Love Pours From My Soul

For I will not stop at the simplicity of my words, as the Love pours from my soul.~Ani Po

It is true it has all been written before and there is nothing new written under the sun. The fact remains we need to be reminded that Love is with us always and we can see it as we choose to.

Stepping into the Canvas with Love in our words and actions, for this will be the final chapter. As the days unfold and our Canvas is tainted by misery of another, remain in Loving harmony…allowing our lips to mimic that which is placed upon our hearts…

love pours from my soul

Bring Peace Into My Being

Today I choose, with every step, to bring peace into my being.~Ani Po

With each new day peace is at hand or in this case afoot in our days. With every step we choose to remain in peaceful serenity with loving thoughts, letting bliss and tranquility lead the way. No matter what comes our way, crosses our path, we retreat to our happy place…forever remaining in peace and love.

Stepping into the Canvas with peace in our steps, allowing only that which brings us joy to paint our Canvas before us. With every step, every breath…we remain in Peace, Love and Joy.

bring peace into my being

Beauty in the Day

I decided that if I could see beauty in the day, you cannot ignore Love that is shared.~Ani Po

For many today marks a catastrophic event in history, but for me it is a beautiful day where two became one.

As today marks our twenty-second anniversary, I choose to remain in gratitude for what this day brings. Not forgetting about the tragedies, but staying focused on Beauty that still is yet to come. Two individual beings coming together as one, exploring new arenas together.

With ups and downs or as it is so, we walk together hand in hand…awaiting the next chapters in our lives. The last twenty-two were as they were and the next twenty-two even better so.

Stepping into the Canvas with Love emanating from our souls, leaving gentle nudges for others to witness beauty within the Canvas of Life. With every gentle kiss, loving embrace, kindness in our words…the Canvas is painted in Pure Love…the way it was meant to be seen…

Beauty in the Day


Seeing the World As We Do

Let no person keep us from seeing the world as we do.~Ani Po

The Canvas of Life is meant to be enjoyed. Painted by unconditional love, awaiting our presence. See it as the media paints it to be, a neighbors own interpretation or the like and we shall forever paint a bleak outcome on our days. See it in its originating beauty, caring for the Canvas before us, we begin an interactive role in humanity…forever changing the course of self, community and global awareness.

Stepping into the Canvas with eyes anew…seeing the Canvas spectacularly as it was intended to be. We are not here to destroy another tree, harm another soul. Instead we are here to embrace and create a place for all to enjoy. See the Canvas with a new set of eyes, see it through the eyes of Love…

seeing the world as we do

Staircase to Heaven

My soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through Earth’s Lovilness.~Michelangelo

We seek and hope that we find paradise in the afterworld, failing to witness the miracles of each new day. Setting our gaze upon the afterwards we miss the beauty within the Canvas before us.

Our gateway to heaven is in the present moment. With every step and every breath, we have the opportunity to catch its beauty. Hidden in the misery of our days, lay a mystery waiting to unfold. Seek it and ye shall find it.

Stepping into the Canvas with our gaze upon the present, finding the hidden treasures of our days. Hidden in the darkness, lay dormant a flickering light within us all. Ignite this spark, see the beauty within the Canvas of Life. The time is now…

staircase to heaven

Fire In The Belly

 And the day has come to let the fire burn from within, lighting a new path without.~Ani Po

There remains a fire within the burns hot with desire. We listen to those around us and the fire is squelched. Listen to the inner voice, allowing that fire to burn as wildly as we can. It is our burning to desire to be that which we came here to be…it is time.

Until that day our cries are heard and the music within begins to sing. The Canvas before us awaits our special touch and is creation who rejoices at our inner most desires. Embracing our desires we look to new beginnings, new directions…setting the world on fire. It is not our intent to bring harm to another for the remaining days, but to lift them up so that we may join in the rejoicing sounds of a harmonious melody.

Stepping into the Canvas with a fire in the belly. That which burns with desire within so shall be without. Setting our desires free into the world we set our soul on fire…remaining free forevermore…

Fire within






The World Is

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.~E.E.Cummings

The truth of each new day is potential of encountering a puddle or murky waters. How we interpret our encounters shall determine whether or not we find happiness in the simple beauty of the days. We can see it as a roadblock or a beautiful mysterious challenge awaiting our conquering.

Whatever stands in our ways, we have the ability to see things through the eyes of a child…finding enjoyment in jumping in with both feet. Step around or jump in with enthusiasm, merely a choice we all may take.

Personally, I have may have forgotten to have fun in all encounters, allowing to make light of things. I assure you, in my light of things things are not taken lightly but instead are taken with great joy and anticipation of what may be.

Stepping into the Canvas with great vigor, looking forward to playful times of getting dirty. In our muddy situations we find laughter and joy, remembering life is a playground and to make the most of it. Have fun, enjoy every turn and every puddle before us…we got this…

the world is