

Sight of the Stars Makes me Dream

For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.~Vincent Van Gogh

There are never any guarantees in life, but there’s always an inner guidance of hope. Hope that all will turn out as planned; faith it will be as so. Master faith and hope…assuredly the Canvas before you will seem to conspire in your favor.

With nowhere to turn, we look inward…a place of dark emptiness…a place where all is created. Looking inward we are unknowingly pointed to the stars. Gaze upon them, see the soul painting a brighter picture, a clearer path before you.

Stepping into the Canvas with eyes fixed upon the stars. Fixed upon the stars we travel inward for answers to the many mysteries within our own Canvas of Life. As the mysteries unfold, we give thanks for the beautiful painting before us…

Ani Po

sight of the satrs makes me dream

Facing Forward

Facing forward with eyes set upon the sun.~Ani Po

It is not my intent to dismiss mine or anyone else’s fear or angst, but hope in allowing them to pass. Embracing them, ‘digging them up,’ we learn from them and we grow from them. It is in our fears that we learn the most about ourselves…teaching us strength, hope, pure love…no matter the circumstances.

I am reminded of my own childhood fears, via dreams, by my youngest teacher. As my daughter awakens from a bad dream, sharing the details of her misery, she expresses great fear. Immediately taken back to my childhood ‘nightmares’ and their meaning, which took years to figure out, of such awful visions.

While her dreams are very similar to the ones I had, they are symbolic of change coming for her. While they appear to be horrific, they remain great teachings of strength being born into her young adulthood. With fire and water comes a great cleansing within. Destruction and murderous acts within the dream, create a broadened spectrum of love in the awakened state. To know Love is to know hate.

I did not tell her what to do, but merely allowed her to speak her truth at the moment. Comforting her, we retire back to her dream-world.

Stepping into the Canvas facing forward. No matter the lessons lay behind us, we look to the future of brighter days. Fixing our gaze on the Sun we cast our shadows behind us. In the light of day we are guided by brother sun, by night sister moon…both guiding/offering a new perspective, a new option for facing forward…one of Peace, Love and Happiness…

Ani Po

facing forward


Stepping into the Canvas with Love in our Soul

I write, not to fill pages but to fill thine heart.

Words not spoken but a stroke of the pen.

From mine to yours, yours to mine.

That which is in me also resides in you.

The Love we share is real and it is time to give it away.

Through a hug, a smile, a song it is felt.

That which is real is no longer, that which was foreign is the norm.

My Love…it is on this day we walk forward together, sharing this message for all. We are Love.

Stepping into the Canvas with Love in our soul. For all to see, hear or feel, we are here to share it with the Universe and the Universe is here to share it with us.~Ani Po

with love in our soul

Positive Anything

Positive anything is better than negative nothing.~Elbert Hubbard

Whatever the circumstances, whatever the drama of the day…please, please, please…remain in a positive place of Love and creativity. Remaining here lights a new direction…a direction of Hope; a direction of infinite possibilities.

If the forces too strong, ask “what am I to learn from this?” Asking, remaining in positivity, an answer is revealed.

With hearts filled with Love and gratitude, room for nothing else, we remain holder of the keys to our own paradise. Smiling, Loving, we forever remain in paradise.

Stepping into the Canvas with positive thoughts. With thoughts of Love and infinite possibilities, dormant forces come to our aide. With a knowing of things, it shall be made known unto thee…

Positive anything



Today is the day indeed it is.

What breath shall hold what breath shall give forth.

Today or another inevitably will be.

I am to be hold back no more.

Today is the day indeed it is.

Gratitude and Love splattered like a technicolor dream-coat.

Abundance of flow that is where I shall go.

I am to be it is written for me to see.

Today is the day indeed it is.

Stepping into the Canvas with Love and Gratitude in the heart. Whatever the mind says, let thine heart lead the way. Trust gut instincts and proceed in Love…never being led astray. If we are called for action, let it be so…whatever it is may it be so in Love…

today is the day


He who Learns

He who learns but does not think is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.~Confucious

I laughed when I saw this the other day, as it reminded me of the many times of learning things “the hard way.” Often ignoring the clues or signs, I continued making the same mistakes as before. But! as soon as I became aware of the lessons, they ceased to destroy me.

Opposing the many times of learning, there were times of over analyzing things…never reaching my goals. While both bring despair, we need only find balance within. Finding balance within and the logic behind learning versus thinking things through, we find peace in our steps within the Canvas of Life.

Stepping into the Canvas with new eyes. Eyes that see not only in the darkest of hours but in the brightest of days. Eyes that cut through to the truth of all there is, lending us knowledge that existed inside the self all along…

he who learns