Music in the Soul

Music in the Soul can be heard by the Universe.~Lao Tzu

We all have it and available to play any given moment. Available to all, accessed by few…we need only listen intently for the music to play through.

Stepping into the Canvas allowing the music to play through. For in our willingness to sing and play, Universe reciprocates the tune sung by our hearts. As we sing for all to hear, Universe hums along in sweet melodious fashion…

music in the soul


Change Direction

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.~Lao Tzu

We can stay the course, risking arriving in an unfriendly place. Or we can change our course, altering the possibilities of where we might end up.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new reality and goal in place. Setting a new course we have unlimited possibilities as to where we might go. Remaining on course and we may not enjoy the heading. Change directions, see what happens…

change direction


Through Eyes of Spirit

Through eyes of Spirit our reality is changed.~Ani Po

If we choose to see things as we normally do, through eyes of Ego…then we are left disappointed as usual. However, changing our sight as through the heart…we see things anew.

Stepping into the Canvas changing eyes we see through. We may not be able to change our current situation, but assuredly we can change how we witness. Whether through pain and despair or laughter and joy, merely a choice it is…

through eyes of spirit



For Change to Take Place

For change to take place, we need only believe.~Ani Po

For in a single thought our reality housed. Whether we see change as a possibility or fall short in sight. It stems in our belief of an idea. We need only believe in change and it is so.

Stepping into the Canvas seeing and believing. For it is in thought an idea created and belief it grows to maturity. Questioning or doubting, the idea begins to decay. Believing wholeheartedly and it is given healthy environment of growth. See it, believe it and know it to be true…for the Canvas of Life is merely a dream…

For change to take place


Stronger Antidote

Man who doesn’t listen may need stronger antidote.~Ani Po

Speaking with a friend this am, I am reminded of my own stubbornness. How many times are we caught in an ever-changing world refusing to change, going with the natural flow of things. There are personal moments failing to keep up with continuous changes of the world around me. Am I stubborn or merely need to catch my breath? Probably the latter.

However, what about those moments we dig our heals into the earth, refusing to change in the natural order of things? Are we stubborn? Have we forgotten how to adapt, becoming complacent with routine and ritual? I am certain these are those moments that Mrs. would like to hit me in the head with a large block of wood, knocking some sense into me. While it may be effective it is not the natural way of things to force feed or knock any sense into another. Lol. We merely must remain patient.

As children, we may throw a temper tantrum, but eventually we give in and adapt…forgetting what we were arguing about. As we get older we forget to adapt, failing to let things go.

Maybe it is time to return to our innocence, engaging creative thought, willingness to adapt, forgiveness of transgressions. Maybe we have forgotten, maybe we are just stubborn, nevertheless it is time to let go and return to the flow.

Stepping into the Canvas letting go once more. As we let go of excess baggage, our travels become lighter and lighter. Coming to a place of knowing we let go of more baggage, once buried deep within. Peeling layer upon layer…until no layers remain…

stronger antidote

Creating the Canvas

Whether sitting still or running through the meadows, we are creating the Canvas.~Ani Po

I awoke this morning with thoughts of creating the most glorious canvas. What colors shall I use? What will my imagination put upon the Canvas? Where to begin? I settle in with these thoughts for a moment, knowing there is nothing really to be done.

Coming to a place of knowing there is nothing more to be done, my mind goes blank…wiping the canvas clear once more. No mind…Canvas goes blank. Even a blank canvas is filled with thought…it just hasn’t come to fruition yet. So we apply our individual touch upon a greater Canvas of Life. This spark or intimate piece of the canvas is for us to create at our will. No rules. No boundaries. Just thoughts of filling a Canvas.

Whether nothing or over-flowing with imagination, it is for us to figure out…or not.

Stepping into the Canvas allowing my heart to sing. Whether nobody hears me or everyone does, the attachment is no longer. My hearts says sing…stepping out of the way…I let it sing. With every song, the Canvas of Life is re-created…or I my mind says it has changed.

creating the Canvas


He that Would Live in Peace

He that would live in peace and at ease must not speak all he knows or all he sees.~Benjamin Franklin

That which our attention goes life shall continue to flow. Meaning our attention shall define our days. If we focus on the misery that is all around us, our days will be filled with more misery. However, focusing on the good and remaining in gratitude, we fill our days with joy and gladness.

Stepping into the Canvas with focus on that which brings joy and happiness. For it is in our own thoughts our reality is born. For it is in our observation and choice of words our day is defined…

He that would live in peace