Trust in Dreams

Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.~Kahlil Gibran

Often times our days become jaded, while clarity is found within the dream world. If we pay attention to our dream world, it will often show us a different way to travel by day. If we have become twisted upon the Canvas of Life, it is the dream world that shall set us on the straight and narrow.

Stepping into the Canvas with eyes upon the daytime and nighttime. For what one does not show the other shall.

trust in dreams

Starry sky by The-Paranormal-sheep


For it is Written

For it is written, we shall see.

From beginning to end, that is the way.

Think or feel, hear or touch.

I am no longer present nor am I absent.

I have come and I have gone.

Time spins and time stands still.

What if or it is so.

For today I shall not see with my own, but with another.

Into the void of nothingness: no thought no mind.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

I am here. But where is here?!

It is wherever I say it is and whatever it shall be.

Not remembering a thing, no longer learning and growing.

Simply knowing there is nothing else to be done.

Stepping into the Canvas with a brighter outlook. No longer bothered by our neighbor or the days before, we are free to choose how we perceive our own. That which is written…so shall it be…

brighter outlook

Key to Happiness

The key to happiness is not on anybody else’s key ring but our own.~Ani Po

Look not to others for the answers and look not to any facility to help us, but instead look inward asking for divine guidance. Ask and ye shall receive, go inward and it shall be made known.

Stepping into the Canvas with Key in hand or in this case key in heart. Whilst quieting the mind, opening the heart, we shall come to know all we seek. We have the key and we are the key to unlocking our own dilemmas. Know this…for it is true…

key to happiness

Rejoice Each New Day

Holidays are not reserved for specific days but for everyday.~Ani Po

There are many celebrated holidays in varying groups. Much emphasis is spent on that moment or day, failing to appreciate all of the days that led up to these or those which follow. Why do we reserve it for one day or a handful of days, when everyday within the Canvas of Life is special?

As for me…I will rejoice each new day…pretending like that day is a special holiday…


How I Might Live

Let those worry about how they shall die, for I shall revel in how I might live.~Ani Po

Too often I witness those worrying about what may or may not happen, crippling them useless as to figuring out the current events. Instead of looking at greater picture, allowing things to unfold, they look at the smaller picture…rendering small returns.

While the others are worrying about the daily events or what media says to caution about, we will be busy playing on the great Canvas of Life…enjoying every possible second that we are here.

how I might live




One Word that Brings Peace

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.~Buddha

Thankfully we no longer mimic media or naysayers of the days. Instead we methodically choose our words with purpose, thoughts with care and actions with intent. It is through our own mastery we have come to know that we are the captain of our soul, the master of our fate (Wm Ernest Henley).

Stepping into the Canvas with an opened heart. It is through this gateway our words shall flow, freely encouraging, inspiring to that may be. We shall forever inspire, be inspired…dancing to our own tune within the canvas of life…

one word that brings peace

Footing for the Day

From errors of yesterday the wise corrects footing for the day.~Ani Po

Continually adjusting sails, correcting the painted sceneries upon our canvas, we are learning each new day from days before this. Pausing, giving thanks for the lessons before and lessons to come…we open ourselves to all possibilities, unattached to expected outcomes.

Stepping into the Canvas with solid footing for the day. It is through you I have found refuge, answers to the unanswered, hope where there was none. It is upon the path set before me, I shall walk confidently, knowing that all is purposefully placed before me. Embracing, learning, allowing…smiling mostly, walking forever in Peace, Love and Happiness…

footing for the day