True Strength

True strength comes not in mastering another…but thyself.~Ani Po

We are not here to be better than any one person but the self. True mastery comes in the realization that we are no longer better than anybody, but we obtain true mastery in bettering the self.

Stepping into the Canvas mastering thyself. Each new day is an opportunity of self-discovery. In discovering the self, we are acknowledging the true self within. Awakening the true self, we unleash unlimited potentiality…

true strength


Music in the Soul

Dig deep within the soul, there is a song waiting to play.~Ani Po

There is a song residing in all of us. Once released, Universe plays along in sweet melody. No longer concerned with who may here or the haters who hate, instead letting the music flow freely for all to hear.

Stepping into the Canvas while playing a familiar tune. A tune given by Universe and heard by Universe. Once given, our hearts open to an ever-flowing tune of Peace, Love and joy…

Song waiting to play


Paints His Own Nature

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.~Henry Ward Beecher

There comes a point in our lives when we contemplate our very existence, our purpose and our mortality. From the morning of our lives to the afternoon, there is a deep reflection point where we look deep within our souls. How did we get here? What is real? What’s next?

The Canvas of Life, while in a greater whole, calls our name…inviting us to join in the Dance with Inspiration. Finding the spark or divine colors within, we’re invited to paint the Canvas to our liking, embracing our divinity.

Stepping into the Canvas with eyes of a master painter. Seeing the canvas as holy and wholey, asking nothing in return but giving of our own freedom of expression. Free to paint as we see fit, no longer worried about what, why or when…but how we shall move forward…

paints his own




Day-Long Obsession

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.~Claude Monet

Our days are filled to the brim with lightening-speed realities. How we perceive them is merely up to self. It is our obsession to either remain in joy or tormented by our reality of the days.

Stepping into the Canvas seeing all there is, as all there is. No judgment, no thoughts…just awe for varying colors of the day. The truest beauty is not in the brilliant or brightest of colors but enjoyment of the variance.

day long obsession


With Love

Do all things with Love.~Og Mandino

Whenever there is a doubt or second guess, look within the heart of man to see the answer unfold. It is through love we come to knowing truth. It is in truth we find freedom to be. In being…we are.

Stepping into the Canvas in Love. For all things matter but all things remain in love. No matter the world around us, failures or despairs…we remain in all things Love. Through Love we come to a common conclusion of all there is…

with love

Walking Intently

Something funky this day brings.

What Tuesday shall thee sing?

My perception as not he.

Something glorious given unto me.

For not of my own but another.

From father and beloved mother.

Eyes of new which unseen.

Gaze inward as if on a wide-screen.

From dark to light.

Awe from plite.


Hear no longer of yackety yack,

So it goes clickety claque.

From questions to answers,

And inspirational Dancers.

No longer for I,

But He Hi Hi.

Stepping into the Canvas no longer alone. For a great wind calls and knows thy name. Walking intently with Great Spirit, we sing and dance contently…as if nobody and everybody there to witness. For it is not in the self but greater I Am…

walking intently

To See Clearly

To see clearly we need only close our eyes.~Ani Po

Often deceived by our own eyes, we close them to see through another pair. With eyes closed tightly, our heart clarifies any given situation. Try it…close your eyes, see with a higher perspective and different level of understanding.

to see clearly