The size of ones car or house does not bring happiness, it is what goes in them that does.~Ani po

We can acquire all the monetary riches in the world and still remain empty. Build an empire of wealth while still failing to find ‘It.’ It does not come from a place or thing, It just arrives in our hearts.

For It is a state of being, no matter the circumstances around us. We can choose to change with the mood swings of the day or we can remain in a happy place.




Be Happy

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.~Omar Khayyam

We wake each new day with gratitude in our hearts. That first breath, first step, giving thanks for another day. For yesterday we did not know what today might bring or if any to be exact. For today has arrived and we are free to choose how to spend it.

Just for today I will not waste a single breath on complaining how it ‘could have been’ or what’ should have been.’ Nope. Instead I will give thanks for what is or is not happening. So…Just for today I will breath in happiness and I will exhale happiness.

Stepping into the Canvas with a touch of happy in our heart. For happiness is not given to us, it is not created…it is merely accepted. As the world crumbles at our feet, we smile giving thanks for this very moment. For in this singular breathe we are happy…

be happy