True Wisdom

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.~Socrates

Laughing as I was listening to some people argue over who was right and who was wrong. I knew they were both right, as their realities were different. But what about scientifically proven facts?! What about factual evidence that something did or did not exist?

As I contemplated this one, after a friend made reference to a recent talk by Greg Braden. Greg Braden discussed how scientists are now proving things that couldn’t be proven hundreds of years ago. Further, Scientists are disproving earlier theories based on scientific evidence once factual.

After hearing the reference, it got me thinking…what if…if scientists can prove and disprove previous and new theories, just like that…making it documented truth, then doesn’t that mean…I mean technically speaking…they have no idea?! What am I getting at? I am not trying to prove or disprove anything, but I am returning my attention back to Lao Tzu’s greatest discovery…That which is written as the Tao, is no longer the Tao. Meaning, once we label something it is negated and no longer valid anyways.

Our Canvas of Life is forever changing and we can try as we might, but we will never figure it all out…unless we go inwards. Once in…we shall forever know all there is…and nothing all the same.

true wisdom

Clouded by Outside Influences

Every day is a task, clouded by outside influences.~Ani Po

Remaining steadfast in a personal reality…allowing it to unfold for highest good. With outside influences all around we retreat inward to find strength or courage to continue through our day. Often ruthless these humans are…peace be with them.

Stepping into the Canvas with a sureness of all there is. No longer influenced by the day to day blah blah blah, but inspired to shine brighter than ever before. Today was not a bad day, but an amazing day. We need only see through the clouded eyes…

clouded by outside influences


Clarity of All Things

Off to nowhere,

I arrive.

With no direction,

Only inward.

It is not I who sees,

But another through me.

I give up,

Turning everything over to thee.

As the watcher over me,

Sits perched applauding my return.

As with each of my steps,

Flight is given unto me.

Breath in,

I step.

Breath out,

I jump with both feet in.

Letting go,

Spirit flows through.

Allowing what will be,

It shall be made so.

The watcher over me,

Sits perched high above.

Watching, applauding…

Taking my hand as we sore.

Soaring to higher heights,

Clarity of all things is made known.

Stepping into the Canvas with Clarity of all things. The road to paradise while long and painful at first does it seem, much easier with submission to my Maker, Creator of the Canvas of Life. Whilst I have been freed, I go wherever I am called…

Clarity of all things



Dream a New Dream

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.~C.S.Lewis

There truly is nothing to be done, but without goals we have no plans. No plans we risk remaining sedentary. Sedentary…decay sets in. Dare to dream, dare to create…dare to bring the impossible to possible.

dream a new dream


Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.~Dalai Lama

Where does this happiness come from? When the world around us falls to pieces? It arrives with our choosing to remain happy! No matter the circumstances we arrive in a place of happiness, allowing our actions to flow out into the Canvas of Life.



Stepping Out

Stepping out into the Canvas we are stepping in.~Ani Po

Today is a perfect day to get out to enjoy the canvas and of its offerings. Taking time to enjoy the scenery, take in some quietude or calling a friend to take a walk in the wilderness. Whatever the case…take time to just be one with nature, step into the Canvas with joy in the heart. Enjoy this amazing day…

stepping out

Path of a Mystic

The path of a mystic does not lead to any books or media, but in the direction of the heart.~Ani Po

No matter the signs leading to or books mysteriously falling off shelves, it is ultimately our hearts desire to return home. While the books and media can aid in the journey, it is not until we go inward…we fulfill our destiny.

A hero’s journey is filled with mysticism and loneliness, but once found…shall never be alone. Returning home, the void is filled and the heart beats as one with the Universe.

Stepping into the Canvas with sights on an inward journey. From head to heart, outward to inward…we arrive to a magical place of all there is…

road suspended in the sky towards the tree in the shape of heart