Born into Existence

Our Canvas of Life is born into existence.~Ani Po

As we allow the past to fade from reality, we give birth to something new. That which fared bleak and mundane is no longer. For it is through our understanding the Canvas of Life is given new life. Life that which can no longer be taken away.

Stepping into the Canvas with a thought. A thought which shares a glimpse of hope into existence. From bleak to magnificent, fear to powerfully vulnerable, we no longer worry about what shall be or what may come…for we our co-creating the Canvas of Life as it is written…

born into existence

A Great Canvas

The world is a great canvas awaiting our special touch.~Ani Po

There is a place awaiting our special touch. This place, whilst awaits in the outer realms, begins within the inner. Looking within…find our true self, a new reality…we blink and a new reality is born.

We come to this place of knowing, choosing words with care, stepping with ease and listening to creation transforming our reality into existence. Like a dream it is born.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new level of understanding. As we transcend old realities, a new reality born. From the words of Prophets to sages of old, we awaken to what we already knew. Going forth breathing a new reality into existence…no longer questioning…just allowing it to be so…

a great canvas


Change of Self

Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.~A.C.Benson

Life is not always what it seems, but our reality dictates it as such. Stuck in our own misery, paradise clouded by self-doubt. Just when we think our day can’t get worse…it often does. Our reality, from bad to worse, shifted with a single thought.

Stepping into the Canvas with eyes anew. Yet again, our reality is re-directed to see differently than once before. Maybe the answer is not in our surroundings but with the self. See the world as perfectly as it is and nothing shall ever need correcting…

change of self


Our Reality


Our reality shatters in a blink of an eye.~Ani Po

What was yesterdays reality replaced with today. What holds true for today falls short of what tomorrow brings. Ever-changing, rocking our world into new realities, we change our course yet again as if continuous right/left up/down motion. Never knowing truly where we are going, but assuredly we are on the right course.

Stepping into the Canvas with new direction. Whether with direction or none at all, we need only set our heading inward.Today is the day we find strength to complete our flight. From flower to flower, drinking from the cup of life. Drunk by its sweetness, we find purpose…

Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) - male


True Pleasures

To deny oneself true pleasures of life is to deny oneself life.~Ani Po

For years we made sacrifices. Each year, we said “just one more year of sacrifice.” With each new passing year, we created another what if situation, halting what we really wanted in life and sacrificing to get further along to somewhere. But where?

Sacrifice is beneficial, but to what extent does it become detrimental to our well-being? We could spend hours discussing this topic of well-being, but we will not. What we will challenge is taking time out of our busy schedules to feed those souls. Fail to feed our soul and spirit begins to decay.

Stepping into the Canvas accepting true pleasures of life. Balancing the busy and beauty of the day, we find time to feed our souls with true pleasures of life. Whatever that pleasure is, take time to feed those desires. For now we shall not go hungry, whilst eventually made whole…

true pleasures

Creating Yourself

The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.~Deepak Chopra

While many spend their whole time in daylight trying to mimic another, they fail to see the unique beauty of the self. Instead of trying to be another, why not spend our day being ourselves?

Stepping into the Canvas accepting the self. Accepting one’s self, we invite true self to come out for play. As the peacock struts his stuff, the plumage paints a brighter picture within the Canvas of Life.

creating yourself


Nowhere else to turn,

But inward.

Heart does not differentiate,

Living an illusory life.

Be Happy,

Our key to Happiness.

Happy Life,

Stopping time.

Invisible to the eye,

Inward retreat to gain clarity.

Walking intently,

Walking with Love.

Day long obsession,


Painting our own nature.

Music in the Soul,

Unleashing true strength.

Stepping into the Canvas in submission. Submitting to all there is, we come to an embodiment of all there is. Seek and ye shall find; see and it shall be so. We are this and we are that, we are what we choose to be. What we choose for the day shall be made so…because we said so…