Painting a New Reality

As far as we can imagine, as colorful the dream…so shall be our reality.~Ani Po

We can limit our beliefs to this group or that, these teachings or those. Whatever the case, it shall become our reality. What if? What if…there is no reality but that which we have created?

Truth is everyone in this world is right and everyone in this world is wrong, according to someone somewhere. So which path do we choose? Whichever fills the eternal void within.

If we limit ourselves to a single group or all of humanity…shall alter our thought process within the Canvas of Life. One limits the beliefs, created fear and anger towards another. While the other embodies patience and tolerance for those who think differently of our own reality.

We are all here globally as one family. Varying ideologies…we must choose to believe that which we are told to believe…or believe that which we know to be true…there is nothing ever to fear but fear itself.

Stepping into the Canvas re-writing our reality. With every stroke of the pen, a new chapter unfolds. With every empty Canvas, we are left painting a new reality…

our reality

Merely an Instrument

Sing to me,

I sing to thee.

Chorus chimes in,

Unison throughout.

No longer soloesque,

As full part harmony bellows out.

I am hear for thee,

Thee for we.

Singing, shaking,

Healing sounds flow out.

I am holding space,

For thee to claim.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new song to sing. No longer concerned with the chorus or harmony, just allowing it to flow through. It is the Universe that sings through and unto the world. Merely an instrument of the great I Am…we are. Sing…sing for all to hear…

merely an instrument

New Melody

Forgetting the songs of old a new melody presents itself.~Ani Po

As memory cards are being wiped clean on my PC, so to the memory cards of life. Is it that I am forgetful or is it I am choosing to remember only important things in life? Is my forgetting old thoughts or memories a curse or a blessing? A blessing of course!

Making more room for thoughts and intentions of new, letting go of what was once my reality. In forgetting the songs of old, I am presented with new melodies and new words to sing along. No longer in the head space searching for the right song, but instead entering heart space to sing that which is needed in this place in time.

Stepping into the Canvas singing a new song…a song which flows from the heart. As more verses are added, more hearts tune in to hear the songs. With every breath, every chorus…peace, Love and Joy flow throughout the universe…

new melody


I’ve Become

Peeling another layer like an onion…I’ve become.~Ani Po

Laughing once again, as another opportunity of growth presents itself. As a family member loses their cool…I mean really loses their cool…as to not be aware of what is going on around them. They do not even hear another person trying to rationalize with them or offer suggestions or solutions. What to do? Well, I clearly need to learn more  non-attachment as I could have stayed calmer. Yep…the volcano erupted.

Thank goodness it did, as it brought more awareness to my growth. I see that I still have attachment to what people may think or feel. I still have attachment to what people think should be their outcomes. Their numbness becomes my platform for getting worked up…why? Well, maybe because I have been there and my attachment to head knowledge, lacks patience for their not understanding. Hmmm…more patience presents on my part…

Stepping into the Canvas peeling yet another layer of an onion. With each new layer, presents a new discovery of self. Just when we think we are done peeling…another hidden layer presents.

I've become


Focus to see the Light

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.~Aristotle Onassis

Sitting quietly in the dark, as I usually do each morning, a simple lesson comes forth. While sitting in our own darkness, we can either struggle to see the light or wait patiently for our eyes to adjust to the light already present.

Literally and metaphorically, if we simply sit and allow our eyes to adjust, any situation shall shed light on our darkened moments. In our darkest moments our light shines the brightest.


Canvas is Painted

Surrounded by people setting new goals or intentions of the new year. Some still going strong and others failed right out of the gate. While some still making excuses as to when they will start with their new years resolutions.

As for me, I do not typically set new years resolutions…for each new day I arise with a set of intentions for the day. Whether I meet those expectations or not, it is promised to be a joyous day. Regardless of my encounters or others involvement, I choose to remain in a space of peace, love and joy. Sounds cliché doesn’t it?! What if that was the outcome of our days, simply by setting an intention of joy…it is so?!

It truly is that easy. There are those who will argue the many factors as to why our days are not always easy to remain in happiness. Again…a choice. No matter what happens throughout the day…No Matter What…we have the choice to remain in happiness. While the world around us collapses, we simply take things as they come…finding joy in every breath.

How does one come to a place of happiness? How does one change their outlook for each new day? There are many ways to arrive, but we must choose to take the first step.

Here is a simple way of changing an attitude towards our day, which inadvertently changes our motivation for the day…increasing joy received and shared with those around us. This morning I noticed a neighbor boy with a little notebook. When I asked him what it was, he explained “my parents want me to write things I enjoy about my day.”

This young man is nine years old, carrying a journal and writing in things he is grateful for. Wow! although he was told to do it, he graciously accepted the challenge. With each new day he fills in the pages with positive thoughts and words of gratitude. In three days I have noticed a great change in this young man. Whether he sticks with it is another story, but so far so good. Kudos to these awesome parents for sharing a great lesson with their child.

I have witnessed similar enthusiasm in older folks setting new years resolutions, whether for physical or mental health changes necessary for healthy living. Starting out with great enthusiasm and slowly the fizzle begins to shizzle, leaving them with another lost battle. Is it lost? Nah. This is only a concept of the head mind, believing there is good or evil, right or wrong. There really isn’t…except a choice of who we are, how we accept the self and those around us.

So whether one is goal oriented or not, what will be will be. Kudos to those who do set New Year’s resolutions and kudos to those who do not…kudos to those who have found peace in their days. As for me…I would love to share this peace with you…

Stepping into the Canvas with intentions of peace, love and joy. It is through thoughts and intentions the Canvas is painted…why not brush it with some beautiful colors?!

Canvas is Painted

Breaking of the Shell

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.~Khalil Gibran

If we crack an egg from the outside there is death, but if the egg is cracked from the inside there is new life. Meaning that all new ideas or birthing to new ideas will almost always come from the inner knowing within the self. It is the inward journey that leads us to the answers we seek.

breaking of shell