Frequency of the Heart

May the words of the lips resonate with the frequency of the heart.~Ani Po

The words we choose today have potential of making or breaking another’s day. Further, these words have the potential to make or break our own. With words released without given thought, have they come from a place of fear or love?

Remaining true to the heart, the words and actions of our steps shall align with that of our highest good. Leading, from the heart we shall forever walk in truth. Speaking and walking in the same words. Singing and painting with the similar loving colors.

Stepping into the Canvas in sync with our highest good. When our words, our steps and our hearts are in sync we shall know pure love. Walking and speaking in Love, we are Love…

Frequency of the Heart


The Path We Walk

May the path we walk be filled with joy and laughter.~Ani Po

No matter straightened or crooked path, it is the enjoyment of such we find peace and joy. The Canvas of Life does not judge the path chosen, it merely allows us to find our way. In allowing we are reborn and given new life along the way.

Stepping into the Canvas with joy in our hearts. No matter the troubles of our day, we remain in happiness. Accepting challenges of being in peace, we smile in the face of adversity…thanking it for stopping by…

the path we walk


One Step at a Time

One step at a time, peace is restored.~Ani Po

It is though the journey of a thousand miles that peace is found, but it is the first step that elevates our thought process to continue. This journey of a thousand miles is actually only twelve inches long.

The journey of thousand miles, whilst beginning with a single step, is the distance from mind to heart. When mind and heart sync dormant forces come alive. Allowing thoughts to flow without restriction or fear, we are free to explore a whole new reality of thoughts.

Stepping into the Canvas one step at a time, wherever we are going surely we shall arrive. Don’t know for sure…that is ok…neither do I. In the end it is not about the destination but how we arrived to this place of knowing. However we arrive or whatever the timing…there is no rush and there surely is no right or wrong way…

One step at a time


Beauty of what you Love

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.~Rumi

For the Canvas of Life is meant to be enjoyed and we are meant to love what we do. If we pour love and passion into our days, the days will return love and passion. For do not settle on any one thing or person that does not bring joy. Instead color the day with inspiration…

Love what you do



Loving Heart

A loving heart is the truest of wisdom.~Charles Dickens

Seeing all as one, no separation of self and surely beauty wherever we go. As the Canvas of Life unfolds a new day, so to our options to see its beauty. Whether eyes of flesh or eyes of spirit…will be the difference of seeing truth or illusion.

Stepping into the Canvas with a Loving Heart. The heart is free to lead, free to accept, free to sing…if that is what it wishes to do. For when the day looks bleak, see it with a loving heart…it is then we shall see imperfectly perfect…

loving heart

Empty Vessel

No mind,



or Answers.

I am,

Merely an empty vessel.

Authority over nobody,

Ideologies of anything,

Judgment of anyone.

I am,

Merely and empty vessel.

Stepping into the Canvas with empty hands, no mind and open heart. For wherever I am to go, that is where I shall be. For if I am called to be near, assuredly I am there. For the beauty of the day is my guiding light, the Love in my heart leads me there and willingness to be an empty vessel…mirroring that which is before me.

Empty Hands


Love is Looking for You

Do not go looking for Love, for Love is looking for you.~Ani Po

Whatever the painted story, it is never too late to reciprocate it with Love. Further it is useless worrying about whether will come to us in return. Instead of worrying, why not just go about your day giving freely of Love. Surely…I repeat…surely Love will find its way back to you.

Stepping into the Canvas knowing versus worrying. For in our worries we drown our potential with fear and lack versus knowing that Love is always there, it is freely given and received…and it is already looking to be with you…

love is looking for you