What You Might Have Been

It is never too late to be what you might have been.~George Eliot

Frozen in time as if numb, fear ridden, failing to see beyond our own eyes. There is a thought, but we second guess it…failing to allow it into fruition. What would it hurt if we tried? What would it hurt if we didn’t?

Stepping into the Canvas taking chances, what might be or may not be, we shan’t know unless the effort is made. There are countless tales of those who dare to make a difference, a change or do something completely absurd according to the norm. There is no time frame as to when we should do what our heart desires, we need only listen and allow it to be…

what we might be


Peace Within the Canvas

To find peace within the Canvas of Life, one must look inward.~Ani Po

There is nothing we need to do, there is nothing we have to do…we merely are to be…observe and choose the path before us. Whatever our heart calls to, allow it to lead. Trust and see the magnificence of divine timing of all things.

Stepping into the Canvas with an inward gaze. Looking within, seeing without…we shall see the Canvas in brighter lights. Our own peace shall emanate into the world and peace shall be restored.

to find peace within


Predict the Future

The best way to predict the future us to create it.~Peter Drucker

We could try a crystal ball or check our tarot, but ultimately it comes down to choices we make, which shapes our future. While it may not turn out exactly as we wish, we are still creating the future. If it does not turn out in our favor, we have the ability to readjust the sails, until we catch the right winds.

Stepping into the Canvas with a creative mindset, allowing the Universe to conspire in our favor.  With every choice, every readjustment, we are aligning with our end goal. Keeping our eyes on the prize…it shall be ours for sure…

predict the future


At the Center of It All

At the center of it all…I remain.~Ani Po

Recognizing me as the mind, myself as the donkey and I as the heart. At the center of the Heart I Am whole. The I to We, third person singular…I Am here. Just more mind thinking. Really I am nothing…what I choose to see, hear, feel or whatever…I am.

Stepping into the Canvas I am Here. It is in the I that we arrive at a place of knowing. Upon arrival, the I to We, He to She, We to They…we remain forever open to all there is.

at the center of it all



Trust and Witness

Trust and witness the magic that works through.~Ani Po

In digging through self-defeating thoughts, we come to a place of knowing or un-knowing. We either trust the path before us or we continue to doubt ourselves, our worth and our purpose.

Disconnecting from our own fears, we re-connect to all there is. The answers have always resided within, miracles have always been with us…we need only see them. In witnessing little miracles of the day, expansive they become.

Stepping into the Canvas believing in our self. With every thought, every action…may it be on purpose, with conviction and free of all doubts. It is time to trust and see…as the Divine works through…

Trust and Witness

Learning from One Another

Learning from one another, we are complementing each other~Ani Po

Often in relationships there is one or both who fail to recognize the gift before them. The gift of partnership, cherishing every moment. Failing to see, they choose the blame game…blaming the other for failures or shortcomings. One chooses to make things right, no matter the cost, while the other chooses neutrality to past beliefs…regardless of attachment to being right.

A young couple, while opposite in so many ways, often wonders what they have in common. With nothing in common they wonder how will this relationship continue. What they fail to see is their desire of learning from each other. Ebbing and flowing, learning from each other best and worst ways of doing things.

While neither shows interest in the others hobbies or activities, they come together with an understanding of their own individuality. How can two people remain as individuals whilst remaining a couple? Very simple. Both identify the other as an person who matters and importance of opinions. While not always in agreement, they choose to discuss their differences until they agree. In doing so, they are learning and complementing one another.

Funny example of complementing one another: one of the people who is very much in need of touch and affirmation, reads the 5 levels of attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., while the other person, whom is analytical and lacks need for touch or affirmation, reads the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  While both are geniuses in their own areas of “love languages,” they lack in other areas. This is where the complementing comes in. Both are able to see the needs of the other and learn and grow from each other. One learns how to Love, while the other learns how to detach from the day-to-day events.

With a better understanding of the other, they have a better understanding of the self. Through self-analysis, there is a couple analysis. What one discovers the other gains and vice versa.

Stepping into the Canvas with a better understanding of the next. Whether in relationships or in random meetings, we have the ability to learn from one another. In learning we are growing, in growing we are expanding our love out into the world.

Learning from one another


Love and Gratitude in our Hearts

It is you who taught me to love,

Unceasingly, whole-heartedly, unconditionally.

Good or bad, perceived as such,

I shall love thee more than ever.

From that first glimpse across the field,

I knew it was you who shall rescue me.

With each new day and every end,

My heart fills with gratitude.

No words, just an overwhelming sense of joy,

It was you who taught me to Love.

Stepping into the Canvas with Love and Gratitude in our hearts. With each new day and ending of such, we give thanks for more beauty and mystery within our canvas of the day. It is with an open heart we accept the Love pouring in, It is with an open Heart we send Love pouring out.

Love and gratitude in our hearts