The Less You Know

The less you know, the more you believe.~Bono

All knowing we know very little. Knowing little we understand much. In emptiness of the mind our heart is filled to capacity. Willingness to let go, we accept a higher purpose that for all to enjoy.

Stepping into the Canvas with a greater belief. No longer worried with what we see or what we perceive, but merely open to All there Is. As we shift from I to We, knowing to unknowing, we are emptying our thoughts and opening endless possibilities…


Something of the Marvelous

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.~Aristotle

In the humdrum of our days, the mundane and insane…we have the ability to retreat into a beautiful setting for peace and tranquility. From concrete jungle to the natural of such, we find ourselves all over again.

Stepping into the Canvas with eyes wide open. With eyes wide and heart the same, we enter nature and all She has to offer. With every step, our worries dissipate, anger diffuses, fear transformed. Letting go of once was…accepting what shall be…

something of the marvelous

As We Are

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.~Anais Nin

Our level of understanding allows us to see as we want to. See a beautiful setting, we are often at peace. See pain and misery, we are merely reflecting that which we bury deep within.

Stepping into the Canvas with a higher awareness. That which we see is a reflection of who we are or where we are at in life. Mirrored from within, we project our thoughts outward. To see the Canvas of Life as an unlimited garden to which we plant our seeds…

as we are

Doors of Perception

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.~Aldous Huxley

In reality there is very little that we do know. We think that we may, but later to find we do not. What was once a reality is often turned upside down and new perception given. With an open heart we are born to new possibilities, new realities each new day.

The door to perception is placed upon our hearts. Our level of understanding paralleled with willingness to remain open. Open and vulnerable or open to true power? Again…left for perception to interpret.

Stepping into the Canvas with greater perception. Receiving all there is…in a single breath; giving with a simple smile, we open to whatever the Canvas has to offer. Seeing, Hearing, Feeling…Knowing it is all a dream…

door of perception



How We Feel

It is not so much what we say or do but how we feel in doing so.~Ani Po

While it is our thoughts and actions altering our days, it is the feeling of such that enhances the possibilities. Whatever is said, do our emotions align with what is said? This is the difference of saying and doing collaborating.

Stepping into the Canvas at the level of the heart. It is here that all things are aligned: our words, our thoughts, our actions. It is at the level of the heart we proceed forward, allowing every step to be in a natural flow of all there is…

how we feel

Trust in Dreams

Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.~Khalil Gibran

Often clouded by day, we turn to the night. Our daytime yields no answers, but the dream world rocks our perspective into a new reality. What are our dreams sharing with us? Is it nonsense or is there a hidden message? Often times it is a hidden message awaiting decoding.

From daytime to nighttime, we are given a portal to new understanding. Trust in the dreams and they shall become reality. Trust in the answers given and the daytime shall become cleared.

Stepping into the Canvas allowing our daytime to become nighttime and nighttime day. When our days and nights fuse as one, then we have mastered the self. No matter the situation, we shall see only the light…

Trust in Dreams


The Canvas Calls

It is foolish to ignore as the Canvas Calls our name.~Ani Po

Our heart yearns to be in nature and our biggest desire to roam freely. Answer this call, drifting into an infinite resource of ‘all there is.’ We can ignore it all we want, but eventually we submit to its whisper.

Stepping into the Canvas as often as we can. Take necessary time out of the days and weeks, enjoy every chance we can…see what the Canvas of Life has to offer…promises not to disappoint…

Canvas Calls