Something that Burns Within

There is something that burns within. Without  name or a given reason.~Ani Po

All our lives, something moved us forward. The lucky ones followed this inner flame, igniting it whenever possible. It is a flame that burns hot with desire, for things we cannot name or label…it just does. From the time we learned to walk, to the time we take our last, something moves us into a new paradigm of understanding.

What is this flame? Where does it come from? Deep within our being, it starts with a flicker and ignites into a roaring wild fire. Once ablaze, it goes where it needs and wants to go. Has it gone out? Can it be re-ignited? It may have gone out but can be lit once again.

Stepping into the Canvas with a forest fire waiting to clear a path of new understanding. Our path is being cleared as we speak, a new beginning is waiting for us…run with it, run with the fire ablaze. See it as destruction or see it as a fresh new beginning…

Something that burns within




Heart Sees

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.~H.Jackson Brown, Jr.

Too often filled with questions, dilemmas or situations that we do not like. Filled with fear, stuck in a rut…with nowhere to go. What do we do? Where do we turn?

More often than not it is as simple as going from our head to the heart. As children we did not think of how or why, but we just did what we needed to do. Either doing or asking for help, often failing…only to retry. If we did not understand something, we simply asked for guidance from a parent, a mentor, or the like…allowing us to go from point A to point B. As adults we have forgotten or have become stuck in our ways of complacency.

Stepping into the Canvas with our Heart eyes widened. With new eyes, we are given new opportunities. Opportunities of seeing a brighter outcomes, painting new pictures, getting to the places we seek to find.

Heart Sees


Meet Each Other With Smile

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of Love.~Mother Theresa

Our daily events may challenge us, our surroundings may prove difficult, but we still have choices to remain happy. Greeting another with a smile can remove all barriers, allowing us into their inner circle.

No matter the differences, remaining in smile, we have the ability to change the course of events. What does it cost? Nothing! Smiles are always free. However they challenge us in believing it is impossible to smile all the time…prove them wrong.

Remain untouched by the nay-sayers, unscathed by the hurtful words or actions and forever in a happy place…with a smile to show record.

Stepping into the Canvas with a smile upon our face. We set out with new eyes, eyes from within the heart of it all…our inner calling of being happy. Merely a choice…and it begins with the self…

meet each other with smile


Our Level Of Understanding

Our level of understanding changes with each new step.~Ani Po

From adolescence to adulthood our understanding as to how things work can change drastically as we come to know truth in the present moment. Our understanding of things comes with a knowing all things change and all thoughts can follow.

We may have been taught one thing as kids, carrying into young adulthood, only to come to a place of knowing that something else exists outside our belief system…challenging our beliefs yet again.

Whatever the case, we come to a place of knowing in our own rights. As we come to a place of knowing, we are challenged by those around us. Whether by their own beliefs or merely their own fear of something else being true. Stay the course. Stay true to the path before you.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new understanding. As we open our hearts to new ideas and beliefs, we begin to understand those around us and how their beliefs fit into this Great Canvas before us. Allowing their Canvas to exist within our own, we coexist as master painters…creating a great Picture of Love can paint a mighty Canvas.

Our level of understanding

Observing All There Is

Letting go of the past, accepting the future, observing all there is.~Ani Po

Unattached from what will be, accepting what is…allowing all to be as it was written. Getting to this place requires trust, trust within one’s own self. Letting go of what had been told or what has been laid before us, we rewrite the Canvas of Life as we see fit.

Life is a dream, meant to float merrily down the stream. Let go of what direction we are to go, or possibilities of what will be…simply allow it to unfold. Following our hearts, we have a compass pointing the way.

Stepping into the Canvas with non-attachment. No longer bound by any structure or any rights or wrongs…merely following the Heart Compass. With a feeling deep within we shine without…allowing our heart to sing with universal chorus.

observing all there is



Learning to Trust

Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks.~Isaac Watts

At first we learn to trust our parents, teachers, leaders…until our heart begins to sing louder than truths before. Ignore this song we fall into the masses. Accept this song, accepting a connection to all there is…allowing a Syncrosensational life to take form.

While trust is an issue from the start, learning to trust what we have been told. It is with greatest difficulty we break these bonds of current reality, allowing for a new Canvas to paint our path before us. Trust the song given to us, learn to sing in gratitude and we shall be forever free.

Stepping into the Canvas trusting that all is good. Regardless of the media coverage or the first glance appearance of things, we allow a deeper view to take form. Seeing passed the deformity of the world, the malevolence, we see all as it was created as pure as it was meant to be.

learning to trust


The Steps We Take

The steps we take can make for brighter days…we need only take the first step.~Ani Po

Numb is what we are.

Unable to shift our reality.

What we see is what we get.

It is what it is.

Until the pain is too great, dreaming of a new reality.

We step.

We shift.

A New reality is born.

Our reality is as it is according to our belief as to how it should be. Remaining as it is, we remain as it is. Shifting our consciousness to higher ground, we shift our reality as well. Seeing the good in all, the promise of a new world, we come to know this truth as a possibility.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new step. Shifting our sites on new possibilities, it is made so. Letting go of old paradigms, accepting in gratitude a new reality…it is made manifest into a new thought process. In acceptance and gratitude for endless possibilities, we accept, no matter what others say, a new reality…and it is so.

the step we take