Within our family there are those who paint a brighter picture and those who splatter upon our Canvas.~Ani Po

Whether immediate family or global family, we learn valuable lessons. Directly and indirectly we come to an understanding of the self and others. We choose which to follow and those we choose to excuse…both valuable in our personal growth.

There have been countless lessons in my own life which I chose to follow my own heart. While some lessons impact my life in a positive way, the others…not so positive… also played an impacting part in my growth. Through indirect lessons of truth, I am given opportunities to stay true to my heart. If something does not resonate, I simply say ‘no thank you.’

We all have these in our own families, but we have them on a global canvas of life. We can choose to follow the lead of destruction or we can create a better place for the self. Creating a blissful place within, we emanate outward into the world.

Stepping into the Canvas embracing direct and indirect lessons of life. Giving thanks for this who make a positive impact on our lives, we give thanks to those who oppose our happiness. In the end it is our own destiny to find peace within…loving and accepting all as a beautiful addition to this place within the Canvas.

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Be One

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.~Marcus Aurelius

Too often we look to others judging their actions, failing to see our own. Through our judgment of things we fail to be an example of how to be. While there is no right or wrong, we still have a choice to look within our own hearts to witness that which is missing. Focusing on others we miss the opportunity of remaining in our place of happiness.

Looking within, adjusting our sails, we come to a place of painting a canvas as we see fit. In doing so the canvas written upon our hearts is a reflection of the world around us.

Stepping into the Canvas accepting everything as it is, worrying not about the other peoples steps but our own. In the Canvas of life we can choose to follow or worry about other persons steps or we can carefully and purposefully make our own.

be one

The Beauty of Failure

The beauty of failure is learning from it.~Ani Po

While today was a difficult day, I am witness to lack of control…rising to the challenge of remaining calm.

Have you ever had a trying day, by noon you are wishing the day would end? If so, stay calm, hold true to thyself and remain in the task at hand. If it is another person who tries your patience, let it go…smiling, further bringing light a dismal situation.

Stepping into the Canvas centered in one’s happiness. Centering in happiness, we may be challenged but forever remaining in happiness. People will question us, people we think differently of us…stay the course. Be happy, remain happy…share the happiness wherever you may go…

The beauty of failure

New Directions Await

Just when I thought I knew it all…I realize I know very little. New directions await and new destinations at foot.~Ani Po

Today’s reality is just that…today’s. Whether it is going as planned or not so much, more opportunity awaits in the tomorrow’s of our days. If we remain in the misery of today, we may never get to the mystery of tomorrow. Let go of what holds us down, knowing deep down…all will be good…


If People Sat Outside

If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.~Bill Watterson

Try it. For the next 3-7 days, weather permitting, take some time to notice the painted skies. Feel the serenity of the twinkling night sky. Nothing has to be done, but sit quietly to ingest what nature has to offer.

It is in the nighttime sky our days become brighter. Symbolically our shadows of fear disappear and Light of our inner self shines forth.

Stepping into the Canvas within darkness our days are painted luminously. It is through are quiet time our fears dissolve into every sunset, evaporate into our atmosphere…leaving bliss and peace within our hearts. At peace we are free to share Love unconditionally…

staring at the stars

Darn Near Perfection

Darn near perfection…beautiful just the way you are.~Ani Po

Nobody is perfect or are they? Is it our perception or judgment that declares an imperfection? Truly I say to you, we are all perfect in our own ways and we are beautiful as the next.

Looking beyond the mirror of things, letting go of how we should be or things should be…we come to a place of accepting. Accepting others, accepting the self…as imperfectly perfect as we are. I am not perfect, but I am…so are you!

darn near perfect

That Which is Unseen

May we see that which is unseen.~Ani Po

When we let go of trying to figure things out or try and force things to be the way we feel it should be, the universe conspires to show us another way of seeing the beauty in the world. See through the darkened looking glass, see the beauty behind the masks…it is amazing when we carve our own path.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new perspective. When the normalcy of the day paints a bleak outcome, retreat to a quiet place…wait…see the beauty unfold. Our perception is result of all the conditioned response of the past, but today is a new day for creating that which we seek to find.

that which is unseen