Something Far More Magnificent

We can buy into everything we are told, or choose to look further into the canvas…seeing something far more magnificent than ever imagined.~Ani Po

We instinctively know there is something far greater than that which is present. Our head mind limited by the human eyes. Opening our hearts, closing our eyes, we open our spiritual sight…seeing all there is to see…

something far more magnificent

Setting Out to Make a Difference

Setting out to make a difference today…you will.~Ani Po

Every thought, every action…defines our days. Changing our thoughts at the start of the day can pave a brighter picture. If we set our thoughts on brightening someones day…we will. If we choose happiness, happiness will remain.

Stepping into the Canvas with confidence, painting our intentions upon our days. Whatever comes forth, within our days, we set our sights on creating a sacred space. Space for self, space for others…we create a sacred space for Peace, Love and Happiness…

Setting out to make a difference

Where our Thoughts Collide

At a ‘zero point,’ the point where our thoughts collide, we have a choice to make…continue a path of destruction as before or choose a peaceful path of knowing…I am all there is.~Ani Po

We all have options, whether we know it currently or yet to understand. Like an hourglass, either at a singular level or a greater plain…there is point in time where we sit with a greater intention of something more to come.

Whether it be at our lowest points, saddest of times or the darkest of moments…there comes a time where the hourglass turns over. The pivotal point between expiring sands of time and the new beginnings is the moment between both parts of the hourglass…the point of endless possibilities. How do we turn our fate…we need to trust and turn the hourglass over.

Stepping into the Canvas embracing all there is. As we see darkness and light of our days, we are given choices. As we choose, we detach from the emotions we once shared. As we move forward from this zero point, we merely choose the our own fate…

zero point

Attempting to Understand

Just as we cannot truly understand nature and her residents, we cannot truly understand humans and varying behaviors or beliefs.

In attempting to understand one another, we inadvertently pass judgment on them. Our understanding of another, we must make a choice to how or what they are doing…further making a choice of acceptance or ignorance. Observe and allow, that is all we need to know.

attempting to understand another




Remain Unattached

Remain unattached from what we think we need to do.~Ani Po

There really is nothing we need to do, we merely feel we have to. Listen to what the body says. Our body will give subtle clues as to what we aught to do next. We needn’t do anything but listen to what our body says beneficial.

Whether it is physical fitness, healthy eating, or daily situational events, our body will give us subtle clues as to what feels right to us. Go with that. Whatever feels good…follow it. If it no longer feels good, stop it. Just as our reality changes so do our decisions of life…

The root of suffering is attachment.~Buddha

remain unattached

Unseen Shall Be Made Known

That which is seen shall be unseen; that which is unseen shall be made known.~Ani Po

Changing realities, letting go of the old… Receiving the new.

What we once thought to be real no longer exists to be true. What do we do? Adopt a new truth. Our truths can change as rapidly with each new day; what we listen to on the outside can change the vibration internally. Listening to the internal voice, we no longer buy into that which has been handed down to us.

Stepping into the Canvas with new sight. Allowing new realities to unfold, new sight and new beliefs to enter our reality…it is so. And so the story continues… “Chop Wood, carry water.”

unseen shall be made known


Taking a Break

When one runs out of options, often it is doing nothing that has greatest value.~Ani Po

Too often we get ourselves in a tizzy as to whether or not we should do this or that. We feel we have to continuously be doing something, failing to just sit quietly…allowing for a recharge or creative juices to percolate.

I sit once again with nothing to write, nothing to add…but there remains a voice “take a break.” What? Take a break? Are you kidding me? Who will monitor this website or the Facebook page? Fear stirs…but it is released. Yep…I think it is time to let go of this as well….

Stepping into the Canvas with nothing in hand. Letting go of all there is, only to connect with all there is. Realizing we have nothing, but everything around us to be enjoyed. Wishing you a blissful day filled with Love, Peace and Joy…may your day be Syncrosensational!

taking a break