Sitting Still

Sitting whilst time stands still.
Darkness to light
Breath in and breathe out.
As our moon passes by twice we complete our breath.
Our breath cycle is grander than the mere minute.
What is grander than the breath of life?

In any given moment we arrive or miss the mark.

As above so below.

Cyclical we are…until we are not.

Death and new birth.

We breathe in and we breathe out.

Thought, perception and new cosmos is born.

Stepping into the Canvas with a sense of knowing. Knowing that with every breath we are creating a reality. Whether heaven or hell, it is given unto us. With every thought, a new reality is born…careful…where dost want to go?

a sense of knowing



Love in Times of Trouble

Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.~Euripides

A real friend is one who steps in when every one else steps out. In times of need they are the ones who will sit with us, hold a hand, remaining silent when we need an ear. We are all fortunate to have these friends…why not tell them how fortunate we are?!

love in times of trouble


Divinely Orchestrated

With every breath, every new day…it is divinely orchestrated for us to enjoy.~Ani Po

Some days there are no words to describe, just a feeling we get. These are the moments we just sit and smile, filling ourselves with gratitude. If we pay attention to the details of our days, we will begin to understand there is a higher power at work. Every detail, every interaction…there is a moment of pure synchronization. With every breath, every new day…the Canvas of Life does not disappoint.

with every breath




The True Work of Art

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.~Michelangelo

We capture as best we can, divine beauty of all there is, but yet something still remains amiss. As perfect as perfect can be, it still remains only a speck of something greater. We are merely paintings, individual photographs compiled to a grander picture.

Stepping into the Canvas radiating Divine Beauty. Whether it is mirrored, shadowed or emanated…we are a speck of the divine. That which seen within us can be seen universally in all things. We are collectively the Divine…we are All there Is.

true work of art

Our Purpose Within the Canvas of Life

Our purpose within the canvas of life is to remain forever in mystery and awe.~Ani Po

Pablo Picasso used art to wash away daily dust of the days; Mozart used music to sing another cord; Michael Jordan shot free throws to forget score of another game. Just as these masters remind us to focus on that which brings us joy, we remain in mystery and awe by the many possibilities our days may have.

Stepping into the Canvas in mystery and awe. With no expectation but to enjoy each moment, one step at a time, we remain forever in joy and harmony over the infinite possibilities. We are not here to figure anything out…we are here merely to enjoy all there is…

Our Purpose within the Canvas


One Is Loved

One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.~Paulo Coelho

Too often we attach conditions to the love we share. With exceptions given and ultimatums, we are not giving freely but sharing a conditional love. True love needs no reason and can be given away freely.

Stepping into the Canvas giving of ourselves freely, with no strings attached and no reasons given. Giving and receiving freely as the Canvas of Life does so each and every day.

One is Loved

Our Canvas of Life is a Mirror

Our Canvas of Life is a mirror image of that which we send out.~Ani Po

Share a smile and it spreads throughout the day. Share a kind gesture and surely the favor is returned. Sending out Love it is returned back to us in exponential value. Loving the Canvas of Life and the Canvas of Life showers us with her Love.

Stepping into the Canvas sending out the greatest gifts. With no strings attached we simply give of our Love…unconditionally. Worry not about the returns but value of that which you sent out into the world…

Canvas of Life is mirrored